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    D&D 5E Twilight Sanctuary vs Magical Darkness?

    Just started a new campaign that has two warlocks (genie and hexblade) as well as a Twilight cleric. The warlocks had planned to twin spam darkness/devil's sight, something our party has never done in all of our many 5th edition games. However, the twilight cleric's 2nd level channel divinity...
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    D&D 5E How much social interaction in RotFM?

    As soon as TCoE is released my group plans to start ID:RotFM. my initial character concept was to be the face of the party, probably a rogue swashbuckler with or without a dip into something. The plan was to expertise in Deception and Persuasion and generally be a lying charming inspiring kind...
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    Anyone else annoyed by psionics?

    I have never liked psionics, and as a DM have never allowed them in my game. However, since I have started an Eberron campaign I felt that locking out psionics would cut off too many potentially cool plot points, so I decided to allow them. And I still hate them. Does anyone else think it is...
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    San Francisco, CA: Eberron campaign seeks players

    A group of players in SF who have been gaming together for years is starting a new campaign in Eberron. In the interest of introducing 'new blood' to the group, we are considering adding a couple of new players. We game pretty religiously on Sunday nights (or on Monday for long weekends where...
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    San Francisco, CA: Looking for Players

    I am the principal DM of a group that has been playing one campaign (3.5) for a long time and been gaming together even longer. Unfortunately, as my interests as a DM have evolved into craving more intrigue and role-playing, the party (all of whom are friends) seems more and more interested in...