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  1. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General Letting a Game feel like a Game ~ Mechanics and Simulationism

    From the earliest days of my career as a DM, I've always strived for a sense of immersion through simulation. In each of my games, I wanted the story to feel real, not explicitly "gamey", or mechanically precise. I made dozens of subsystems to simulate injury, told stories from the perspective...
  2. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E An Argument for Why Paladins are the Strongest Class in 5E D&D

    The Paladin, as vile a creature as it is, is endowed with great strength in this age, the Fifth Era... Ahem... At base, the Paladin retains its ability to fight on the front lines, with its d10 hit die, Heavy Armor proficiency, and proficiency in Martial Weapons. Even though a Paladin will...
  3. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General Ideas for an "Escape from Hell" Game

    So, I have begun to plan for a future campaign (I'm currently running a great (I hope, everyone seems to be having fun) game, but I just can't resist pre-planning), the theme of which will be survival horror mingled with Infernal themes, which is something some of my players have expressed...
  4. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General Major League D&D

    As you can see from the beautiful logo above, the Major League culture has finally come to Dungeons and Dragons, or, it can, with your help. What tropes would be an element of "MLD" D&D? What are the table-top equivalents of OBEY hats, Doritos, and other things which I'm probably not allowed...
  5. Aebir-Toril

    SSL Certificate Has Expired, and Outdated Javascript is being run

    The site is running Javascript from a proprietary/open publisher that is quite out of date. I thought it might be useful to bring up this topic, so that all may be made aware of it. In addition, the 2014-era Javascript (Copyright ? 2014 David Bushell | BSD & MIT license | Pikaday/Pikaday) has...
  6. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General DMing New Year's Resolutions!

    A revival of a classic! Post your DMing resolutions here, and review your resolutions from last year! I'll post mine below... if I resolve... yawn to get it done... Type yours before it's too late!
  7. Aebir-Toril

    Shards of Infinity - Strategies, Synergy, System.

    Those of you who play Shards of Infinity, as I do, what are your favorite strategies, synergies, and cards? I am partial to a Homodeus/Order deck based on Mastery, but a pure Wraethe deck can be a great deal of fun as well. Which strategies and card combinations so you utilize? I find that...
  8. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E Advice on How to Run a Megadungeon Game

    Apologies in advance for posting two threads in such a short time span. Can any DMs with experience in running megadungeons offer me any insight? I have run mostly open-space with scattered dungeons in my campaigns, often utilizing large open spaces, and haven't really incorporated any...
  9. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General The Transition of a D&D World into the Industrial Era

    My most recent campaign setting, the one in which I am running my current game, is a fantastical setting, grounded in realistic physical principles, that has begun the transition into an industrial era of automation and factory production. The technology level is Renaissance-level in terms of...
  10. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E Restricting Planar Travel by Spell?

    So, in passing conversation with other DMs, I realized that I'm one of the few who likes using setting rules and house rules that make it impossible to travel to other planes by mere spell (other than gate). Rather, in many of my games, it requires a true journey, perhaps even a small...
  11. Aebir-Toril

    Articles Being Previewed Before the Post Date?

    Why are several articles being listed as "tomorrow" or some future date? I can read them (they're from the future, apparently), but if I send a request to post on the thread to the server, it gives me an "Undefined Server Error". Do any of the tech mods or site admins have insights on this...
  12. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E If you have a moment, please look over my Homebrew class.

    Hello ENWorlders, I have no huge requests here, but, if you have the time, I would greatly appreciate a few notes on the balance of my homebrew class, the Voidbinder. Tell me what you think of it, and whether or not it's at all balanced, et cetera. Thank you in advance. GMBinder Link or...
  13. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Sale Data?

    As part of a research project which I am trying to assemble, I'm looking for sale data on Ghosts of Saltmarsh. If you have any data on how Ghosts of Saltmarsh sold over time, or even if you want to share your opinion on Ghosts of Saltmarsh, please share it with me in this thread.
  14. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E Aberrations in 5e D&D

    "They came a' crawlin' out o' the sea, all slimy an' wet. An' there were hunnerds o' 'em. An' they all 'ad the faces of me old fishin' mates. Even me first wife was in that grim group! All o' 'em was covered all up in coral, and they was screechin', they was. Screechin' to their Kraken...
  15. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General Art in D&D

    Throughout the history of Dungeons & Dragons, its illustrations have reflected the ideals of the developers, the tone of the average game, and the character of the edition as a whole. When D&D and BECMI began, the art was simple. Pulp-inspired illustrations continued to remain prevalent during...
  16. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General Gore in D&D

    What is your approach to gore in D&D, and in violent RPGs in general? Are you someone delights in describing bloody scenes, and when might this cross the proverbial 'line'? What is your method for describing gore in D&D, and do you recommend and forms of description, especially of violence...
  17. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E Collaboration: Stat That Monster!

    So, here's the idea for this thread, someone will post an image of a monster, and then everyone in the thread will collaborate to give that monster a set of final stats for all of us to use. It's an experiment in the wisdom of crowds, and an exercise to see if DMs and monster-statisticians can...
  18. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E The Voidbinder Homebrew Class: Critique Needed

    [v.0.2-Revised] The Voidbinder Class I have created a homebrew class known as the Voidbinder, which is still somewhat unbalanced, and requires critique. Here is a link to the new version: Voidbinder v.0.2 by, and here is a link: Voidbinder v.0.2 _ GM Binder.pdf to an open Google Drive pdf...
  19. Aebir-Toril

    D&D 5E Homebrew Archetype: Is this Balanced?

    Is this Barbarian Path fun, is it balanced? Please give me feedback, if you have the time to do so. https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-LlguBNV6yTFD08ob4nP
  20. Aebir-Toril

    D&D General Campaign Setting Contest: Should We Do It Again?

    After it was announced as the winner of the WotC Campaign Setting Contest, Keith Baker's Eberron became one of the most popular and beloved settings among D&D players, with its rich and vibrant world, distinct art style, and unique races. Eberron isn't everyone's favorite setting, but it's...