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  1. Orius

    20 years of playing D&D

    I can't remember exactly when I started playing, but I know it was early summer 1993. So sometime during the end of June or beginning of July. That makes it 20 years now since I started playing D&D. I was working as a councilor at the local scout camp, and got introduced to the game. The guy...
  2. Orius

    D&D 2E Thinking of doing up some 2e house rules.

    I'm starting to feel the whole grognard pull towards the classic versions of the game. I felt a lot of frustration last time I tried running a 3e game. I didn't have the usual problems with the game a lot of people do, namely the math. My biggest problem was the whole 3.0/3.5 split. My 3e...
  3. Orius

    Looking for Underdark hex mapping ideas and stuff

    I'm looking for some ideas on mapping out my campaign world Underdark on a hex grid. The scales involved would be 1 hex = 1/5/25 miles. This is the same as the scale involved for the surface maps, but I'm not going to scale up to the 125 and 625 mile maps, since that's too big for Underdark...
  4. Orius

    Login redirect errors

    I'm getting the following error message when I log in: "Could not find phrase 'invalid_redirect_url_x'." I don't know what this means exactly, but the auto-redirect isn't working when I log into the site. I have to hit back on my browser and go to the forums to be fully logged in. This...
  5. Orius

    Hobbit pics

    Some pics from the new movie: Martin Freeman | 'Hobbit' First Look: 3 Pics! | Photo 1 of 3 | EW.com
  6. Orius

    Star Wars Crawl Creator

    I found this fun little feature over on the official Star Wars site: StarWars.com | Star Wars Crawl Creator It lets you create your own Star Wars title crawl. I was going to post it over in the Media Lounge, but then I thought it would be actually pretty useful for the people around here who...
  7. Orius

    Old Men Fight with Lightsabers

    YouTube - Old Men Lightsaber Duel (Return Of The Geriatric) There's no Star Wars prefix for this forum? Also "This is better than anything that greedy hack George Lucas has done since he raped my childhood with Jedi/The Special Edition/the prequels". There I said it. Now no one else needs...
  8. Orius

    Looking for Piratey Music, Arrr!

    I'm looking for some music that would sound good for a pirate campaign. Stuff for battles, pillaging, sailing, encountering ghost ships, making scurvy landlubbers walk the plank, digging up treasure, fighting krakens, battling ninjas, etc. Since this is for my PbP game, I would prefer YouTube...
  9. Orius

    My campaign map

    Here's my campaign map for everyone to admire. Media are watercolors, charcoal, pencils, ink, and markers, with some editing in Microsoft Paint. And some background on the campaign in this thread.
  10. Orius

    Pirates of the Broken Sea [D&D 3.5]

    Pirates of the Broken Sea The pirate ship Blood Hawk swiftly crosses the waves in the new light of morning. One of the many pirate ships who prey upon the trade routes of the Broken Sea between the continents of Eldra and Maldara, her captain is the burly human, Regnar Skullgrim. Standing as...
  11. Orius

    House Rules for my Campaign

    This is just a thread for the house rules and stuff I'm using for my campaign. This post will contain organized links to the rest of the content which I'll add whenever. Discussion is welcome, from both players in my campaign and people not playing in my campaign. Contents Feats List of...
  12. Orius

    D&D 3E/3.5 Looking for information on 3.0 to 3.5 PrC changes

    I'd like to know if there were any changes to the following prestige classes from 3.0 to 3.5, and what those chages were: Alienist Bear Warrior Bladesinger Cavalier Drunken Master Elemental Savant Fatespinner Halfing Ourider Mindbender Order of the Bow Initiate Pale Master Spellsword
  13. Orius

    Hearty Mates of the Blood Hawk (Pirates of the Broken Sea RG)

    Arrr mateys, ye'll be postin' yer character sheets here.
  14. Orius

    Parrot familiars?

    I'm going to add parrots to the familiar list for my pirate campaign. Stats will just reskin the hawk, but I can't figure out a good bonus for a parrot familiar. I'm already planning to give it the ability to speak, like a raven (because parrots have that whole mimicry thing going on) but I...
  15. Orius

    [D&D 3.5] Pirates of the Broken Sea - OOC [recruiting open]

    All right, I'm going to officially kick off a new campaign here. I'm looking for up to about 8 players. As the title says, it's 3.5. However, my source for 3.5 is pretty much the SRD itself, my books are all 3.0. Also, I haven't DMed in something like 6 years now, so there might be some...
  16. Orius

    I'm thinking of starting a game.

    It's been a while since I've DMed a game, and I'm kind of itching to get behind the screen again. Well, metaphorically speaking of course. Rules will be 3.5. It's the system I'm most familiar with and comfortable running. The only other rule set that I'd be solid with using is 2e, and I'd...
  17. Orius

    Movies - The Dark Knight Rises

    The Next 'Batman' Movie Has a Title, but No Riddler - MOVIE TALK on Yahoo! Movies No Riddler. Discuss.
  18. Orius

    The "Torment a Historian" movie playlist thread

    Just to get some life in here, let's post a list of movies that are supposed to be historical, but get so much wrong a historian would have a stroke. No fantasy or anything set in the real world that requires A Wizard Did It, these should all be movies that are supposed to take place sometime...
  19. Orius

    [Books] Towers of Midnight -WoT Book 13 - completed

    `Dragonmount` | News Scheduled for a release on Nov. 2.
  20. Orius

    Darths & Droids: Episode III Revelation of the Sith

    For those of you who have been following the Star Wars based webcomic Darths & Droids, the storyline has just entered Episode III.