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    WotBS Inquisitor Token/Virtual Mini?

    Hi folks! Anyone have a good token or, preferably, a top-down mini of an Inquisitor for use with VTT?
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    WotBS DMing WOTBS: Can Torrent Die/Be Left Behind?

    Title says it all, I reckon. My group of 6 PCs is breezing through all combat (using the adjustment rules in the campaign books, of course), and Torrent being there makes it easier, not to mention longer. It seems based on my scan of the first 3 adventures that she doesn't absolutely have to...
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    WotBS Stitching Together Maps

    How do you folks stitch together the PDF maps to make a full map for online play? I’m having a heck of a time putting them together in a way that doesn’t mess with the grid. Or is there some place to get full maps that aren’t divided into printable quadrants? Printable was awesome...before COVID...
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    WotBS Fantasy Grounds Maps

    Hi folks, I made the mistake of going all in to FG before realizing that WotBS is available as a module on Roll20. So now I have a lot of work to do! Has anyone taken the maps generously provided by the team and turned them into FG maps? What's the process like? In addition, there are lots of...
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    Intro Adventures for Lvl 1-3 (WotBS and Zeitgeist)

    Hi folks! Simple topic: I'm thinking of running either WotBS or Zeitgeist in 5E and note that they both start at Level 3. What do we do for the first three levels!?
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    WotBS 5e conversion of Zeitgeist or WotBS?

    Has anyone attempted or even contemplated this? I was about to start a pathfinder Zeitgeist campaign, but am now REALLY interested in taking it over to 5e, but am not a super experienced DM so I'd have to have everything prepared/converted ahead of time. If no one has done it, can someone...