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  1. Gargoyle

    Link to CD case DM Screen

    I didn't make this, so rather than upload it, I felt it was more appropriate to give credit to Matt Smith and some links to the sources. Matt Smith's G+ post. 5e DM screen for DIY CD Case And here is the one I made: I like it because it's not so tall that I can't see the table or feel...
  2. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E What class is your first 5e character?

    I submitted this poll before, but as some felt it expired too soon, I promised I'd do it again for those just getting the Player's Handbook. So here it is again. As before, if you're voting warlock, vote for which patron and also which pact, but otherwise only select multiple options if you're...
  3. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E A little Krynn with your Toril and more player agency

    So the dragonborn/draconian thread and some other posts got me to thinking about Tyranny of Dragons and Dragonlance. I've decided to add draconians to my Tyranny of Dragons campaign instead of half-dragons. I feel they are far more interesting, and the entire plotline of stealing the good...
  4. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Which classes will you play first?

    Going to try this again. Forgive me if I do it wrong again; I've done polls before but for some reason I failed last time. Which class do you plan to play first? I've put all the subclasses in there, and you can select up to four, but only do so if you intend to multiclass; for the warlock...
  5. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Which classes will you play?

    meh, please delete. Tried to make a poll and failed.
  6. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Lair Actions

    These are referenced on PHB page 67 in the druid's wild shape write up, so they are confirmed to be in 5e. There was an article by Mike Mearls describing lair actions; as I recall the example was how the very terrain around a dragon's lair became dangerous to adventurers seeking out the dragon...
  7. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E 5e Urban campaigns

    I've been wanting to run an urban campaign for a while, and the thing that resurfaced that idea in my brain is the 5b death and dying rules. It is easy for both player characters and NPCs or monsters to knock a character unconscious instead of outright killing them. That made me think of...
  8. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Conflicting Alignment and Ideals

    I got to thinking about this when my wife rolled up a wood elf fighter the other night. We hit a small bump, and I wanted to share this experience to gather thoughts on the subject and hopefully make things smoother for others. She likes to roll dice, so naturally when she got the opportunity...
  9. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Forgotten Realms

    I have sort of a love/dislike for the Forgotten Realms. I love the maps and all the support it's gotten in the past, and the overall flavor of it, and many of the factions and settings within it, but I dislike a few things about running a game in any established campaign setting. I like to...
  10. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Feats are spells...does that mean fewer classes?

    I am aware that I am looking at this from a particular point of view, with a big dose of speculation, so bear with me. Feats seem to have evolved, or devolved depending on your opinion, into spells. Like a spell, feats: Are small packages of rules that supersede other RAW. Have levels, with...
  11. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E Playtest: Curse of Xu'Set

    I ran a playtest for my wife and a friend yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Sadly we don't play a lot of D&D anymore because of jobs, travel, etc. so we're certainly casual players now. However, rather than 1st level characters, I had them roll up 8th level ones. Because of the small party...
  12. Gargoyle

    D&D 5E How to Play: Exploration (Stealth and Perception)

    Questions about these rules... Unless I'm missing something, there seems to be an obvious flaw: What if my Intelligence is lower than my Wisdom? It seems weird that a high Wis, low Int character has a better chance of finding someone by not looking for them. Maybe it gives searchers too...
  13. Gargoyle

    Wizards hate warlocks

    At least, according to the newest Legends and Lore article: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Sorcerers and Warlocks) Anyone else bothered by this generalization? It reminds me of campaigns where elves hate dwarves. Good players know that rivalries in the...
  14. Gargoyle

    Organic Iconics

    Just read the Discussing Iconics article and my first thought was "Wow, I could care less." Then I got to thinking more, and realized even though I don't care whether iconic characters are used or not, I do care whether or not there are interesting characters in the rulebooks. Iconics are...
  15. Gargoyle

    Playtest - family group

    I ran it for my wife and two boys (11, 14) who played all five characters. The youngest took on the fighter, and the other two split up the others. I've DM'd and played all sorts of editions since BECMI in 1982. They've primarily played 3e and 4e. We had a good time, but I think we enjoy...
  16. Gargoyle

    One Page Character Sheets

    With D&D Next as a modular rules system, my hope is that with just the basic core modules we can have a one page character sheet again, maybe even with enough room for a small illustration or other notes, and perhaps even a little white space to make it easy on the eyes. Nothing bothers me more...
  17. Gargoyle

    Why did you stay with an earlier edition?

    This is a "select all that apply" poll; but if you select the last option, please don't select anything else, and don't select #7 if you selected anything else (because if you do I'll know you're chaotic neutral). The "earlier edition" the poll refers to could be any edition other than the...
  18. Gargoyle

    My son ran Gamma World

    I bought my 13 yr old son Ashton the new Gamma World rpg last year, and he ran the adventure in the rulebook for us this week. We all had a blast. We normally play D&D 4th, and so this was a nice bit of change, with enough familiarity so that it didn't play slowly. Characters were: Squawk -...
  19. Gargoyle

    Rule of Three 7/11/11

    Oops didn't see diceforhire's post. Just ignore this one. Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Rule-of-Three: 07/11/2011) It is good to see that they don't feel boxed into one method of creating classes; I like the effect of this in the Essentials classes. My 10...
  20. Gargoyle

    Multi-Edition D&D

    All the discussion about 5E and Mike Mearl's articles, and speculation about WotC downsizing and business strategy, got me thinking about a video I watched the other day with an author talking about Howard Moskowitz's detailed study on spaghetti sauces It's a long rambling video, so to...