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  1. epithet

    D&D 5E A Pack of Ill Omen?

    What, if anything, prevents a Shadow Sorcerer (as described in Xanathar's Guide to Everything) from summoning a Hound of Ill Omen every round until he runs out of sorcery points? At level 10 (with 10 sorcery points,) couldn't he have three hounds up at the same time?
  2. epithet

    Mearls' Happy Fun Hour Acrobat

    In the first couple of episodes of the Happy Fun Hour, Mike Mearls started putting together an Acrobat subclass for the thief. If I remember correctly, though, he never finished it--he said something about getting input from other folks at WotC and then moved on to the Giant Soul for Sorcerer...
  3. epithet

    Which Spell Lists Should a Spell Go Onto?

    When making a new spell, or converting a spell from AD&D or 2nd Edition, I often find myself unsure about who should be able to cast it. I haven't been able to work out any coherent guidelines or consistent rules for deciding what spell lists to include them on, or been able to understand the...
  4. epithet

    D&D 5E Death from Exhaustion

    So, level 6 exhaustion is "death." I'm wondering how best to handle this mechanically, especially in circumstances where an event would drop that last level of exhaustion on the target in an instant. One possibility is that "death" in this context would mean the exhausted creature's hit point...
  5. epithet

    Why is a barghest lawful?

    It seems to me that a barghest, being a shapeshifting goblin, should be chaotic. Apparently the monster has consistently been statted as lawful, however, and so before I just toss that out and 5e convert the thing as chaotic evil, I thought I'd ask whether anyone has an idea as to why a LE...