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  1. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Cleric: Darkness Domain - comparisons and suggestions.

    I found this seemingly reasonable homebrew: Darkness Domain The darkness domain focuses on harnessing the negative energy common to areas like the shadowfell and other regions of encroaching darkness. There is much variety in the gods that claim influence over this domain. Some are...
  2. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Simple magic crit fails

    In this thread @rustydm asks for spell failure mechanics. He appears to be looking for published material - perhaps as form of quality control. But it did inspire me to create this simple rule system: Aside from the whole issue of critical fails being more dangerous to PCs than NPC's, are...
  3. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Grung Rogue

    Any suggestions about Grung rogue guides? I've looked at a lot of rogue guides on this site, but none address Grung. I'm using the simple Grung stats from One Grung Above:
  4. Khelon Testudo

    DCC to 5e conversion?

    Having been intrigued by the Lankhmar kickstarter, but not being familiar with, or wanting to explore, DCC, how difficult is it to convert to 5e? Are there any guides?
  5. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Barlgura Bangles!

    Why does so much art depict the demon Barlgura, most summoned major demon, with bangles? I mean, if it was the one guy, perhaps it's just his dress sense. But I understand that barlgura are effectively a species of demons. They all wear wrist jewelry?
  6. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Hitting Yuan-Ti PC's with the Nerf Bat

    Alternate Yuan-Ti Pureblood traits. Looking at the Pureblood PC traits, I've come to the conclusion that everyone else has, that the trait "Resistant to Magical Effects" is way overpowered, even if it appears on all Yuan-Ti. I might consider it as a racial feat... But without it, the traits...
  7. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Paladin of Conquest fear quotes

    I play a conquest paladin, and would like some quotes I can use when I employ my Aura of Fear. Ones something like: Any suggestions?
  8. Khelon Testudo

    D&D 5E Setting a game in the Astral Plane

    I want to set a game in the Githyanki capital city, which is set on a dead god in the Astral plane. Any ideas to deal with gravity or the lack of it? What fauna would live in such a city (cranium rats for starters - would there be flying things?) I also imagine bored Gith would hold 'wild...