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  1. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do you do a siege in 5e?

    Apparently, my players have decided to hole up in a diner and now I need to redo a scenario, not unlike assault on precinct 13. I want to trickle opponents onto them wave by wave until the scariest critter shows up as a kind of inverse dungeonhack. Has anybody done such a thing and do you have...
  2. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Gnomes vs Dinosaurs

    Inspired by the following pic: Can I get a pitch on how you would do this game? :D
  3. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E which monsters have telekinesis?

    5e preferred, but curious about previous editions. trying to figure out something .
  4. Shades of Eternity

    Psychic Game in Vilna Alberta (Hodgepocalypse)

    Not sure if this goes here, but feel to move it as needed: **************************************** Starting a thread for brainstorming purposes and to get ideas and plot for next Sunday. First a bit of background. The game is the Hodgepocalypse (my post-post-apocalyptic game with magic...
  5. Shades of Eternity

    Lazer Mazes

    I have a strange request. I recently was watching the youtube channel toy galaxy. Anybody found a good top down lazer maze map? I want to do something special to my pcs. :D
  6. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E remake the DA series

    If WOTC wants to do a repackaging/updating of an old module series, the one that needs serious retooling, but has historical presidence and a unique nature is the DA series. The model that should be used is Curse of Strahd, but use Saint Stephen as the big bad. DA module series - Wikipedia
  7. Shades of Eternity

    doing stats for Trumpy from Pod People

    It seems like the right time to take a certain trunked alf -like character and ask for its states in your system of choice So how would you do Trumpy?
  8. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E Fantasy Appalachia

    On another thread, it got me thinking. an Appalachia game could have serious potential. The Hat Fields and the Mccoys, giants (that might be where Paul Bunyan originally came from), witches, and trickster anthropomorphic rabbits in a keep on the borderlands environment could have serious...
  9. Shades of Eternity

    Post-apocalyptic Pro Wrestling

    I think I just had an insane idea for a game so posting it here. https://breadthofpopsanity.blogspot.com/2020/11/post-apocalyptic-pro-wrestling-part-1.html https://breadthofpopsanity.blogspot.com/2020/11/post-apocalyptic-pro-wrestling-part-2.html So using Feng Shui 2 as a basis once I got the...
  10. Shades of Eternity

    Need help fleshing out an idea - Left 4 Ape

    This is a concept I've been kicking around and trying to see if there is a way to flesh it out. Left 4 Ape After rise of the planet of the apes, there is an airborne virus that is spread across the globe is actually an infection virus that kills and reanimates humans. the infected rise and...
  11. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E what is the cr of the infernal war machines in descent into avernus?

    Trying to figure out how they got their formula for extrapolation purposes.
  12. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 5E How do you simulate headcrabs from half-life 2 in 5e?

    I'm trying to figure out the best way mechanically to simulate a creature that jumps on your head and takes over until removed. Is there any critters that already simulate this?
  13. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General Building an under-dark human civilisation in dungeons and dragons

    I've been on a real Avernum kick and am seriously impressed with the worldbuilding. Exiles forced down into the depths of the underworld and through a combination of diplomacy, magic, might and bureaucracy, manage to build a civilization strong enough to fight off the empire that exiled it...
  14. Shades of Eternity

    Hodgepocalypse South America

    decided to share my old notes on Central/South America while I try to drum up support. here's a start https://www.hodgepocalypse.com/2020/03/hodgepocalypse-south-and-central.html Hodgepocalypse - South (and Central) America - Part 2 - Dinosaurs Hodgepocalypse and Dinosaurs. :) #drevrpg...
  15. Shades of Eternity

    D&D 1E What are examples of "gotchya" encounters from Gary Gygax?

    I got into a discussion and while I could mention the monsters that were distinctly designed to make adventurers miserable, I couldn't remember the actual encounters that if you didn't follow classic dungeon hack strategy you were screwed. Any come to mind?
  16. Shades of Eternity

    D&D General What would Bagworld be like?

    I always liked the idea that Knights of the Dinner Table came up with of Interdimensional Bags being linked creating a Bagworld. How would it exist and what would be lay of the land?
  17. Shades of Eternity

    What game mechanics when introduced were absolutely hated?

    There have been ideas that with regard to gameplay, were absolutely hated when introduced, but eventually were accepted and in some cases, often replaced ideas that had issues. What were they?
  18. Shades of Eternity

    Hodgepocalypse - Australia

    https://www.hodgepocalypse.com/2020/03/hodgepocalypse-australia-part-1.html I had a request to flesh out my post-post apocalyptic world with magic for Australia - so here's part 1. I'm not completely happy with it, so open to suggestions on this one.
  19. Shades of Eternity

    Ask Angry: How to Playtest an Entire System on Three Hours a Week

    https://theangrygm.com/ask-angry-how-to-playtest-on-three-hours/?fbclid=IwAR2raQ452Abg1V05vcpTH1TFw9hEfGM6Eg0qwpZ0Dir3Y5AZim5AeBhLF54 This concept seriously intrigues me and seeing how well the advice plays out. I'm seeing how can you optimize game testing so you can make it relatively easy...
  20. Shades of Eternity

    [space] Planetfall isn't the best option.

    Between the following two videos I'm convinced planetfall for Mars isn't the best option. PBS - Venus makes a great case <br> and vintage space convinces me orbiting satellites might be cheaper. <br> What are your thoughts? #space