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  1. Miladoon

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Plot Revealed

    Even if the NVGs did not work, it would still be a good show, unless you roll a 1 on your perception(hearing) check.
  2. Miladoon

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Plot Revealed

    Am I the only one that thinks a big screen feature involving a dungeon delve with the entire party and nps all having dark vision would be pretty awesome? Buy a ticket and get handed a pair oh night vision goggles.
  3. Miladoon

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Plot Revealed

    Gosh! Sundance ruuuules. Napolean Dynamite, 400K budget. Brings in 46M. Got on Letterman. Yada Yada. But I pretty much agree with you.
  4. Miladoon

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Plot Revealed

    Well if they have a best selling Drizzt MTG card then I would stick with FR. Otherwise, I would write the story in a MTG setting.
  5. Miladoon

    D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie Plot Revealed

    Since Sci-Fantasy is hot right now, I would go with some Spelljammer. A Firefly reboot that happens 10000 years in the past. I see everyone winning here.
  6. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Gandalf Initiative...more Mearls Initiative Fallout

    Gandalf Initiative: Declare Action, Movement, and Follow-up, then throw dice -Roll 1d6 if only Action -Roll 1d6 if only Movement -Roll 1d6 if character (PC and NPC) might want a Follow-up Other Possible dice -Roll 2d6 if Action AND Movement -Roll 2d6 if Action AND Follow-up -Roll 2d6 if...
  7. Miladoon

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: "Greyhawk" Initiative

    Thinking of a simple alternative. Action-1d6 Movement-1d6 Bonus Action-1d6 Attack of opportunity-Free Maximum Initiative -18 Minimum Initiative -1
  8. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Gnome Sorceress using Arcane Trickster

    A character concept I was thinking about recently was using an arcane trickster for a sorceress concept. I started thinking about classes and concepts and how you really don't need to play a class. Anyways, I started doodling with the GIMP and ended up with this image: Do you gamers find it...
  9. Miladoon

    DMs Guild How Many DMs Guild Products Have You Bought?

    Indeed. I was very close to help fund Primeval Thule but the thought of dancing around terms using the 2000 OGL turned me off. I am happy there is a new OGL/SRD and was wondering just now if Sasquatch updated their pdf. Also, putting content into DMsG allows others authors to use it. I think...
  10. Miladoon

    DMs Guild How Many DMs Guild Products Have You Bought?

    I wouldn't go that far but yeah, I am a fan. I still look at non-DMsG stuff but I prefer not to buy promises and a T-Shirt. And besides, D&D does not revolve around FR.
  11. Miladoon

    DMs Guild How Many DMs Guild Products Have You Bought?

    Kickstarting is a great idea, but I feel disconnected from 3PP that constantly crowd source. DMsG feels like supporting my crib. These guys seem in it for D&D. I can see their product, rate it, return to it and pay more if I feel it deserves it, and even get the already paid for updates once...
  12. Miladoon

    DMs Guild How Many DMs Guild Products Have You Bought?

    I waited for a new OGL before I purchased 5E 3PP stuff. But now that DMsG is here, I would rather sink my money into that than buy into a kickstarter focused company.
  13. Miladoon

    DMs Guild How Many DMs Guild Products Have You Bought?

    My monthly budget is 10USD. RL keeps me from looking at them all. PS to alles, There are 14 free art kits that you can get from WotC. Not sure why no one wants them. I forgot about them when I looked through my library. So I have 24 products when counting free.
  14. Miladoon

    D&D 5E New campaign announcement incoming - Escapist teaser

    Looks like Ravenloft. My wild sorcerer will be ready to stake her pasty cold husk.
  15. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Mapping Software Input [What's in your wallet?]

    I think that is pretty standard operating procedure, I suppose. GIMP just released 2.9 LINK Another thing that might be worth mentioning when I compare Photoshop and GIMP, I have to reboot Photoshop very very often so I have to keep remembering to save my work. Still a good habit, but I have a...
  16. Miladoon

    D&D 4E Is there any 4e Retro Clones out there?

    I wouldn't mind looking at another exceptions-based game but I don't know of any attempted 4E clones. I certainly won't spend any money on it. I would have to be smitten by its design, plus I would need to be able to find players.
  17. Miladoon

    D&D 5E Spell-Less Support Class with Warlord as an Archetype

    Hospitaler Sublcass Features: