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    Starfinder Starfinder's Sutter Leaves Paizo; Butler Joins (In A Different Role)

    I don't think he is trolling. It's nice that Starfinder sold well but the Paizo stuff at a couple local FLGS has almost completely disappeared since 5th edition arrived. The shelf space has been taken up by 5th edition, Monte Cook and some smaller companies, which is nice. For the record my...
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    Curse of Strahd

    5 out of 5 rating for Curse of Strahd Excellent writing - adventure. The maps and artwork are also top notch.
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    Second Darkness Adventure Path

    1 out of 5 rating for Second Darkness Adventure Path Unfortunately this one didn't work. Very railroady in parts and disjointed. Save your time and money and go with another AP.
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    Sword Coast Legends

    1 out of 5 rating for Sword Coast Legends The only good thing I can say about this game is that I discovered Steam has a refund policy and I was able to get my money back.
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    Pathfinder Cards: Rules Reference Flash Cards Double Deck

    2 out of 5 rating for Pathfinder Cards: Rules Reference Flash Cards Double Deck The idea is to "Stop flipping back and forth through rulebooks—grab the cards you need and keep your game moving." You end up flipping through cards which is much slower than an electronic search or a book
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    Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook

    3 out of 5 rating for Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook An update of the 3.5E rules, Pathfinder smooths out some of the system's rough points and adding useful material. The system itself is complex, and takes a lot of mechanical know-how to play or run effectively. Additionally, mechanical balance...
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    Castle Ravenloft

    5 out of 5 rating for Castle Ravenloft This is a fun game that is easy to learn. The components are high quality and the provided scenarios are entertaining.
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    Mummy's Mask Adventure Path

    1 out of 5 rating for Mummy's Mask Adventure Path A very weak start with a rough transition to the 2nd adventure. Some very weak encounters throughout;even for the most unoptimized parties.
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    Age of Worms Adventure Path

    4 out of 5 rating for Age of Worms Adventure Path I ran this entire AP when it was initially released. The opening adventure, The Whispering Cairn is a classic adventure that ranks as one of the all time greats. The other adventures are mostly solid but there are some issues in continuity...
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    Numenera Core Rulebook

    5 out of 5 rating for Numenera Core Rulebook Superb world with great mechanics and beautiful artwork make for a great system. Fast paced and fun; even for the GM!
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    The Emerald Spire Superdungeon

    3 out of 5 rating for The Emerald Spire Superdungeon Good production values but the content is lackluster. A fair amount of work will be needed to make this product enjoyable as written. I thinks it best use would be to use of the one of the levels to fill a night or two of gaming if you are...
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    D&D 4E Is 4E doing it for you?

    My friends and I are having a great time playing 4E.