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  1. Grayn

    [LPF] The Curse of the Brown Auroch

    Adventurers are sent to check out happenings at the Brown Auroch Tavern. Heroes: Pirvinia von Lichenstein Samad Salili Lightfeather Paskell Adventure start date: 8/28/13 Paskell=3556 Pirvinia von Lichenstein=3900 Samad Salil=3556 Lightfeather=3573 We will be using a modified...
  2. Grayn

    Raging Rogue Conundrum

    I have a rogue that's performance has been lackluster. I admittedly went heavy dexterity, so overall damage has been weak due to a low strength modifier. I had an idea to get an animal companion to serve as a flanking buddy and started to look at the Mad Dog Barbarian archtype. This allows one...
  3. Grayn

    Rodents of Unusual Size - Pathfinder - OOC

    Scott DeWar: I would like to regularly cast Guidance on the party prior to entering a new space or engaging a new target. It is a standard action that lasts a minute (or at discharge), so with four in the party, it should take me 24sec. That should give everyone enough time to engage and...
  4. Grayn

    Charisma and Intimidate

    I am making a character with high Intimidate skill, but his Charisma is low. (He is a big half-orc with a nasty disposition.) Now, I am not sure I see the logic behind Charisma AB effecting the Intimidate skill. As I understand it, a cute hafling bard with and understandably high charisma...