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  1. aco175

    D&D 5E Party found a Genie Bottle

    My 14th level party found a genie bottle last week and I'm not sure where to go with it. It is a marid bottle that was once a captive of Gar from the Elemental Evil storyline if that matters. Part of me wants to give them each a wish for releasing them, provided they do, which I think they...
  2. aco175

    D&D General What makes a setting

    I tend to play in Forgotten Realms now-a-days as a world, but was thinking if others would consider a setting something smaller such as Sword Coast, Phandalin, Icewind Dale or another region. Could Waterdeep be a campaign setting? If I was getting players and they asked what setting and I said...
  3. aco175

    D&D 5E Fire Strom Spell- cube arrangement

    We had a question come up last night with the caster wanting to cast fire storm to target large creatures with overlapping squares and deal damage twice to them. The idea was that you cast 10ft squares that in a line touching the next one. Large monsters take up 4 squares and if you set the...
  4. aco175

    D&D General Most common NPC/sidekick for a party

    Another thread on clerics not healing had me thinking of the cleric role was the most chosen to make a NPC tagalong for a party- just to heal PCs. Most of my games lately has had no mage and a NPC caster links up for an adventure once in a while or another fighter type for part of a dungeon if...
  5. aco175

    D&D 5E End adventure to Princes of the Apocalypse (PotA) campaign

    My 2-year campaign is coming to an end over the next couple months and I wanted to end it with something other than a narrative telling how the region returns to normal and the party is celebrated like in the end of Star Wars. I do not want something to take more than a few nights of play since...
  6. aco175

    D&D 5E Thief arcane trickster and cantrip damage

    How does damage scale with the arcane trickster? My trickster got another spell of any school at 9th level and took fire bolt. I'm not sure on the damage dice, whether it is by character level or caster level or something else. Thank you
  7. aco175

    Dice sales to fund Black Lives Matter

    I saw this on the DnDbeyond main page and not sure how I feel about it. Not sure how long we can even talk about it without devolving and having the thread shut down.
  8. aco175

    Is the DM the most important person at the table

    Another thread has me thinking about this. On one hand the DM tends to be the person who arranges the game and puts in the most work. He plans things and runs the game. On the other hand everyone is there to have fun and most times these people are your friends and family. Everyone is giving...
  9. aco175

    Consequences of playing "EVIL" races

    Another thread got me thinking about traditional evil races and the consequences of playing them. In the other thread a gold dragon was attacked by a drow and then killed. Is/ should there be problems with playing evil races in your game? In my games monsters are monsters and villagers will...
  10. aco175

    D&D 5E My FLGS did not have the Essentials box set today

    Anyone else have this problem? I asked if I missed something or should have reserved one, but they said it should come sometime this week. They were not concerned about running out, but could not tell me exactly when it will be on the shelves. I bet Amazon would have had it at my door when I...
  11. aco175

    Monster design- Aspect of Auril

    I need some help coming up with something elated to the goddess of winter. The plot involves a part of her power was locked away for a long time and sealed in a tomb the PCs are about to unlock and enter. They are 6th level and of average to above power with mixed classes and races. I was...
  12. aco175

    D&D 5E Mythological Figures: Achilles (5E)

    Drizzt :D
  13. aco175

    D&D 5E +1 sword or Flame Tongue- or both?

    The group is powerful enough to start upping the power of their weapons (hitting 10th level). I could give out a +2 weapon but are wondering of something cooler is better. I was thinking of +1 Flame Tongue, but didn't know if it needs +1 to make it worth while. I know 5e does not need to...
  14. aco175

    D&D 5E LMoP: What's in Wave Echo Lake

    Im planning a return to Wave Echo Mine adventure for Level 9 PCs. I hinted at something in the middle of the underground lake and some missing adventurer groups. My initial plan was to have some sort of giant stalactite grown into a column. It houses a demon of some sort imprisoned there in...
  15. aco175

    D&D 5E Suggestions for Phandelver 6 months later

    My group that played the starter set LMoP is now coming back to Phandelver. They completed the module and wanted to take over Tresendar Manor for a home base. They are invested in the town and mine succeeding since they own 10% of the mine. They have been gone for the last few months going...
  16. aco175

    Paragon adventure help for idea needed

    My group of 14th level characters just met Baba Yaga in hetr hut and went on a quest for her to tell them how they can destroy a lich phylactery that have won in a fey gladiatorial arena by defeating the lich champion who was wearing it. Nex week they will return to Baba Yaga and I have no idea...
  17. aco175

    Wiz15 Ball Lightning

    I have my wizard dominating one encounter per day with this spell, which turns out to be around every 4 to 5 fights. I think I know how it should work but wanted feedback please and thank you. He is using it to make 2 attacks each round. He is saying the initial standard casting action goes...
  18. aco175

    Trampling; again for clarification

    I had an encounter last week and could not remember/find the rules for trampling, and they may be changed. I'm asking for clarification on the rules and where they are, as well as on my example below. I have this fire elephant thing that has a trample power. It can move 8 squares through enemy...
  19. aco175

    Turning Monsters into Molehills er, Minions

    Anyone done work on taking a normal monster and making it into a minion? I was thinking that there would be some sort of formula for taking say, a 3rd level drake and making it a minion of like 8 or 9. It kind of seem that a level+5 or L+6 would work out, but I have not realy looked into this...
  20. aco175

    Minions & PC Powers that have auto damage

    Something came up in last weeks game that made me wonder about minions taking auto damage and thus killing them. I think it was the paladin's power that deals damage to everyone adjacent to the creature hit. It got me wondering about one of the other powers that the thief has in his assassin...