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  1. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E 5e "raw" spell data?

    Tinkering with various caster builds, I quickly recognized I'd like a quick way to categorize spells-- school, class availability, cantrip or not, ritual or not, higher slots or not, type of save/attack roll, damage type, etc. 1) Does anything like this exist yet? If so, where? 2) If not...
  2. Wulf Ratbane

    PATRONS of the MONSTROUS ARTS [Official Thread]

    Please use this thread for questions and discussions of the patronage project.
  3. Wulf Ratbane

    [Bad Axe Games] Patrons of the Monstrous Arts-- 3 days to go!

    Bad Axe Games is trying a little something different with the next release for our Trailblazer RPG. For our "monster manual" book, we've decided to put the fate of the art budget directly into the hands of the customers. Through the Kickstarter patronage site, we set out to raise $2000 for our...
  4. Wulf Ratbane

    [Patronage] Patrons of the Monstrous Arts

    The Patrons of the Monstrous Arts project will use a fantasy roleplaying “monster manual” as a test case for patronage funding of the publisher’s art budget: Dedicated fans make an early commitment to the work, specifically by funding the art budget to increase the number and quality of...
  5. Wulf Ratbane

    Patronage Project? For the Monster book?

    I'm intrigued by the patronage concept specifically as a way to raise funds for more artwork. In my own spin on the patronage concept, the project will go whether or not we hit the target budget-- I already have an art budget for Monsters, but we obviously won't be illustrating every single...
  6. Wulf Ratbane

    [SPELLS and MAGIC] Design Discussion

    Design Discussion Spells and Magic Spells Design Goals 1) Identify and fix all “problematic” spells a. Spells which do not allow for any random d20 roll mitigation i. No save, no attack roll, no SR b. Spells that intrude on the class features of other players i. knock vs. rogue ii. find traps...
  7. Wulf Ratbane

    [BAD AXE GAMES] TRAILBLAZER print version now available!

    The journey isn't over. . . It's just beginning. Bad Axe Games peels back the outer layers of the 3.5 rules and reveals the inner workings for all to see. Within this book, you'll find the keys to decoding the d20 rules and gain new insight into the mechanics of your game. Copious design notes...
  8. Wulf Ratbane

    If you had 1 year to plan a weekend of gaming, what would you do?

    Anything D&D related, any edition, across one relatively uninterrupted weekend of gaming. What would you like to run? What would you like to play? Anything unexpected or irregular you think you'd want to prepare for?
  9. Wulf Ratbane

    Really Cool DRAGON optical illusion

    Game Designer Lester Smith posted a link to this optical illusion-- I thought folks here might like to give it a go: Dragon Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions Just the sort of thing for my gaming bookshelf! From the comments, folks might appreciate this How To...
  10. Wulf Ratbane

    [Feedback] Trailblazer Character Sheet

    (attached) With the mutual understanding that everybody wants a little something different out of their character sheet, I'm posting this looking for usability feedback.
  11. Wulf Ratbane

    [Weekend Design] New Classes?

    I'm going to have some free time over the holiday to do some writing, and Glassjaw kicked me off on an interesting tangent. Let me start with a table that shows some class relationships, with some obvious holes filled in: Arcane Divine Wild Urban Wizard/Sorcerer Cleric/Zealot Druid...
  12. Wulf Ratbane

    Trailblazer Art Preview-- Scott Purdy

    The incomparable Scott Purdy has completed a few more illustrations in his distinct and evocative style. These images are from Trailblazer's chapter on monster customization.
  13. Wulf Ratbane

    High level caster "fix:" Reasonable or Outrageous

    Fun with polls. :p Here's an idea I had to address some "problems" with high level spellcasters, and some of the most decried spells. 1) If a creature with spell resistance is inside the area of effect when the spell is cast, the caster must make a check against SR. If the caster fails to...
  14. Wulf Ratbane

    Trailblazer: Free GM's Day Preview

    In honor of GM's Day, Bad Axe Games is pleased to offer a free preview of our upcoming Trailblazer rules supplement. What is Trailblazer? Trailblazer is a “system optimizer” for your d20-compatible 3rd edition game. Our design approach has been straightforward and focused: identify the major...
  15. Wulf Ratbane

    (Mafia/Werewolf Style Game) CALL FOR PLAYERS.

    Hello, fellow gamers. I am looking for 6-9 players to help me playtest a twist on Mafia. Here's the criteria for players: 1) Ideally, you are familiar with Mafia (aka Werewolf). But also ideally, not so familiar with it (especially message board versions) that you will plow over the other...
  16. Wulf Ratbane

    Treasure Parcels (Big Six included)

    I am going to save my thoughts on the "necessity" of the Big Six for later. This post is not about how important the Big Six are, or how boring they are, or how often the party should be rewarded with a Murlynd's Spoon. This post shows you a way to allocate "Big Six" magic items at a rate...
  17. Wulf Ratbane

    Trailblazer Teasers (collected)

    I've been collecting a few threads into one place for my own use, but folks looking for insight into the Trailblazer design process might find some interesting reading here. Wealth by Level Iterative Attacks Multiclass Spellcasters More On Multiclassing Starting Hit Points Simplified...
  18. Wulf Ratbane

    Iterative Attacks

    I've been doing some heavy permutations/probability number crunching over the break, and I wanted to run something past the folks here. Playing around with possible speed fixes for iterative attacks, I've found something that works pretty good for me personally: At 6th level, you get a 2nd...
  19. Wulf Ratbane

    Sleep, Circle of Death, and related spells.

    This is a question about spells that affect a certain number of HD of creatures. I'll use Sleep but it applies equally to Circle of Death, and possibly others. Let's say the wizard casts Sleep at a big mob of orcs, 3 squares x 3 squares full. There is no question that all nine of these orcs are...
  20. Wulf Ratbane

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder 3PP

    A propos of nothing in particular... just something in the air tonight I guess... Any further word yet on plans for Pathfinder 3rd party support? Logo? Compatibility text?