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  1. Piratecat

    [Gumshoe] Playtesting for Swords of the Serpentine (fantasy GUMSHOE) is now LIVE

    Hey, I wrote another game! We're kicking off playtesting for a swords & sorcery GUMSHOE game by Emily Dresner (Dungeonomics author Multiplexer) and myself, and I wanted to to give interested folks a heads up. Details on what the game consists of and what's different about it can be found in the...
  2. Piratecat

    AoO question for 3.5: reach weapon on a diagonal!

    My good friend is having a rules conflict, and I don't remember enough 3.5 to answer it: D&D (3.5) question. Using squares where one diagonal square represents 5' and 2 diagonal squares represents 15': Character A is two diagonal squares away from character B (an opponent). Character B is...
  3. Piratecat

    What are your rules for classic swords and sorcery?

    I'm currently writing a new Fafhrd-and-the-Gray-Mouser-style sword and sorcery game for Pelgrane Press, and in doing so I've written up my core tenets of "this is what I want sword and sorcery to be." I'm really curious, though. When you think back to Conan, Elric, etc... what defines swords and...
  4. Piratecat

    Coming to Gen Con? Run Piratecat's TimeWatch!

    Hi everyone! Going to Gen Con! Tomorrow is the last day of GM signup, and I'd love to wrangle more GMs for the seven different TimeWatch games we have running for Pelgrane Press. The book will *finally* be out, excitement will be high, and I may wrangle nifty giveaways for GMs. Sign up if you...
  5. Piratecat

    Anonycon: Dec 4-5 in southern CT!

    I'll be DMing at one of my favorite local gaming conventions. Anonycon (www.anonycon.com) is in Stamford CT on Dec. 4-6th, easy driving from anywhere in the northeast US. This is one of the best small cons; run by good friends (and excellent gamers!), with top-notch games, a reasonable price...
  6. Piratecat

    D&D 5E So, you're hit by a graveyard...

    There was a great undead 3e monster that was effectively an ambulatory graveyard -- gravestones sticking out of it, barfing out skeletons, that sort of thing. Anyone remember which monster that was, and (more importantly) know of a 5e conversion of it? Thanks!
  7. Piratecat

    D&D 5E What's D&D's closest equivalent to buzzard-people?

    Monsters, not PC races: if I want something that's effectively a humanoid carrion-eating buzzard, what's the closest monster (from this or previous editions) to adapt? I'm considering aarakockra and harpies, but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Thanks for any ideas!
  8. Piratecat

    D&D 5E If you aren't buying magic items, where will you spend your gold?

    I've seen people mentioning that they have excess gold in 5e, largely because magic items aren't generally available to purchase. So the question is, where are you going to spend all that cash? - purchase a flock of sheep to herd through the dungeon ahead of you. They'll set off traps, and...
  9. Piratecat

    D&D 5E How much speed could a fast monk gain, if a fast monk could gain speed?

    As a thought experiment, how fast can we get a monk to go? Wood elf: base 35 feet. Monk 18+: +30 feet. Transmuter's stone: +10 feet. Mobile feat: + 10 feet Wizard 1: expeditious retreat (dash when cast, and as a bonus action) Hasted: speed is doubled, gains an additional action (not a bonus...
  10. Piratecat

    House rule for overnight healing: opinions wanted

    I'll likely move this into the House Rules forum once I actually have something concrete. In the mean time, a thought exercise... I'm considering a house rule that says that you don't heal automatically and completely during a long rest. In fact, you don't heal at all. Instead, you get all of...
  11. Piratecat

    D&D 4E I really hope both my 4e groups choose to convert to 5e…

    I really hope both my 4e groups choose to convert to 5e… …because it turns out my subscription to online 4e tools auto-renews in a week. Dang it. Maybe they'll decide quickly!
  12. Piratecat

    D&D 5E I think a cantrip somewhat cripples the CR 16 marilith

    The marilith is a nifty monster who gets six reactions each round, one for each arm. She can use those to parry, increasing her AC 17 by +1d6 each time someone attacks her with a melee weapon. Add on advantage for any magic save, and half damage from most elemental damage, and she's a tough...
  13. Piratecat

    D&D 5E Quick question about fighter/warlock multiclass

    I'd love a reality check. If I have a fighter 5 (getting an extra attack) / warlock 10 with the pact of the blade and the thirsting blade eldritch invocation (attack twice instead of once with your pact weapon), does the warlock attack twice or three times with the pact weapon? I've now talked...
  14. Piratecat

    D&D 4E 4e-->5e Wilden conversion: angry tree demands JUSTICE!

    We have a wilden in our epic-level 4e party, and I'd like to convert her to 5e. Here's my first stab at the race. Gone is the daily shift between aspects; instead, wilden are split between tough and agile aspects. I'm stealing gratuitously from other races, particularly elves. The original...
  15. Piratecat

    D&D 5E Stabby McSorcererpants! A question about conversion

    Last night we converted one of my 21st lvl epic 4e campaigns to 5e. I converted the 4e wild magic sorcerer directly to a 5e wild magic sorcerer, as you'd probably expect. Annnnd... it didn't feel right. The PC in 4e was far more martial, using daggers to slash people in combat while his spells...
  16. Piratecat

    Master Game Schedule

    GAME TIMES Slot 1: Thursday 7pm-11pm Slot 2: Friday 9am-1pm Slot 3: Friday 2pm-6pm Slot 4: Friday 7:30pm-11:30pm Slot 5: Saturday 9am-1pm Slot 6: Saturday 2pm-6pm Slot 7: Saturday 7:30pm-11:30pm Slot 8: Sunday 9am-1pm Slot 9: Sunday 2pm-6pm Slot 10: Sunday 7:30pm-11:30pm There are also lots of...
  17. Piratecat

    Welcome to the 2014 NC Gameday!

    All information is current for the next NC Game Day, coming Thur May 1st - Sunday May 4th, 2014. GM Submissions ) are OPEN. Player signups will take place on Friday, April 18th, starting at 7:00 PM. Unless told otherwise by a GM, no signups time stamped earlier than that will be valid...
  18. Piratecat

    6 hours left in TimeWatch, $7K to full color books!

    Dang. There is a non-zero chance that these books are going to be in full color. We've hit 48 other stretch goals, and color is the last one left. I can't decide whether to watch the next 6 hours like a hawk, or go for a walk in the woods with no electronics. ...Nah. I'd end up tackling...
  19. Piratecat

    [TimeWatch] I got interviewed in iO9 today!

    My time travel RPG TimeWatch got featured in iO9 this morning! It's a good interview, too. How often does that happen? http://io9.com/in-the-timewatch-rpg-paradoxes-are-part-of-the-fun-1523120387 Kickstarter details are here. We're unlocked something like 32 stretch goals and are in the last 3...
  20. Piratecat

    Piratecat's "TimeWatch" kickstarter is 1090% funded and mentioned on Boing Boing. Woot!

    Hey, my investigative time travel game for Pelgrane Press is Kickstartering-off on Tuesday 1/21/14 at noon. I'm setting up immediate access to the playtest manuscript and the character creation tools to all pledgers, and I could not be happier with how it's turning out. EDIT: The Kickstarter...