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  1. Thateous

    D&D 5E Sentinel feat vs Spiritual Weapon question

    Would casting spiritual weapon activate sentinels opportunity attack? What about the future attacks by spiritual weapon, would they activate it as well? For both questions I would say No, but i'm curious if RAW says otherwise. Situation: Eye of Gruumsh is face to face with sentinel feat having...
  2. Thateous

    D&D 5E 5e TPK Arena Hall of Champions [RG]

    Post your Arena Champions here.
  3. Thateous

    5e TPK Arena [Recruiting]

    Let's keep this simple. I'm in a TPK kind of mood. Looking for 4-6 warriors bred for this to come in and see how far they can get when put in a dynamic arena against DEADLY odds. The game doesn't end until one team is completely wiped out. Simply put, PCs vs NPCs in a fight to the death. I don't...
  4. Thateous

    D&D 5E A New Frontier [IC]

    @Azurewraith @Neurotic @Trogdor1992 @River Song @Jago @KahlessNestor OOC Thread Travel Times in hours Exploration Times in days Avg Speed Plains Others Hill/Plains Desert Forest Marshes Mountains 30 5 8 2 3 4 40 3 5 1 2 3 50 2.5 4 1 1 2 60 2 3 1 1 1 Important PCs...
  5. Thateous

    D&D 5E A New Frontier REDUX [Closed]

    @Trogdor1992 @Azurewraith @KahlessNestor @riversong IC Thread Can't remember everyone, but I'm finally ready to get this restarted. Should we start from scratch or try to pick up where we left off which wasn't too far in... Backstory (Simplified): Word has been circulating that a massive...
  6. Thateous

    D&D 5E How would you make dragonborn decended from Tiamat?

    Looking to make a dragonborn army who decended directly from Tiamat. 1. Any ideas come to mind of how you might accomplish this? 2. Has this been done before somewhere? Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  7. Thateous

    D&D 5E Share your nat 20 stories

    Share your nat 20 stories. Non D&D stories accepted. 4th edition: A noble singled out the group in a marketplace and started randomly spouting pompous nonsense at us. When the crowd gave space he drew on us forcing initiative. I was playing an elven ranger who hated anyone who gained their...
  8. Thateous

    Build Predator (1st Movie)

    Looking to insert the solo roaming power house that is a Predator into my game. Any thoughts on how to make the space fairing hunter fit into 5e?
  9. Thateous

    D&D 5E Looking for detailed Forgotten Realms map.

    Anyone know where to get a detailed FR map?
  10. Thateous

    Movie characters as 5e characters: Ottway - The Grey

    Same as before. What class, skills, and level do you see Liam Neeson's charcter from The Grey as.
  11. Thateous

    Movie characters as 5e characters: Hugh Glass - The Revanant

    Simple concept. How would you create Leonardo's character in The Revanant as a 5e PC.
  12. Thateous

    D&D 5E Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, or both

    Which do you prefer and why. I'm also curious which is better for AL games.
  13. Thateous

    Would hunter's mark dmg to beast attacks be too op or more balanced?

    I'm set on playing a lazy beastmaster who's pet does all the work. If hunter's mark's additional damage counted for beast attacks would the beastmaster more in line with other classes in terms of dpr. Any assistance on what beast would be best for such a set up would also be appreciated...
  14. Thateous

    D&D 5E Any mention of a 'living' setting for 5e being established?

    I was wondering if there had been any mentioning of a living seeting for 5e being created. I played a lot of the living forgotten realms 4e modules and even took a few of my characters to gencon one year. It was a blast.