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  1. The_Warlock

    Managing attachments - Can't if thread is length locked

    I was figuring I would clear out unnecessary, old attachments from my account. And I found (again, as I'm sure I've tried this before), that if the thread the attachment was posted to was closed/locked due to the Thousand Post limit, then the attachments are locked as well, and cannot be...
  2. The_Warlock

    Flaw in CS Account duration

    Honesty being the best policy (except in big business), I figured people should know that there might be something up with how the site tracks and IDs CS accounts. I just noticed a little banner informing me that my account expired on the 17th. That matches my records the best I can tell, now...
  3. The_Warlock

    Database error - what Scribble said.

    I've been getting the Database error on several threads, including Scribble's Database Error query in meta - which prevented me from posting a "Me too" to it.
  4. The_Warlock

    Tower on the Ithfell

    Tower on the Ithfell This is playtest campaign using a D20 variant system combining rules from a number of 3rd party systems (Most prominently True20, Omni, and Pathfinder) as well as all new rules. Since it was decided that a thorough 1st level and up campaign was needed to find the remaining...
  5. The_Warlock

    1001 Mysteries...

    1001 Mysteries... In the vein of a number of the old “101 X” posts, what I'm hoping for is people pitching in descriptions of odd, creepy, mysterious, unexplainable phenomena and scenes for use by GMs into their campaigns to add color and provide enigmas to their world. The point isn't to...
  6. The_Warlock

    Can no longer Nominate threads

    Just what it says. Can no longer Nominate threads. :( Takes me to a page with the "You aren't logged in or need to be a Community supporter" with the "Make sure cyberstreet isn't in the link". But I'm definitely logged in, and I'm a community supporter, and there isn't a cyberstreet anywhere...
  7. The_Warlock

    UBER-HIVE-STRUM!! The Hive to End all Hives...

    Forked from: Hive! I summon thee! Come forth!
  8. The_Warlock

    RESOLVED-Community Supporter Account renewal

    I re-upped my community supporter account Friday, June 27th through the automated page and Paypal. I received the receipt email from Paypal a day later. My prior CSA expiration date is August this year, and continues to function normally, but the Expires field in my Account has not been updated...
  9. The_Warlock

    Individual Scroll News Boxes - Michael is Awesome

    I just logged in and noticed that the news boxes on the front page have individual scroll bars for their text...this means I can have my custom font sizes for readability without having to play the zoom game. THANK YOU! You rock. :D
  10. The_Warlock

    Manage attachments - can't delete is thread closed

    So, there's this faboo new ability to go back and manage your attachments, and an obvious bar showing maximum space allowed for an account. And I'm nowhere near full...but i figured I'd cleanse a few unnecessary attachments...but most of them reside in closed threads, like the old Hivemind...
  11. The_Warlock

    Request: Username Change

    When you get a chance... Could it be changed to simply The_Warlock Thanks again for all the hard work....
  12. The_Warlock

    Specific Question about EN2 Anti-Ad-Block Script

    Hi Michael, I have a question about the "Anti-Script" you mentioned here: and You also mentioned that community supporters will be able to close out the advert areas on a area by area case basis. As a Community Supporter, I applaud that. Also, I have no problem with the sidebar ad, the...
  13. The_Warlock

    Well, I'll be.......that's awesome!

    Just wanted to say....you converted one of my trolls from issue 199 of Dragon! That's cool! Between that and Paizo updating the Fire Troll for the Dragon Compendium, it's like getting published all over again.
  14. The_Warlock

    The Doctrine of Insufficient Adulation

    A very interesting article/excerpt on the divide between people's perceptions... http://machinist.salon.com/feature/2008/03/18/true_enough_excerpt_2/index.html
  15. The_Warlock

    REQUEST: Three Villain Builds...

    So, my 12 year long campaign is coming to a close, and that means that the PCs will finally face off against the three champions of the Dark God. A Vampire Priest A Death Knight Warrior A Greater Mummy Mage Problem is, while I've had baseline stuff for them in various incarnations over the...
  16. The_Warlock

    Western Massachusetts Gamers - how many?

    So, having apparently startled Jeysie by being another gamer from Western Massachusetts, I'm curious...How many of us are there on EnWorld? I never thought to ask before.... I live in Amherst, and work in Northampton....
  17. The_Warlock

    Are there useful RPG tools for Linux?

    So, in my spare time, I'm just starting to try and teach myself the deeper ins and outs of linux, and I have yet to do much. However, I figured if I could find any RPG tools for tabletop gaming that run on linux, that would draw me into doing run prep and research more on the Linux computer I...
  18. The_Warlock

    Converting to Blue Rose/True20

    So, I've bought, I've read, I've found the baseline D20 variant system that meets ideas I've always wanted to incorporate into my campaigns but always been somewhat stymied while trying to remain true to the more Core D&D rules to achieve them. I find the "True20" system presented as well...