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    Disease in FRPGing

    In RuneQuest, disease is not (primarily) a biochemical state of affairs. Disease is caused by evil sprits or similar sorts of evil visitations. And the way to cure it is by contesting those forces with one's own, good, magic. Rolemaster inclines the opposite way. It has rules for diseases that...
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    D&D General A puzzle about spell casting in D&D

    I've just been re-reading Gygax's description of spell-casting in his PHB and DMG. It talks about various components in spell casting, including the need for the somatic components to "be begun and completed without interruption in a clean, smooth motion" (DMG p 65) and the fact that "gestures...
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    Classic Traveller: more actual play

    My group played a session of Classic Traveller on Sunday. ********************************* We started with a recap: in orbit about the world Novus the PCs had taken possession of an alien vessel, the Annic Nova, which was infested with Aliens (in the proper-name sense, except that when they...
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    Classic Traveller actual play

    Over the past month or so my group has been able to play two sessions of Classic Traveller. The PCs had travelled to the icy world of Zinion looking for the ruins or relics of an ancient alien civilisation. They knew that the aliens had lived on the world around 2 billion years ago, and had...
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    Played some Classic Traveller today

    Our Classic Traveller campaign continued today (over Zoom). The last two sessions were in January and February, before lockdown hit. This was the fifteenth session of the campaign. In the last session, the PCs had defeated all the Aliens on board the mysterious starship the Annic Nova, which...
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    Sci-fi RPG Kickstarter: Orbital

    Another poster drew my attention to this Kickstarter, for a diceless, GM-less, seemingly PbtA-inspired game: Oribtal. Here's the gist of the background blurb: Imagine an all-consuming interstellar war, spread across a vast galaxy and involving trillions of willing and conscripted participants...
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    Traveller actual play

    I ran a one-on-one session for my teenage daughter this afternoon. It was fairly slow, as it was her first real time playing (she's joined in once or twice before in low-grade AD&D one-shots), and so she doesn't have well-developed creative instincts. The slow pace did give me a chance to...
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    Burning Wheel actual play

    Today I played a 2 hour session of BW, played over Skype by me and the GM. My PC is Thurgon, a warrior cleric type (heavy armour, Faithful to the Lord of Battle, Last Knight of the Iron Tower, etc). His companion is Aramina, a sorcerer. His ancestral estate, which he has not visited for 5...
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    More Prince Valiant RPGing

    It's been five weeks since our last session. This session saw the PCs take their crusade to Cyprus. (Our campaign is set rather ambigulously in the period of post-Roman Britain, and for the Byzantine empire and surrouding lands I'm using maps from a historical atlas for the mid-8th century CE...
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    Prince Valiant actual play

    Lockdown has played havoc with my group's play schedule, but yesterday we played a session of our Prince Valiant campaign. The PCs are on their way to the Holy Land via Constantinople, intending to fight a crusade. They are leading their warband, the Order of St Sigobert. In the previous...
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    Played some Wuthering Heights today

    Wuthering Heights is a French RPG, though - as the name suggests - it has been translated and adapted to English. I first learned of it from Ron Edwards's review and have found a few versions online - here's one - two in English, one in French. The French version has a few more rules. Last year...
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    "Magic"/"Epicness" of events in the setting

    Over the past couple of weeks I've been getting updates on the Torchbearer Kickstarter. I thought some of the entries on the Town Events table were pretty interesting. Here are threethat really caught my attention, the first two for Elfhomes and the last for Religious Bastions: Restful memory...
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    D&D 1E AD&D paladin strictures

    This thread has been prompted by a current alignment thread. It's about paladins. I think we can all agree that Gygax's AD&D books aren't paragons of editing. One example of that is the paladin class entry in the PHB: there is a ist of bullet points following the sentende "The following...
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    Torchbearer 2nd ed Kickstarter

    There was a bit of discussion of this in a recent generic crowdfuding thread, but I though maybe it deserves its own thread - there is a new edition of Torchbearer coming out via Kickstarter: Torchbearer 2nd Edition. Torchbearer is designed by the Burning Wheel team (Luke Crane, Thor Olavsrud...
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    D&D 5E Comparing two versions of the rules

    Here are two rules extracts, from different versions of D&D, sblocked for length. In what interesting way or ways do they differ, if at all? And for the curious, here in another sblock are the references:
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    "Illusionism" and "GM force" in RPGing

    These things - illusionism, GM force - are recurrent topics of conversation. Here is a passage from The Traveller Book (1982, p 123); it is found in a description of types of scenario/adventure: The choreographed novel [my emphasis] involves a setting already thought out by the referee and...
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    Middle Earth/LotR RPGing using Cortex+ Heroic

    A few years ago I started a Cortex+ Heroic Fantasy mini-campaign, using my own hack of Marvel Heroic RP inspired by the Cortex+ Hacker's Guide. I've now had the idea of using Heroic Fantasy to do Middle Earth/LotR. For translating JRRT into RPGing my main inspiration is Burning Wheel's elves...
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    Classic Traveller actual play: Annic Nova meets Alien

    Context Our group's most recent RPG sessions have been Prince Valiant, but yesterday we returned to our Classic Traveller campaign for the first time in (I would guess) 6+ months. I suggested Traveller for two reasons: (1) One of our group has been absent for a long time due to home renovation...
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    What is at stake for the PCs?

    As some of you will know I've been playing a fair bit of Prince Valiant lately. In my most recent actual play thread I posted this quote from the rulebook: Normally death [of PCs] is not an important part of Prince Valiant. What is important? Glory. Family. For some of the PCs in our game...
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    Prince Valiant actual play - our most recent sessions

    Our last two sessions of Prince Valiant have seen the PCs trying to make their way from France to the Holy Land. The first of these saw the PCs (and entourage) arriving at Marseille, where they arranged to take ship using the letters of passage that had been gifted them by the King of France as...