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  1. Nifft

    Greyhawk from CY 582 to CY 597 (?)-- anything fun happen after From the Ashes?

    Hey grognards. The timelines I can find on Google seem to indicate that some kind of canonical events were happening in Greyhawk after the big war ended (which I think was CY 582). Did anything interesting, inspiring, noteworthy, or hilariously fun happen to the setting in the intervening...
  2. Nifft

    [5e] Binder Class

    Nifft's Binder Class Features As a Binder, you gain the following class features. Hit Points Hit Dice: 1d8 per binder level Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per binder level after 1st Proficiencies...
  3. Nifft

    [5e] Chameleon Class

    5e Chameleon "Someone called for a cleric? Oh, you needed a fighter instead? I'm sorry -- I meant to say that the cleric is on his way. I'm the fighter." -- Jonata Quimbel Sometimes it's good to be a fighter, able to wield any weapon. Other times, you'd be better off as a rogue, with stealth...
  4. Nifft

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5e] Sorcerer / Binder / Anima Mage - Optimal Spell List?

    There are a lot of spells out there. There are a lot of vestiges, which can replicate or otherwise obviate certain spells. Has anyone made a list of which spells go well with which vestiges? Or which spells are unusually good for an Anima Mage? Thanks!
  5. Nifft

    Fixing 5e (House Rules Discussion & Collection)

    This post is an index. It will update when new things appear. Spells - True Strike - Spider Skitter (Jump + Spider Climb) Classes - Monk -- Subclass: Master of the Elements
  6. Nifft

    D&D 5E Blindsight in 5e

    This is a very general ability. It's used to represent a variety of monster senses, including echolocation and unnaturally accurate scent. Unfortunately, it's a bit over-general, and it's not clear how it actually works under a variety of conditions. Similar abilities, for reference...
  7. Nifft

    [5e] Monk / Elemental Disciple re-write

    Disciple of the Elements When you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you learn magical disciplines that harness the power of the four elements. A discipline requires you to spend ki points each time you use it. You know the Elemental Attunement discipline and one other elemental discipline of...
  8. Nifft

    Iron DM 2012 -- R2 complete, Finals in Progress

    Today is the Ides of May. We all know about the Ides of March, but the other Ides (in May, June and October) are also important, even if nobody has gone down in history for killing a Roman Emperor on them (yet). They probably feel neglected. So, to honor the Ides of May as they deserve, we will...
  9. Nifft

    XP Quirk

    I got some XP from reporting spam, and the XP survived the destruction of the spam thread. Interesting. Cheers, -- N
  10. Nifft

    XP bug?

    I just tried to give Kamikaze Midget some XP, and a sad frowny face showed up next to my comment! http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-rpg-discussion/275103-gabe-penny-arcade-does-videogaming-help.html#post5153884 Could someone look into what kind of XP I gave him, and possibly fix it if it's...
  11. Nifft

    Game Balance - A Study in Imperfection (forked)

    Shall I compare game balance to a summer's day? It is stickier, and more prone to death by mosquito. So, when last we left our intrepid adventurers, we were going on about how this "balance" thing had all sorts of repercussions... but like the poor, balance has always been with us, invisibly...
  12. Nifft

    OotS #708

    Giant In the Playground Games Enjoy, -- N
  13. Nifft

    Civ V

    Announcement: Civilization V Announced - PC News at IGN My thoughts: hex map = hell yes! Cheers, -- N
  14. Nifft

    Dex-Build for the Bard

    So, this thread got me thinking: would anything break terribly if the Prescient Bard -- and all associated powers -- keyed off of Dexterity instead of Wisdom? Dex is obviously a power-up over Wisdom (since Wis and Cha both feed Will), but I don't see it as a broken power-up... Thoughts...
  15. Nifft

    Per-Post Revision Info

    So I just double-posted, then edited the second post to reflect its duplicate nature, and OH MY STARS AND GARTERS now there's a revision history dangling off the post showing all changes! Holy cow, this is awesome. Thanks, -- N EDIT: Added this line.
  16. Nifft

    Avengers Assemble! -- er, Essentials

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Avenger Essentials) Distant Vengeance makes my Wizard start feeling religious all of a sudden. I mean, Magic Missile (with feat & item support) was already decent. Painful Oath is also spiffy for the multiclasser who otherwise...
  17. Nifft

    Buying 3rd Party Memberships

    I'm thinking about running a contest with a prize at the end, and one prize idea I had was a year's membership to EN World. Are you set up to allow 3rd party membership payments? That includes automatically billing the 3rd party after the year's duration is up. Also, anonymity of the payment...
  18. Nifft

    Iron DM 2009 - all matches

    Iron DM 2009 Round 1 • Wulf Ratbane vs. Wicht Slaad Wind Skerries Reticent Constable Constitutional Monarchy Original Skull Holy Avenger Go!
  19. Nifft

    Iron DM 2009 - FINAL MATCH - it's over!

    2009 IronDM Winner: Iron Sky The Matches (in detail by CleverNickName) Round One Wicht vs. Wulf Ratbane -- Judgment! Wik vs. Brent_Nall -- Judgment! InVinoVeritas vs. Pour -- Judgment! CleverNickName vs. MortalPlague -- Judgment! Rechan vs. Atras -- Judgment! humble minion vs. Thasmodious --...
  20. Nifft

    IronDM 2009 - Signups Start Sunday

    This is just a fair warning and general discussion thread. The sign-up thread will be created this Sunday at noon (Eastern Standard Time). What is Iron DM? "An Iron DM tournament is a contest in which writers show their ability to turn a collection of random ingredients into a cohesive...