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  1. gideonpepys

    ZEITGEIST Adventure 12 Question [Spoilers, natch]

    Okay, so we DMs know how the PCs are getting back from the Gyre, but how do they think they are doing it? I don’t think my players will be happy about going if the trip is theoretically one way.
  2. gideonpepys


    Are we losing the 'number of views' function from the forums permanently?
  3. gideonpepys

    En5ider Access for Lifers?

    Back in 2012/13 some of us back the 'Rebuilding EN World' Kickstarter at the 'Lifer' level, granting access to everything produced by EN World for life. (Yours or ours, whichever comes sooner!) I was hoping this would mean that we could access En5ider, as I am particularly interested in...
  4. gideonpepys

    SCHISM Questions

    What's to stop the players from stuffing Leone Quital into the absurdist web before transporting him to Knutpara? Wouldn't the Ob operation in Knutpara report the activity they had witnessed to their superiors? (Assuming some of them survive.) Does Benedict Pemberton have to be present at the...
  5. gideonpepys

    Railroad Challenge

    We're due to start the railroad challenge from adventure 6 next week, and I have to admit to being a little bit nonplused by it. I get that the actions of the players make everything incredibly variable, but I can't find any reference to what the default built speed is for the Ob and Griento...
  6. gideonpepys

    NPC Cards & Handouts

    Anyone know if/how I can get hold of the physical cards and handouts (from RPGNow or anywhere else) without being charged an exorbitant amount for shipping to the UK? I was able to order two hardback editions of the AP (I already have the first) without any problem - just $8 shipping. But when...
  7. gideonpepys

    D&D 5E XP Table Strangeness

    It appears to cost more XP to advance from 9th to 10th level (16000) and from 10th to 11th (21000) than it does from 11th to 12th (15000) and from 12th to 13th, or 13th to 14th (20000). Is this an error? If the justification is that it slows down progress between tiers (or some such), why does...
  8. gideonpepys

    D&D 5E No price reduction on Amazon UK?

    The Player's Handbook is still listed at its full price on Amazon UK. There's a massive discount on the US site. Anyone know how these things work, and if a discount on the UK site is likely?
  9. gideonpepys

    D&D 5E 50/50 chance is 'easy'?

    I'm not a trained athlete and I reckon my strength is just above average - maybe 11. If someone described a physical task as 'easy' I would expect that I had a greater than 50% chance of success. But in 5th edition the DC for an easy task is 10, which means, with no bonuses for proficiency or...
  10. gideonpepys

    Duches Ethelyn & Sokana Rell

    Are there any plans to involve or include these two NPCs in any upcoming installments of Zeitgeist? I'm asking because I think I might like to include them in a subplot (tangentially) but don't want that to happen if they return in the main AP.
  11. gideonpepys


    FYI None of your current projects are on schedule. And to suggest that it was reasonable to make that claim in December sidesteps the fact that none of them ever have been. Every single one steps on the others' toes. The money comes in and the products roll out ever more slowly. If you have...
  12. gideonpepys

    Cauldron Born Naval Battle Question

    RangerWickett - Am I right in thinking that the naval battle with Borne is only 6 naval rounds long? The way I'm reading it is that it takes the king 30 mins to complete his ritual once its started, and each naval round is 5 minutes. Running this next session and I've not really paid much...
  13. gideonpepys

    Release Schedule Issues. (Reprise.)

    This is the timeline we were given in July for the Zeitgeist AP: July 2013 – Release adventure 6. September – Release adventure 7. November – Release adventure 8. January 2014 – Release and ship the Act One compilation. February – Release adventure 9. April – Release adventure 10. June –...
  14. gideonpepys

    Another quick Cauldron Born Question

    @ RangerWickett or Rugult: Can multiple task force tokens be stacked and used on the same roll? I'm guessing they can, but I just wanted to be sure. Should have asked this question much sooner. My next session is tomorrow and I think it will come up! (It did last week, but we muddled...
  15. gideonpepys

    Cauldron Born Questions

    These might be very stupid questions, but I'm confused about a couple of things in Cauldron Born: During the Ekossigan thread, there is a huge amount of material about the goings on in the Cloudwood. Several pages in we get to the episode where Unit B and Brakken witness an angry mob (which...
  16. gideonpepys

    Another dumb question (SPOILERISH)

    RangerWickett - What does the Godmind Urn look like? How big is it? Does it have a lid? What's inside it? How does Tinker Oddcog carry it? That's more than one dumb question, I realise. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  17. gideonpepys

    Luc Jierre and other issues

    RangerWickett A few questions about the kidnap/abduction of Luc: I realise that, unsure of how to proceed with this matter, I've kind of fudged it and left it in limbo. The PCs have had two weeks of downtime already without a mention of Luc and his lamp. But I'd like to get it back on...
  18. gideonpepys

    Terminus East questions - Always on Time

    RangerWickett I think I've got my head around the effects of the lamp, but let me just ask: If a PC enters or peers into the depot building, the only person they will see is Lya Jierre? Or is she in the Bleak Gate until she steps out? In the former case, what's to stop the PCs rushing the...
  19. gideonpepys

    ZEITGEIST NPC-related questions about paragon tier Zeitgeist

    For subplot and planning reasons I'd like to know a bit more about the following, please (if possible): 1) Will Doctor Wolfgang von Recklinghausen be involved post adventure #6? 2) In which adventure will Xambria Meredith be able to find a new body to inhabit? 3) Does Captain Rutger Smith ever...
  20. gideonpepys

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Publication Schedule

    Thought I would wait for the dust to settle on the Kickstarter before asking this one (and was kind of hoping not to have to ask) but I can't help but wonder when adventure 6 will be released, and what will happen to the Zeitgeist release schedule after that. Please could be have an honest...