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  1. CydKnight

    Eilistraee - Working the Dark Dancer into Out of the Abyss

    So I am running OotA and we are through three (4-1/2 hour) sessions, currently 1 session into Chapter 2. The players all seem to be excited with the campaign so far and appear to be pleasantly surprised with developments as they unfold. All claimed beforehand they never played and were not...
  2. CydKnight

    D&D 5E Monks of the Old Order in the Forgotten Realms

    I made a Way of the Open Hand Monk behind the idea of the Old Order. The issue I'm having is that there isn't a whole lot of anything that I can find on the order other than this from The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting published by Wizards of the Coast 2001: "Monks of the Old Order do not...
  3. CydKnight

    D&D 5E Out of the Abyss Advice Requested

    I've bought and have been reading through Out of the Abyss now for about a week. It will be the next major campaign for my group and all are very excited to tackle what seems like an epic adventure. As this will be only my 2nd campaign ever as a DM after LMoP, I was hoping to get some input...
  4. CydKnight

    D&D 5E To Allow Multi-Class or Not....A DM's Dilemma

    Admittedly, I am new at being a DM. I played a lot of AD&D rules when I was younger and picked up again with 5E rules in the last 6 months. Since I began playing again, out of necessity I had to become the DM. Either no one else in the group wanted to do it or they didn't have the means to...