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  1. ParanoydStyle

    Your RPG $$$s

    Let's say that you are, unlike me, someone with real, bona fide disposable income that you can afford to spend on TTRPG related stuff. Good for you! What do you want to spend it on? If your honest go-to gut check response is "fancier dice and dice rolling thingies", pretend for the moment...
  2. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Crash-Course On The Forgotten Realms

    Hey! Of the different settings you're allowed to write for on the DM's Guild, I think that Forgotten Realms is the one I dislike the least, I think. (My preference would be writing for Greyhawk or Dragonlance but what're ya gonna do--I have a Greyhawk project I'm doing completely on spec for...
  3. ParanoydStyle


    "Whatever you're asking the answer is I'm amazing." And awayyyyyyyyyyyy we go. Yo, DMs, any of you guys running a campaign with PCs of unreasonably high level? When they kill a Lich are they more like "welp we killed another Lich" than "HFS! WE JUST KILLED A LICH"? (or replace Lich with...
  4. ParanoydStyle

    Sale Dark Saturday Sale Part II: BLACK FRIDAY BOOGALOO

    Yo dawgs! Anybody try and grab Leona by the pussycat, ya gonna wind up a small pile of rapey ash. I just uploaded a solid chunk of ETG's back catalog PDFs onto itch.io where I will always be able to sell them for dramatically cheaper than DriveThru does because itch.io doesn't take an...
  5. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E A Post-Edition World

    I noticed the tiny, tiny, tiny "2nd Edition" logo in the tower & banner ads* Paizo is running on this very site and my immediate instinct was to make a snarky comment on how these Pathfinder ads seems to be downplaying what edition of the game they're for (I haven't been following any news...
  6. ParanoydStyle

    Sale 30% Off End Transmission Games - Dark Saturday Sale

    What's up, everybody? All print and PDF products from the End Transmission Games back catalog are on sale for 30% off from now through the end of October. This is a great time to check out or stuff on the very cheap, since it was cheap to begin with. There are some awesome deals on the 30-some...
  7. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Drugs In Greyhawk

    What drugs exist in the World of Greyhawk? Preliminary googling took me to the usually amusing & informative Canonfire!, which it usually does for Greyhawk, and I saw promising looking proper nouns like kalamanthis, tanbrosh, and tamal, but all of the links were dead, meaning I got nothing...
  8. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Homebrewed - The Godcaller

    Konvikt: Inch Toward Daylight is a fairly massive and epic game project I am working on with vague hopes of bringing it to Kickstarter sometime in 2020. It will use the D&D 5E SRD and will be, broadly speaking, kind of sort of quasi-compatible with most D&D 5E content. All of those qualifiers...
  9. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Dragons in Dungeons: D&D Outside The Box - Joey Gerbils

    As part of my "D&D Outside The Box" ongoing...idk what to call it? "Column"? Whatever, it's a thing I do sometimes on my blog. And when I do it, I stat things for D&D that are, you know, "outside the box", things you wouldn't necessarily expect to encounter in the high fantasy milieu of D&D but...
  10. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Sometimes Less Is More...or am I the only one who thinks so?

    So, I think there are a few too many sub-classes in what I think of the core D&D rules (which to me consist of the three core rulebooks plus the trilogy of Mordenkainen's, Volo's, and Xanathar's). Namely, I think that there are few places where subclasses feel very redundant in the face of...
  11. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Automatic Success on Passive Perception and the like; your thoughts?

    So, one of my very favorite features of my favorite RPG to come out in the last few years (Delta Green) was automatic success or failure. If a character has Biology 80%, he is going to automatically succeed at knowing virtually anything about biology that is relevant to the moment. If a...
  12. ParanoydStyle

    Resist & Remember: Weimar -- Punch Nazis in the face, for charity!

    First off, I have to note that this Kickstarter is not directly raising funds for charity as Kickstarter doesn't allow that. However 50% of sales revenue during the first month the game is out, and 20% of sales revenue in perpetuity thereafter, will be dedicated to the United States Holocaust...
  13. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Dragons In Dungeons - Ugly Things (Ongoing)

    This thread will be a repository for showing off monsters that I wrote up for my blogamajog, Dragons In Dungeons, at least the ones that are public and not set to patrons only. To start us off: FROG-SOTHOTH! Okay, so not quite Frog-Sothoth. Really just a bigger, badder froghemoth, a D&D...
  14. ParanoydStyle

    Anyone running a HERO System game on Discord or the like?

    I love HERO System. I think I have just enough room in my life to cram PCing in a HERO System campaign in and I'd like to fill that space in my "free" time with just that. I know 5E Revised like the back of my hand so I'm pretty sure I can figure out 6E (or for that matter, 4E) without too...
  15. ParanoydStyle

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder Second Edition: I hear it's bad - Why Bad, How Bad?

    Basically thread title = thread topic but I'll clarify a little bit. So I'm not asking this just to stir up smiley face emojii smiley face emojii smiley face emojii smiley face emojii but it IS a curiosity question for me. I would describe myself as having "settled comfortably" on D&D 5E, it's...
  16. ParanoydStyle

    D&D 5E Which kind of D&D content, created and published on Patreon, are you most likely to support?

    Thread Body = Thread Title = Poll Question. I think I set it up so you can choose up to three: in any case I intended to. If you do make multiple choices and you would want one more than the others, please let me know which choice(s) is/are the priority.
  17. ParanoydStyle

    [Shadowrun 6E] What is the verdict?

    So I couldn't be at Origins this year. Very literally. I was invited there as an author guest, actually, back in March or April, but then was disinvited less than 2 weeks before the convention. I felt heartbroken and betrayed by the last minute disinvitation like anyone would. That's not what...
  18. ParanoydStyle

    Hitler Cuts You Off In Traffic - What Do?

    I think this is the least inappropriate forum for this. It is a very surreal feeling to be trolled, harassed, and otherwise annoyed and inconvenienced by an actual monster. In this case, a serial child rapist. This one. That's why I used the "Hitler cuts you off in traffic" analogy. Because...
  19. ParanoydStyle

    God Games (NOT D&D)

    Hey, you guys ever play any RPGs where you play as a god or demigod or some kind of autonomous divine entity? (The angels in In Nomine would not count.) Which are your favorite TTRPG "god games" and why? Tell me a little bit about them.
  20. ParanoydStyle

    Do classes built for the 5E D&D *ENGINE* NEED sub-classes?

    So, a classplosion is happening for D&D 5E, and it's overwhelmingly third party. Actually it's been going on for quite a while but I'm just becoming aware of just how many homebrew 5E classes are floating around as I develop my own homebrew classes. Now my own homebrew classes for 5E are not...