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    D&D 5E Spotcheck - 10th Level - What's the coolest Character Race/Class Combo (and why?)

    Ok, so I've been invited to play in a D&D game, but it starts at 10th level by the standards of the campaign. Sooo, what I'd like is a thread for some inspiration. :) What character combos are cool, powerful, fun or whatever for YOU at 10th Level? If you could provide some stats (assume the...
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    D&D 5E Is the Cleric really one of the ‘core four’ anymore?

    Is the Cleric really one of the ‘core four’ anymore? The Cleric has always existed in the D&D game as the third Class (preceded by Fighting Man and Magic-User, and slightly earlier than the Thief). The Cleric role has always centred around being the party Healer, making it vitally important in...
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    Top 10 Best Fantasy RPGs ever!

    Fantasy can be tricky to define as a genre, if you choose to incorporate things like space (Star Wars) and urban fantasy (Shadowrun), but I’m generally sticking with historical based fantasies in this list. Oh, and no generic systems either - no GURPS, FATE, Savage Worlds etc. It’s specialist...
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    D&D 5E Races/Classes - Revisiting Common/Uncommon and Rare

    Back in the play test days, it was mooted that the various Races and Classes would be categorised by how common they were in the D&D multiverse. This was criticised as categorising for the sake of it, as well as taking away the DMs ability to choose what they wanted themselves. There is still an...
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    Proficiency Bonus dice?

    So, there is an option in the new DMG to use polyhedral dice instead of a flat Proficiency bonus. So, for example, you’d roll a D4 rather than a +2 bonus, a D6 for +3 and so on upto a D12 instead of +6. It was mooted before in play test I think, but was obviously not popular enough. I do see...
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    New Review It! thoughts.

    Hey! Nice idea to get fans reviewing and rating games on this site. The current selection, however, reminds me of this joke: A - What types of RPG does your group play? B - All types! A - All types? Great…. B - That’s right, we play both Dungeons & Dragons! ….and currently the selection...
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    Top 10 Science Fiction RPGS

    As it says on the lid. What are your Top Ten Science Fiction RPGs and why? For me: 1) Traveller - The grand-daddy. Some people highlight the conservative nature of it’s tech and original setting, but it has been one of the most brilliantly innovative systems ever in its time (why else...
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    D&D 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide vs Monster Manuel

    Dungeon Master’s Guide vs Monster Manuel This may seem pernickety, but I want my complete D&D game in just one box - The Starter’s Box to be precise - and they won’t provide pdfs. I have the Player’s Handbook, which is essential, but only have room in the box to fit in one more corebook...
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    D&D 5E So…..is the Dungeon Master’s Guide strictly necessary?

    So…..is the Dungeon Master’s Guide strictly necessary? I don’t want to offend anyone with my lack of convention, but I have never really seen the DMG as an essential purchase. In the 1st edition, it was a requirement because it contained the rules tables - but once this was de-emphasised in...
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    Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player’s Handbook Review

    Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player’s Handbook Review There has always been something of a sea change in the gaming community whenever a new edition of D&D is released, as it often operates as some sort of marker for the ‘state of the industry’. This current edition is no exception...
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    Traveller LIFT OFF

    This is a bit of a shout out for a Indiegogo crowdfunder for a new version of the Traveller RPG. It’s being produced by 13Mann in conjunction with both FFE and Mongoose. It’s a beginner level set, but done with full colour production standards and simplified, streamlined rules. The rules are...
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    Why do D&D players put such an emphasis on rules and tactics?

    Now this is not a bash. If you get a kick from the game in any way, for whatever reason, then good luck to you….but… If you look down all discussions in the forum, the most common theme we get from most of them is deconstructing the mechanics behind various Classes to see which one is the most...
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    Game of Thrones characters in D&D?

    Seeing the statted out Sandor Clegane (The Hound) was interesting, as it encounters one issue I have with D&D as a game: how it handles actual fantasy scenarios and characters found in literature, TV and the movies. The Hound is very obviously a Fighter, but some of the other prominent...
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    2014 - Reasons to be cheerful! (part 3*)

    This is a general feel good thread about what we can look forward to in 2014, mainly in terms of new game releases or anything else we can be excited by. I think 2014 will be a big year! Here are some of my suggestions why: - D&D's next edition arrives. Yay! Not sure what format, or how...
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    When is WotC going to crank up it's D&D pdf releases?

    I recognize they are getting through a lot of material for a lot of editions, but I am curious as to when they'll get round to releasing the core books for all editions beyond the Basic Rules Cyclopedia and Red Box. I'd also like to see some of the core settings released too. Is there a...
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    Time to change the supplement-driven business model for D&D (and other RPGs)?

    By 'supplement-driven' I mean supported by lot of supplemental releases - additional rules and 'crunch' books. To my mind, it's been the major model of all rpgs since the hobby began, but I'd really consider changing it. Why? I actually think it may actually be detrimental to the hobby, as...
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    Serious question - are you going to invest in D&DNext?

    I've been casually involved in the play test - as I am sure most of this site's community have - and I care about the direction of D&D. I enjoy playing it too - again casually - but it's not my first choice game these days. I guess I care about it due to a sense of nostalgia, but also because...
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    Favourite Non-D&D games?

    Just out of curiosity, and I do appreciate the data analysis that already goes on at ENworld regarding games most talked about charts, but what are the favourite games on this forum? Aside from D&D/Pathfinder etc, that is? Or, as a follow-on question, what games could you play in isolation...
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    D&D 5E The last Playtest - any chance of updates?

    We've been told it's the last play test, and I'm hoping to try it out next week. However, there was mention of the Druid and Paladin being expanded, while we've had news over the last week that they're changing the way Classes are grouped. Are we going to see these things as updates at any point?
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    The Human Race has no Culture!

    After making my views known about the demented decision to have the entire race of 40lb pipe-smoking, peace-loving Hobbits trained to inflict more damage with weapons than people more than twice their size, I thought I'd get into the nitty-gritty of an issue that has always bugged me about D&D...