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  1. Ravellion

    How would you do Trailblazer psionics?

    I believe Trailblazer could do Dark Sun well. But Dark Sun needs psionics. Specifically, I am thinking how to deal with the recovery of powerpoints (pp) when resting for 10 minutes. You could do it the same as for spells (pp spent on multi target spells are not recovered after a rest etc.), but...
  2. Ravellion

    Selling core books & splats for 2nd, 3.0 and 4th (bid on entire edition please)

    Hello everyone, I've decided to sell my 2nd edition, 3.0 edition and 4th edition books because for fantasy RPGing I now play Trailblazer to the exclusion of everything else. I just want it to end up in some gamer's hands, instead of gathering dust on my shelf, so I'll sell the whole lot for...
  3. Ravellion

    1st level hit points: class HD full or not?

    I am currently playing with the first class HD (level 1) as not being full, as the characters are getting their constitution score as bonus hit points anyway. The rules seem not to be definitive on this. What is the official take and/or how have you ran this?
  4. Ravellion

    I need to play D&D. What's my system, what's my campaign setting?

    Hello everyone, Having played 4e till mid Epic levels (which burned me out spectacularly, so I am not touching it again), we switched to Star Wars Saga. Me and two out of four players liked it, but one of the "likes star wars" players wants to mostly stop playing, and the other players were...
  5. Ravellion

    Gargantuan? Creature size categories?

    Hello people, I can't for the life of me find the number of squares gargantuan creatures occupy. The compendium seems to be of no help either. Is it only 4 by 4 (1 step up from huge)? Collossal as a size category between gargantuan and huge has been removed right? Edit: Nevermind, I thought...
  6. Ravellion

    Epic 4e play: the system makes it too easy for PCs to hit, instead of too hard.

    Hello fellow gamers! I’ve recently made the jump to Epic levels (the campaign started at 6th level), and I am very glad that I have not allowed either Weapon or Implement expertise to be taken by my group’s characters. I posit that these feats are, in fact, not necessary in the game. In...
  7. Ravellion

    What has been fixed?

    Hi there, About a year ago I downloaded the beta, and Pathfinder seemed like a slightly altered 3.5 to me. Has the final release resulted in a more radical departure than some class, skill, and spell changes? I never had a problem with the 3.5 classes and spells, it was the prep time and the...
  8. Ravellion

    Scion of Arkhosia overland flight

    When you use the 16th level Scion of Arkhosia overland flight speed, can you still use your standard action if you land within the same move action? Or do you lose your actions as soon as you use overland flight? It seems to me this just completely overshadows the previous flight ability. Is...
  9. Ravellion

    Do certain settings come out better in certain editions?

    Hello folks, I lately have seen a few people on these boards say that Dark Sun would be great in 4e. I remember having trouble running Dragonlance around the War of the Lance era in 3e, while loving said setting and era in 2e. Forgotten realms worked better in 3e than in 2e. It was certain...
  10. Ravellion

    Forked Thread: 1E DMG vs. 3E DMG vs. 4E DMG: 1e DMG in newer edions

    Forked from: 1E DMG vs. 3E DMG vs. 4E DMG I keep hearing that the 1e DMG is so great, that people still use it for newer editions. For what? By now you know Gygax' advice on the game, the rules do not apply to the edition you are playing, and the tables are about things most players don't...
  11. Ravellion

    Is switching Age of Worms to 4e halfway through worth it?

    Nothing like a new edition to start posting again, eh? Basically, the question I want to ask your advice for: should I convert my 3.5 game or not? Our group has just finished the 2nd adventure of the Age of Worms, and are now 5th level. I like 4th edition, from what I saw in Keep on the...
  12. Ravellion

    Gamestores in Europe

    I thought I'd get out of my lurker jacket and back into my posting jacket. I've started running the Age of Worms and my players love it. I'd like to have miniature support for the adventures for the icing on the cake. I do have some DDM miniatures, but unfortunately, I know of no stores here in...
  13. Ravellion

    Thread move request: I misposted it.

    Could http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=163776 be moved to Rules please? It seemed to me that I couldn't report my own post :) Thanks! Rav
  14. Ravellion

    Adjucating Summon Spells

    Hello friendly people, I just had a session in which a Conjurer summoned a Large celestial bison next to an enemy spellcaster in round 1. So far, so good. However, he then proceeded to grapple the spellcaster. This made the spellcaster all but useless. The allies of the spellcaster would have...
  15. Ravellion

    Published prestige class for "Monk with a sword"?

    My player wants this character concept, and is wondering whether there are any prestige classes out there that fit the concept. So, do you know of any? :) Rav
  16. Ravellion

    Starting packages to offset +1 LA

    Alright, I want to make planetouched and other races a bit more appealing. I will do this by beefing up the other races with background starting packages like the following: Monastic Scholar: Requirement: Literacy +2 Wis and +2 Int. People with a scholarly monastic background have taken the...
  17. Ravellion

    Broke into the next 1000 posts to beat Crothian.

    Only 25999 posts to go to beat crothian! I think that calls for a celebration! Or not. Of course, i spent far too long writing this post, and will probably never break this limit ever again. Anyone else here very close to breaking into the next 1000 for catch up? Rav
  18. Ravellion

    History: The actual time it took to create a harness.

    Googel is your friend... but unfortunately, most mentions of armour are on D&D websites :) I did manage to find this (linkie : I just need a guesstimate really: How much time would a single smith need to craft a single set of Full Plate? How much for masterwork (which is a harder question, I...
  19. Ravellion

    Where would you place Freeport in GH?

    The question I would like to ask you is quite simple. Where would you place Freeport in GH? I am basically a GH newbie, I only have the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. Rav
  20. Ravellion

    My 2400th post: "Summer of Monty Haul" song parody

    For my 2400th post, I decided to do one as well, after I read Michael Morris' parody. Back In the summer of Monty Haul I got my first real vorpal Bought it at the magic-mart Used it till my dice wore out It was the summer of monty haul Me and some guys from school Had a group and we tried S-1...