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  1. Piratecat

    Explore the Winding Streets & Canals of Swords of the Serpentine!

    Legit. I was halfway through the game design before I realized how much of Camorr had influenced my thinking about what was fun. Tall ancient towers! Arcing bridges? Glass gardens! Ancient nobility! Heck, how Locke handles money even influenced the Wealth system. All these things make me...
  2. Piratecat

    Explore the Winding Streets & Canals of Swords of the Serpentine!

    Can't argue with that. Maybe drop the power boost that Sorcery gets and then remove Corruption entirely. No harm no foul. It's funny. Corruption in Dark Sun really bothered me; I hated killing all the plants around me. Dunno why I don't get the same association in SotS. (There's a fun...
  3. Piratecat

    Explore the Winding Streets & Canals of Swords of the Serpentine!

    There is extensive guidance on how to do so. I personally love them in a sword & sorcery setting. That's sure not universal, though, so there's a couple of other ways to handle it. I ramble about it a bit here.
  4. Piratecat

    Explore the Winding Streets & Canals of Swords of the Serpentine!

    Hey folks. My co-author Emily Dresner (@multiplexer) gets equal or greater credit on Swords of the Serpentine, including the glorious setting design. It's her baby as much as it is mine, and credits should acknowledge that. Thanks. - Kevin
  5. Piratecat

    Explore the Winding Streets & Canals of Swords of the Serpentine!

    You'd think, right? I actually wrote a blog post about it here talking about it. The trick was realizing the Investigative ability spends are nothing more than nuggets of exciting narrative control, and then using those to make a combat system that feels fun and epic.
  6. Piratecat

    Sagiro's Story Hour: Now That It's Over

    I think he just hit 100,000 words! AND did something awful to Dranko. again. sniff
  7. Piratecat

    Here Are 2020's Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs!

    I'm really excited that @multiplexer's and my Swords of the Serpentine made the list. It's everything I love about fantasy gaming, which is to say a whole mess of fantasy politics, Morale-based combat where you can defeat someone without ever stabbing them, and a rich fantasy city full of...
  8. Piratecat

    Vote For The Most Anticipated Tabletop RPG Of 2020

    Yay, Swords of the Serpentine is on there! That's my GUMSHOE swords & sorcery fantasy RPG with Emily Dresner (@multiplexer). Considering that just yesterday I finished and sent in the final manuscript, I couldn't be more excited about this...
  9. Piratecat

    If you were able to design your own version of D&D, how would you do it?

    Not to hijack, but you'll appreciate this. :)
  10. Piratecat

    [Gumshoe] Playtesting for Swords of the Serpentine (fantasy GUMSHOE) is now LIVE

    Hey, I wrote another game! We're kicking off playtesting for a swords & sorcery GUMSHOE game by Emily Dresner (Dungeonomics author Multiplexer) and myself, and I wanted to to give interested folks a heads up. Details on what the game consists of and what's different about it can be found in the...
  11. Piratecat

    AoO question for 3.5: reach weapon on a diagonal!

    My good friend is having a rules conflict, and I don't remember enough 3.5 to answer it: D&D (3.5) question. Using squares where one diagonal square represents 5' and 2 diagonal squares represents 15': Character A is two diagonal squares away from character B (an opponent). Character B is...
  12. Piratecat

    What are your rules for classic swords and sorcery?

    I'm currently writing a new Fafhrd-and-the-Gray-Mouser-style sword and sorcery game for Pelgrane Press, and in doing so I've written up my core tenets of "this is what I want sword and sorcery to be." I'm really curious, though. When you think back to Conan, Elric, etc... what defines swords and...
  13. Piratecat

    Coming to Gen Con? Run Piratecat's TimeWatch!

    Hi everyone! Going to Gen Con! Tomorrow is the last day of GM signup, and I'd love to wrangle more GMs for the seven different TimeWatch games we have running for Pelgrane Press. The book will *finally* be out, excitement will be high, and I may wrangle nifty giveaways for GMs. Sign up if you...
  14. Piratecat

    Anonycon: Dec 4-5 in southern CT!

    I'll be DMing at one of my favorite local gaming conventions. Anonycon (www.anonycon.com) is in Stamford CT on Dec. 4-6th, easy driving from anywhere in the northeast US. This is one of the best small cons; run by good friends (and excellent gamers!), with top-notch games, a reasonable price...
  15. Piratecat

    D&D 5E So, you're hit by a graveyard...

    There was a great undead 3e monster that was effectively an ambulatory graveyard -- gravestones sticking out of it, barfing out skeletons, that sort of thing. Anyone remember which monster that was, and (more importantly) know of a 5e conversion of it? Thanks!
  16. Piratecat

    D&D 4E 4e players who converted to 5th edition

    My nieces and nephew loved 4th. They love 5th too. I'd judge they find it less confusing.
  17. Piratecat

    D&D 5E What's D&D's closest equivalent to buzzard-people?

    Monsters, not PC races: if I want something that's effectively a humanoid carrion-eating buzzard, what's the closest monster (from this or previous editions) to adapt? I'm considering aarakockra and harpies, but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Thanks for any ideas!
  18. Piratecat

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana probably coming to D&D website (Reddit AMA)

    I have no doubt they'll keep updating Basic for years to come. You're in for a long wait if you want a final copy.
  19. Piratecat

    D&D 5E If you aren't buying magic items, where will you spend your gold?

    I've seen people mentioning that they have excess gold in 5e, largely because magic items aren't generally available to purchase. So the question is, where are you going to spend all that cash? - purchase a flock of sheep to herd through the dungeon ahead of you. They'll set off traps, and...
  20. Piratecat

    13th Age 13th Age monsters in 5E

    That's a great and incredibly useful list. I'll link to the 13th Age open source SRD, and encourage people to actually buy the books. They're freakin' awesome, and I say that with great prejudice because I've written for them.