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    Looking for Gamer(s) in San Diego, CA

    Our group lost a couple of players to life circumstances and we are looking for 1-2 new players to fill out the party. Who we are: 3 professionals in our 40s and 1 student in his 20s 2 of us are married & have children, 2 are single/no children (all men) 3 of us are potential GMs, I suppose I'm...
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    Knights of Badassdom

    Knights of Badassdom Trailer - HD - YouTube Got into a preview screening of this earlier this week. Walked out after about a half-hour. If it even gets a theatrical release, I recommend not paying money for it. There are a bunch of roleplaying jokes that I was probably the only one to get in...
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    Registered User / Silver Subscriber?

    I recently signed up for a silver subscription. On the payments page, it says under Active Subscriptions, "Silver Community Supporter Subscription." I notice that on many folks' posts, under their forum name & status it says, Community Supporter SILVER SUBSCRIBER for example. And their forum...
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    Backdrop: Daggerdale

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Daggerdale) I'm not a FR fan and haven't read through this, but while skimming I couldn't help but notice that the maps in it (one of the region and one of the town) are beautiful. Original work or reused from previous FR material?
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    "Gold Box" Software for 4e?

    I am curious... There are a lot of 4e helper apps out there that track initiative, combat conditions, and the like. But has anyone gone beyond DM helper tools and made an actual 4e combat runner? Or (infinitely easier) has anyone created an engine that a 4e combat runner (or game, or simulator...
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    Actions After Making Saves

    Quick rules question, as I don't have access to my books right now: When a player decides to roll saving throws for (save ends) conditions at the end of their turn, can they perform any actions afterwards? (while still within their turn) For example, spending an action point and using the extra...
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    Swordmage Double Aegis Question

    The Double Aegis paragon feat for swordmages (from the FRPG) allows you to mark two targets with your aegis of shielding or assault class power. It goes on to say, "If both targets attack your allies, you must choose which of the targets to respond to. (you still have only one immediate action...
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    D&D 2E 2e Bard Kits for the 4e Bard

    I was leafing through the 2e Complete Bard's Handbook (one of few really good 2e classbooks), looking for inspiration for a 4e bard, when I started to think of ways to represent the bard kits (which really more like subclasses) in 4e. And I think that most of them are entirely portable to the...
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    Dungeon 163: Beyond the Mottled Tower

    Haven't read this yet, but according to the notes at the beginning, it's supposed to take the party from level 11 to halfway through level 12... but as near as I can see, there's no treasure in the adventure. At all. Is the party really supposed to miss out on 15ish parcels? Or did I miss...
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    Eberron Monsters: Dolgrim and Dolgaunt

    I know dolgaunts (and a named dolgrim) are in the KotS Eberron conversion article, but I wasn't too impressed with the dolgaunt and I thought that giving the dolgrim the goblin racial power (rather than its own distinctive power) was also a bit lacking. And I think that, in the scheme of...
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    Sure Strike and Careful Attack: How to Fix Them?

    The fighter at-will sure strike (+2 hit, no Str to dmg) and the ranger at-will careful attack (+2 hit, no Str/Dex to dmg) have been judged as being some of the worst at-wills in the game, and rightly so. My question is, what would it take to make them worthwhile? a) How high would the attack...
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    Eberron: An All-Goblin Campaign?

    The idea came to me while flipping through the races in the back of the 4e MM, but it's not edition-specific. There are, after all, rules for playing goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears in 3e, although it's a bit easier to pull off in 4e since you don't have to muck around with ECLs or LAs at...
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    Looking For San Diego Gamers

    One of the players from my D&D group is moving away in a few months (hi Dave!) so we're in the hunt for a fresh face or two to add to the collective. We: are in our 30's meet once a week from 6-10pm, usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays play mostly D&D but have tried out other games from time to...
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    [Eberron] Channel Divinity Feats

    Just some ideas that I had for 4e Channel Divinity feats for the Eberron religions. I stole the PHB feats where appropriate - no need to reinvent the wheel, after all. I'm interested in any comments, suggestions, alternate ideas, or if anyone has done something similar, I'd love to hear about...
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    An Example Character, Levels 1-30

    After flipping through the PHB, I thought I would create a character to play around with the various options. I ended up creating a dwarf warrior, specialized in the poleaxe, and statted him at levels 1, 10, 20, 30 (probably with many mistakes!). Some observations: Holy cow do the races...
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    Monstrous PC Races: Are They Even Possible?

    As a fan of Dark Sun, I'm very curious about this. In Dark Sun, half-giants (more like ogres or Savage Species' half-ogres than the sorry half-giant imitations in the 3e psionics book) and thri-kreen were both player races, and 3e handled that reasonably well. The ECL/LA system was far from...
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    Monster XP Formula

    So, I was looking at the XP values wondering if there was an obvious progression there. And there is, up to level 18 at least. For one thing, XP does not depend on monster "class" - brute, soldier, lurker, etc. Any creature of a particular level is worth the same XP as any other of the same...
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    Compiled Monster Stats

    Has anyone compiled all the 4e monster stats that we've seen to-date somewhere?
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    Sneak Attack & Spells Question

    A sorcerer / rogue casts greater invisibility on himself and then casts scorching ray (3 rays per casting) at a target within 30 ft. Assuming all three rays hit, do they all count as sneak attacks?
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    Dragon Mag / Eberron Query

    It's my understanding that there was an issue of Dragon that had new types of Quori (aside from the Tuscora detailed in the Eberron book). Does anyone know which issue that was?