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  1. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST Status of 5e Zeitgeist

    Thanks Gideon. I'm happy to see your Zeitgeist campaign is still going strong (and is amazing, as always). I'm not technically back, but I can be considered D&D-adjacent ;)
  2. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST Status of 5e Zeitgeist

  3. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST Status of 5e Zeitgeist

    I'm looking at D&D again after years away. I see that the 4e Zeitgeist campaign was fully published, that Island at the Axis of the World was published for 5e and that something's been happening on Patreon since then, but couldn't really figure out where its all up to. Can someone fill me in?
  4. Colmarr

    Cunning Escape: Thief level 5 ability

    Cunning Escape is an immediate reaction power triggered when "An enemy attacks you". Its effect is "You gain a +4 bonus to all defences against the triggering enemy's attack. [Plus other stuff]". Am I right in assuming that for all intents and purposes I should treat this portion of the...
  5. Colmarr

    Witchoil clarification

    From reading and running Island at the Axis of the World and the Dying Skyseer, I understand that witchoil captures souls. It is also a powerful fuel source. Macbannin is planting vials around Flint to catch souls and power the witchoil. What I'm not clear on is whether the witchoil in...
  6. Colmarr

    What monster/trap would make a good sentry turret?

    For an upcoming encounter in my Zeitgeist campaign, I want to surprise my players with a steampunk equivalent of the sentry guns from Aliens: sentry turrets from Aliens. Obviously a fully automatic turret is inappropriate for a fantasy campaign (even a steampunk one), but I'm looking for...
  7. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST A Pixie in Zeitgeist?

    I actually don't see any in-game problem with a Pixie PC. While King Aodhan may be progressive, there are clearly traditionalists in both the aristocracy (eg. Duchess Ethelyn) and the military (eg. the naval commanders who begrudge Geoff Massarde his steamship). Add to that the discontent...
  8. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST The planes in Zeitgeist

    Ah, so that's who you were calling an idiot :)
  9. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST The planes in Zeitgeist

    I've been thinking more about my Zodiac killer sidequest, and am thinking about timing each of the killings to align with a time when the associated plane is strong. For example, Jiese is "particularly strong" when the PCs climb Cauldron Hill in adventure two, making it a perfect time for the...
  10. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    The dirigible sounds like a story Rock Rackus would tell. Are you planning to combine the two characters?
  11. Colmarr

    Digging for Lies: How does Distant Madness work?

    The effects of the disease itself are pretty clear, but I'm not clear on how exactly it ends up infecting a PC. For example, the worm maw's Drain Thoughts power (page 12) says that "the target contracts" the disease. The eye of madness' Burst of Terror power (page 27) says "the target is...
  12. Colmarr

    Help me with a fey-themed adventure

    In my :z: campaign, I am running a subplot involving the wife of one of the PCs having promised their first child to the Unseen Court in return for the PC's safe return from war. Erik's wife sara is now (or will shortly be) 6 months pregnant and Erik has recently become aware of her acting...
  13. Colmarr


    Name of PC: Cassi Name of Campaign/DM: Gears of Revolution/Colmarr Name of Adventure: The Dying Skyseer Chapter/Scene of Death: A ring of blood Cause of death: The Vestige of Death's "Reaper's Scythe" power. Brief Recount of events: Cassi spent the early potion of the battle atop Cauldron...
  14. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST A chance to blow Zeitgeist's trumpet

    Over on the rpgnet d20 spotlight forum there's a thread asking for comments about zeitgeist. Only two responses so far (including mine) but if youlove :z: as much as I do, please drop in and give it a toot. Sorry, I'm not skilled enough on my iPod to hyperlink to the thread!
  15. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST Eight ZEITGEIST storyhours (and three for War of the Burning Sky)

    God I hope so! I'm going through Digging for Lies, and just can't believe how the AP maintains such an amazing storyline. Part of me wonders how much better received 4e might have been if a published AP like this had existed in the early days...
  16. Colmarr

    Help me utilise Dominated

    In an upcoming :z: session, I get to use a creature that has an at-will power that dominates (save ends)*. The power targets Will. The PCs consist of a knight, a thief, a swarm druid, a cunning bard, and a centred breath monk. The fight will take place in pretty tight quarters from which the...
  17. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist deities?

    The underabundance of gods is one of the key themes of the setting for me. The eladrin have a dead god, makin them vengeful and lost. The danorans have abandoned the gods, making them independent and proud. The clergy have an established but absent god, making them the Catholic church. Risur...
  18. Colmarr

    D&D 4E Reply if you love 4e

    I love 4e. It's really that simple.
  19. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    Any chance you could share the timeline you wrote, gideon? My players are just about to start day 2 (likely by visiting the House of Blue Birds, then going to Nevard's henge) and I get the feeling I'll need to start keeping track of time soon.
  20. Colmarr

    ZEITGEIST [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    Agreed! Think of it this way Morrus and Rangerwickett, you have two groups actively running the AP at the moment (mine and gideon's) and both are vociferously reporting how much they're loving it. In fact, before pretty much every session I get an email from at least two of my players saying...