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    D&D General On different tones and aesthetics in D&D

    Quite right! Dolmenwood is very much the Brother's Grimm version of the fairy-tales it likes to draw from. It's disarming and charming before suddenly becoming delightfully twisted. But yes I feel there is an aesthetic shift but I think it has a lot to do with digital artists, especially on...
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    D&D General Of the 15 D&D characters I can remember playing, 8 of them were human

    ??? (Name Forgotten) [Shifter - Warden] - 4e, No Setting, -2012-2013? Kuo [Hengeyokai - Rogue??] - 4e, No Setting, 2013? Borivik "Boris" Tallstag [Human - Fighter] - 5e, Buddy's Homebrew, 2014 Snow on the Mountaintop [Tabaxi - Monk] - 5e, Forgotten Realms, 2015 Taliesin (Cold Water in the...
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    Official RPG for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra announced

    I would love an Avatar game, but I'm not a fan of PbTA. It sounds great on paper, but my experience with it has been lackluster. . . I'm also still waiting for ROOT: The RPG which I backed on Kickstarter back in 2019.
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    D&D 5E Do you restrict racial choices in your games?

    It depends on the world, when I run something like the Forgotten Realms, I allow anything published for 5th Edition. If I were to run Exandria (Critical Role) I think I would do the same, as Exandria is the same generic-D&D fantasy world with plenty of blank spaces for new cultures. For Midgard...
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    D&D 5E When is it OK to let a player substitute one skill for another?

    This is usually my go-to solution. Using the listed examples, I think using Survival to turn vines into rope is an excellent and creative use of survival. I also personally use Investigation and Perception (5e) interchangeably when it comes to finding traps. (This one in my experience is a...
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    D&D 5E Critical Role Miniatures Coming Soon

    As a fan of Critical Role this stuff is just getting surreal to me. Their D&D game has turned into Comic Books, TV Shows, D&D Tie-In Products and every kind of merch you can think of. The world they have created together is really turning into something of a mini media-empire. I would not be...
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    D&D General why do we have halflings and gnomes?

    I find gnomes a little redundant with Haflings, but this is really in standard D&D lore, where they are like Hafling and Dwarves rolled together. I really like the Gnomes from Pathfinder, where they are strange, fey-like and quite unique. I also kind of like the tinker gnomes and mechanical...
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    D&D 5E Official Candlekeep Mysteries Announcement & Info About 'The Canopic Being' Adventure

    I really like the idea of a collection of smaller adventures, I was a big fan of Saltmarsh. However I do find the Candlekeep angle a bit disappointing, ironic since I am a librarian. It just seems like a very niche theme, so I hope the adventure hooks can be easily tweaked for more general use.
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    Pathfinder Beginner Box Review

    Naturally I compared it to the 5e set, specifically the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure. I was a little disappointed by the group adventure. The dungeon included in the pathfinder box is excellent, with traps and puzzles and combat and a few alternate routes, it is just that, a dungeon. You...
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    D&D General How much of your annual gaming money does D&D get?

    I started playing 4e in 2013 and switched to 5e as soon as it came out. Hmm, 2014-2018 it was exclusively D&D 5e. Then I went on a crazy indie RPG kick and now it's sort of settled down into a core set. 20% WotC D&D 5e. 25% Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu & Pulp Cthulhu) 25% Paizo (Beg fan of 2nd...
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    EN World is 20 Years Old!

    I'm too young to know about Noah's site and I've only been on EN World for about 2 years or so. Still I'm having an interesting time scrolling through some of the old posts on the archived site. All these years and editions later it's entertaining to look back at people wondering over the...
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    Chaosium's Lords of the Middle Sea Cover Art

    I love BRP so this sounds great. I also like the "streamlined" aspect. While I already find BRP pretty simple, there are some bits of say Call of Cthulhu 7e that I don't like. (Chases for example, I find them very fiddly and complex and kills the mood while I try to figure them out) I actually...
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    D&D General Letting a Game feel like a Game ~ Mechanics and Simulationism

    As we have seen from this thread, I think it depends on the individuals in the group, but I think it also depends on the information. Many of us in my current groups, we're big fans of strategy games. Fire Emblem, XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, Banner Saga. . . these games tend to be very upfront with...
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    Pathfinder 2E Taking20 -"I'm Quitting Pathfinder 2e Because of This Issue"

    You make a conclusion without evidence and then when presented with evidence to the contrary just dismiss it as "data"? Where else should we derive our information?
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    Pathfinder 2E Taking20 -"I'm Quitting Pathfinder 2e Because of This Issue"

    I thought of this too, but unfortunately it does not solve the problem. If the player picks a T-Rex because "its the best" simply designing encounters around it doesn't make it not the best. And the vast majority of encounters will still be okay for the T-Rex, with only a handful being...
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    D&D 5E Has D&D Combat Always Been Slow?

    1. Is 5e Combat Slow? It certainly can be, but I really think it depends on the people at the table. I have two groups that couldn't be further apart. One, full of optimizers and rules-lawyers can run through several turns quickly and multiple combats in a session. We all plan our actions during...
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    D&D General A different style of medieval fantasy game?

    I would say Shadow of the Demon Lord, but that IS level based. Still, it's worth a look. You pick Three different Paths (Novice, Expert, Master) of the course of 10 levels that give various class features. It's sort of a built in multiclassing that allows for a lot of variation. SotDL seems like...
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    Campaign Concepts You've Got On Deck

    I have a few waiting in the wings, but it isn't my turn to DM right now. OSR style D&D game set in a home brew world inspired by The Witcher, Warhammer Fantasy, & traditional folk/fairy tales. (The Brother's Grimm versions, to keep things dark and bloody.) The main area of the campaign is a...
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    OSR Low Fantasy Gaming Offers A Delicious Blend of Different D&D Editions

    I really like Low-Fantasy Gaming but I feel like it's been sidelined by stuff like Five Torches Deep and other OSR Hybrids. I like the rules for falling unconscious, as it feels more serious, like a proper OSR game, but isn't instant death like most original D&D clones.
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    The Warhammer Fantasy Role Play Starter Set Is A Great Gateway Into A Grim Game

    This is absolutely true. Despite their differences in many other respects, this does shine through.