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  1. JharyOConnah

    (5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

    In the far corners of the multiverse, life's facts appeared consistent. Things unfolded as one would assume. Time, as strange as it ever was, rolled on in a consistent fashion. Although time, and it's passage, was a difficult thing to pin-point among the various spheres of the multiverse...
  2. JharyOConnah

    (5E) Rogues Gallery for D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP

    Post your characters here!
  3. JharyOConnah

    (5E) D&D/Moorcock Multiverse Inspiration PBP [CLOSED] - OOC discussion

    Hi all! Been playing in a game my pop runs for a few months and now I'm itching to try my hand DMing a PBP game. I'm a long time DM. I've even run a few email games in the past using various systems, but never here on enworld. I'm already running a table game using 5e, so it shouldn't be hard...