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    Kickstarter Deadlands: the Weird West

    Deadlands, the original Weird West RPG! Updated for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. In this award-winning, best-selling setting, gunfighters, braves, hucksters, martial artists, shamans, mad scientists, the blessed, and more square off against far more than desperate bandits. An event...
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    Hand of Glory 2 : Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures -- A CAT IS FINE TOO

    Guns, ninjas, hobbits, dogs, monkeys, pumpkins, and mancatchers. Sure, you say you could otherwise do some conversion. But good luck finding a d*mn monkey. Stuff's in metal and cast in the USA. KS link: Hand of Glory 2: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures Six SG's already unlocked!
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    Towns & Taverns. 2 Modular Books of Battle Mats for Roleplay

    $40 + Shipping for a single book set of two volumes. $75 + Shipping for two book sets plus a copy of their Little Book of Town and Taverns. Add-ons TBA. SG's are additional pages. Free stickers at 150K. Woo! Stickers! I posted a review of their Little Book of Dungeon Taverns. I highly...
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    Galladoria Game's "For the Terrain" KS

    Funding hit! Tavern furniture, desert terrain, oddball sf terrain! KS: For the Terrain
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    Pinnacle Entertainment Group's "The Goon" RPG miniatures

    More miniatures, review, and painting tips on RPG.net : Review of The Goon Miniatures - RPGnet RPG Game Index PEG's Holiday Sale continues! : Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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    Tiny Furniture's "Dark Magister's Workplace"

    Review and painting tips on RPG.net : Review of Dark Magister workplace - RPGnet RPG Game Index Tiny Furniture's "Dark Magister" furniture sets : Tiny Furniture - Catalog
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    Pinnacle Entertainment Group's "The Goon RPG" Miniatures WIP

    Full WIP on the Reaper forums, but here're some "almost there" WIP's : PEG : The Goon Miniatures : Zombie Priest and friends Also, PEG has a holiday sale going on now : Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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    Galladoria Game's "2019 Holiday Mimic Collectible"

    Finished up this Galladoria Games Christmas Mimic! Posted a review with painting suggestions. Review of 2019 Holiday Mimic Collectible - RPGnet RPG Game Index ps. Galladoria Games now sells .stl files, starting with... mimics! : New Releases Ho-ho-horror!
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    Deadlands: Lost Colony

    Deadlands Lost Colony is a roleplaying game setting for the Deadlands universe and uses the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game system. It takes place in 2097, thirteen years after the Last War in Deadlands Hell on Earth. Hellstromme Industries created a “Tunnel” between Earth and a distant...
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    Johnny Lauck and Tiny Furniture: Adventurers in a Tavern

    Adventurers by Johnny Lauck, from his Dungeon Decor 2 KS. Unfortunately, Johnny's retired, and these miniatures are OOP. Furniture by Tiny Furniture. You can still get them. (: Tiny Furniture Floors and walls from Galladoria Game's Crown and Laurel Tavern. New version available. : Crown N...
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    Tiny Furniture's "Scriptorium Copyist Desk" Miniature

    Review of Tiny Furniture's Scriptorium Copyist Desk posted on RPG.net : Review of Scriptorium Copyist Desk - RPGnet RPG Game Index
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    Tiny Furniture's "Snowman and Christmas Gifts" miniatures set

    Tiny Furnitures' Snowman and Christmas Gifts review on RPG.net : Review of Snowman and Christmas Gifts - RPGnet RPG Game Index Chimney is from the TF Medieval Bakery set. A bit early, but if you paint slowly... ~8)
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    KS: Goldfields: Medieval Village NPC

    "The history of the Evocatus Miniatures began in 2015. When we released our first miniature "Apple Trader". Even then, we noticed that very few miniatures of civilians are produced for the world of tabletop role-playing games and wargames. Therefore, we decided to fix it.In 2018, we successfully...
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    [KS] Galladoria Game's "Rise of the Mimics" miniatures

    Galladoria Games (formerly Forge Prints) is expanding our line of Mimic and matching Non Mimic accessories, scaled for 28-32 mm gaming. These models use our new extreme detail and incredibly durable semi rigid resin. Galladoria Games owns the manufacturing facility, and uses a hybrid 2 stage...
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    [IGG] Tiny Furniture: Tiny Market Square - 28mm medieval citizens

    This is Tiny Furniture's second crowdfunding project. Since they're located in Russia, they're not currently eligible to run a campaign on KS. link Tiny Furniture: http://tiny-furniture.com/products
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    KS: Rampage Dungeon Tiles

    Rampage Dungeon - Seamless Interlocking Dungeon Tiles Transporting and setting up is easy as you build complete rooms and place them on the table, as your players explore. Made in the USA Your players will never know what's around the next corner, because with Rampage Dungeon the DM builds...
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    RPE Miniature's Wizards Conclave: Good miniatures for Frostgrave

    RPE Miniature's Wizards Conclave With the first two SG's unlocked, $30 gets you eleven metal miniatures, including six human wizards, three dwarf wizards, and an academic hireling (apprentice for Frostgrave). They should soon be unlocking a sentient broom (construct for Frostgrave)! This is...
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    [KS] ForgePrints AdventureScapes game tiles and accessories

    Rhode Island based miniature company Forge Prints is at it again! Launching their 6th Kickstarter, Adventurescapes, September 6th. With Adventurescapes, Forge Prints brings us, for the first time into the realm of Kelvaria, with three unique encounters. Providing all of the tiles and accessories...
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    [Miniatures] ForgePrints : Skull Pile and Mimics Set

    ForgePrints has a 25% off sale until 8/31, and an AdventureScapes game tiles KS in September, so I thought I'd post some quick paintjobs I'm doing with their miniatures. Might do some more work with them, but, for now, I'm going for tabletop. Skull pile: Zenithal priming with black and Army...
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    KS: Hand of Glory: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures

    The world's first hot-swappable gaming miniatures! A line of minis with interchangeable magnetic items to customize your loadout. Hand of Glory is a new type of gaming miniature with a very cool twist: each Hand of Glory figure and accessory is magnetized using tiny rare-earth magnets. This...