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    Release The Bone Age OSR RPG

    Now available at DrivethruRPG! The Ape-Turtles didn't plan on three flying saucers crashing into the planet. The Bone Age is an old-school RPG of neolithic-era tribes struggling against the sudden arrival of bug-eyed aliens. You play a Tuzanian, a tribe of jungle-dwelling...
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    D&D 5E Would this gonzo style fit 5e?

    I need your opinions! My Kickstarter campaign ends Tuesday morning. I'm considering running another one for a 5e version, but don't know if this gonzo style would be of interest to 5e players. If you have the time, would you take a look and tell me if you think a 5e version would fly?
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    D&D 5E What sword & sorcery books & supplements are out there for 5e?

    Sword & sorcery is a subgenre of fantasy typified by Conan, Elric, Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser, etc. With the exception of Primeval Thule and the World of Xoth, I'm unaware of any 5e-derived sword & sorcery products. Are there any more? Specifically, S&S game books that include the rules, rather...
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    Robert Schwalb just complimented my RPG!

    Yeah, THAT Robert Schwalb (Shadow of the Demon Lord and countless D&D stuff)! He just backed my Kickstarter and said "Now this is my kind of weird!" I'm tickled pink!
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    The Bone Age - Weird School OSR Gaming!

    The Bone Age has launched! Play a neolithic, jungle-dwelling savage fighting off invaders in flying saucers!
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    The Bone Age RPG campaign arrives February 11th!

    Check out the preview page for The Bone Age RPG Kickstarter and sign up to be notified of the project's launch!
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    D&D General How did/do you make your THAC0 attacks rolls?

    What method did/do you use to make your combat rolls? In other words, did you adjust your THAC0 by the opponent's AC (as in the rules), or did you subtract your d20 roll from your THAC0 and tell the DM what AC you've hit? Or something else?
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    What are the most compelling reasons to switch from PF 1 to PF 2?

    While I own PF2 and have read half of it, I have not yet played it. My gaming group has played it 3 times (I wasn't able to attend any of them). With that in mind, I'm feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the game. I do see some some improvements, especially in the way advancement feats are...
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    Pathfinder 2E Do you like the use of iconic characters in the Pathfinder 1e and 2e artwork?

    Pathfinder 2e has continued the use of the iconic characters from 1e, using the exact same characters. Do you like the use of iconic characters?
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    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder 2e: is the binding of the special edition better than the standard edition?

    I'm not impressed with the binding on the standard edition core rulebook. The covers feel like they will eventually tear away. Does anyone know if the deluxe edition is hardier?
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    D&D 4E Where was 4e headed before it was canned?

    I have vague recollections that WOTC had announced a Nentir Vale book and a "new" PHB that had errata-ed versions of the 4 core classes and the Warlord. Does anyone remember that? Were there other indicators as to where WOTC wanted 4e to go before deciding D&D needed a new edition?
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    Kickstarter Kickstarter: Black Dragon OSR 'zine!

    Hi everyone! I would be deeply honored if you would consider supporting my Kickstarter campaign for my OSR 'zine called "Black Dragon." It's a throwback to the early 1980s 'zines you would see at RPG conventions. This issue contains a tavern generation system, an article about dwarven magic, a...
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    Black Dragon: an Advanced 2e that never was

    Black Dragon, an RPG inspired by 2nd edition AD&D, is coming to Kickstarter later this month! Black Dragon is part of Kickstarter’s ‘Zine Quest initiative during the month of February. This idea, spearheaded by Burning Wheel’s Luke Crane, is designed to create a return to the...
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    "Gazetteer of the Grotesque" nearing KS launch!

    I'm moving closer to launching my new Kickstarter campaign, a monster & region guide called "Gazetteer of the Grotesque." It's for OSR and 5e games. Here are some pics of card & map proofs. Each monster has two cards; stats on one side of each card and a picture of the creature and location of...
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    thief abilities: should they have been NWPs?

    In 2e, do you like that thief abilities are essentially restricted to thieves only, or do you think they should have been NWPs, with thieves automatically gaining and improving them (as the ranger gains & improves tracking)?
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    D&D 2E [2e AD&D] what optional stuff did/do you use?

    There was a ton of stuff for 2e by way of options. You had a ton of "complete" handbooks, the Player's Option series, etc. When you played or still play AD&D 2e, what optional rules did you use from the official TSR products? Poll is multiple choice.
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    Pre-3e mechanics vs d20 system mechanics

    What are your thoughts on unified mechanics versus varied mechanics? For example, pre-3rd edition D&D had a mix of methods for determining dice results: roll over, roll under, d20 for combat & saves, d100 for thief skills, d6 or d10 for surprise, etc... while 3rd edition and onward all use the...
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    The AD&D ability score generation method that never was

    Just for fun, I calculated how ability score generation could occur just using the minimum/maximum scores by race as given in the 2e AD&D PHB. Crazy stuff! If you notice any errors, let me know. Would you enjoy this type of ability generation method? Feel free to create some characters and...
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    What third-party books do the most interesting stuff with the 5e engine?

    There's a ton of third-party 5e based stuff out there. Of the ones you have read, which do the most interesting things with the 5e engine? For example, the way that Adventures in Middle Earth uses backgrounds more as themes than as prior careers ("World Weary," "Hunted By the Shadow," etc.)...
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    Gazetteer of the Grotesque: a collection of the tragic, comic, and unnatural for 5e

    Coming soon to a Kickstarter near you! The Gazetteer of the Grotesque is a book for 5th Edition detailing a region plagued with the truly unique and bizarre. A crazed wizard/scientist has spent years dissecting, assembling, and mutating different creatures to achieve a perverse goal. The town of...