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  1. Samurai

    5e Player's Options

    Riffing on the 2e Player's Options name, I'm writing a free 5e supplement that will contain an additional option for each race (that has sub-races) and class. Now you can play Aquatic Elves, Arctic Dwarves, Deep Gnomes, or Ghostwise Halflings. Look for often-requested class archetypes like a...
  2. Samurai

    D&D 5E Legendary Actions (from HotDQ download)

    It seems that certain powerful creatures (dragons, vampires) get something called "Legendary Actions". Basically, they are 3 actions that they get to take each turn after an opponent finishes their turn. The dragons can Detect, tail slap, or wing buffet (costs 2 LA's), the vampire can move...
  3. Samurai

    D&D 5E Different classes, same theme

    One of the things I've liked about 5e is the ability to have the same theme over multiple classes. This is done in 2 ways: backgrounds and archetypes. For example, let's say you wanted to play a sneaky, Thieves Guild type of game. Not everyone has to play a Rogue, you could have characters...
  4. Samurai

    Is Encounters dying?

    Anecdotally, it sure is around here. I just found out that the 3 nearest shops to me that were running Encounters have all stopped due to lack of participation. The couple that showed up to my game this week drove for more than an hour to get there because one by one, stores have stopped...
  5. Samurai

    WotBS WotBS with a completely non-diplomatic party?

    The caption on this picture on the front page brought home something I've noticed in our WotBS game (just now entering the Elven kingdom)... this campaign seems suited to a more diplomatic party than ours. Our group does not have a single character with Bluff or Diplomacy. We do have 1...
  6. Samurai

    I have the Caverns of Icewind Dale tile set

    Didn't see a thread about this yet, so I figured I'd post one. Overall it's an ok set. I think I could have used more cliffs and fewer chasms. One tile, the single transition tile for snow to dungeon floor, was badly miscolored IMO... the snow is a gray color, totally different from all the...
  7. Samurai

    WotBS Thanks for WotBS

    I'm playing a character in a bi-weekly Pathfinder game of WotBS and I just wanted to say thanks to the authors here... we are having a lot of fun with the adventure. (Currently we are in a burning castle... I won't say anymore so as not to give away spoilers). My character is a Dwarven Fire...
  8. Samurai

    D&D Gameday celebrating PHB3 - did you play today?

    Surprised there isn't a thread for this yet. Today I GMed both the Game Day adventure and Encounters session 1 at the FLGS. I had 2 players with a little 4e experience, and 1 who had never played D&D before. This was my 1st time GMing 4e. Overall, I think it pretty well, and everyone seemed...
  9. Samurai

    Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies Remix Contest

    S7S is having a logo remix contest, combine their logo with something else and post it on a forum for all to see! Here's what I came up with: Get more details and a look at the game here: Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies - Coming Soon
  10. Samurai

    What would it take for 4E to win over the old guard? (Forked Thread: Changeover Poll)

    Forked from: Changeover Poll I forked this over from the Changeover Poll thread, which seems to show that a great deal of the old time hardcore gamers have not embraced 4E as much as once thought. So the inevitable question is: What (if anything) could 4E do to win people over?
  11. Samurai

    Advanced Players Guide vs Forgotten Heroes Fist, Fang and Song

    Ok, I've read some reviews on both these products, but I'd still like more info. The new classes in each are versions of the missing 3e classes (and the AVP also has a few races and other rules), but just how do the versions of the classes compare? What I'd be interested in seeing is a side by...
  12. Samurai

    Not forgetting old powers, anyone tried it?

    Forgetting old powers and replacing them with higher level powers (even to the point of them being magically erased from a Wizard's spellbook) has never sat well with me. (Note: I'm not talking about Retraining, I mean replacing low level powers with higher ones at Paragon and Epic levels)...
  13. Samurai

    What direction will D&D head in?

    My group seems a bit reluctant to try 4e, and have suggested waiting for 4.5 or 5e to see if it heads back in a "more roleplaying, less combat focused" direction. Personally, I don't think it will... I think it will continue on the path it's on, with a heavy focus on combat powers and...
  14. Samurai

    D&D 4E Eberron 4e

    I think I'd like to run my 1st 4e game in Eberron, but it's going to take some work to adapt Eberron to 4e, and vice versa. Anyone else working on this? Here's what I've got so far: Eberron 4e Rules Attributes – We’ll use a 25 point buy, slightly higher than the 4e main rules, to give a bit...
  15. Samurai

    D&D 4E Samurai's 4e rules changes and additions

    Here is the list of changes and additions I currently plan to use. It includes fixes for every problem I could find, such as the Skill Challenges and multiclassing. It adds quite a few new feats, including the return of some old favorites like the Paladin's Mount and a Ranger's Wild Empathy...
  16. Samurai

    D&D 4E My 4e changes so far

    Ok, here are my 4e changes, houserules, and additions so far. They include everything from a revised Half-elf and Int Bonuses to skills and languages to the return of such favorite 3.x features as a Wizard's familiar, a Paladin's Mount, a Ranger's Wild Empathy, a Warlock's Eldritch Essences...
  17. Samurai

    Warlock Implement Mastery

    Warlocks get implements just like Wizards, and with all the debating over the raw damage advantage of the Ranger vs the Warlock, I thought a perfect way to add a slight buff to the Warlock would be to give him a form of Implement Mastery as well. What do you think of these ideas? Warlock...
  18. Samurai

    What happened to the Racial Substitution Levels?

    Anyone else recall the 4e talk about how Races would gain powers at later levels, and how they would have Racial Substitution powers for certain classes, so that a Dwarf Fighter would gain different powers than an Elven Fighter, for instance? What ever happened to that? I don't see anything...
  19. Samurai

    Multiclassing house rules: what do you think?

    Multiclassing Feats – When you take a multiclass feat in order to gain a power from another class, it effectively gives you a bonus power above and beyond those you normally receive. You may only take each feat one time. • Pact Initiate (Multiclass Warlock) – Many of the Warlock’s abilities...
  20. Samurai

    What to do about a publisher not paying?

    I wasn't sure if this thread was best suited for the art forum or the publisher forum, but here goes.... I'm a freelance artist, have been for many years. Until recently, every company I worked for paid me what they owed me. Sometimes the payments were very fast, other times they took a...