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    D&D General Nerfing Wizards the Old Fashioned Way: Magic User in 1e

    Also, don't forget that classes levelled at different rates. The Magic-User needed 2500 XP for level 2, the second slowest levelling class (behind the Paladin at 2750 XP, looked it up but didn't check the Unearthed Arcana for the "expansion" classes for comparison). IMXP it was 3e where the...
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    D&D General I Do Declare! Do you? (POLL)

    I use one at my table, but I run a house-ruled game, and characters only get one action per round (period, not counting iterative attacks or very minor actions such as dropping an item to pull out a small, easily accessible item for use, such as unsheathing and attacking with a dagger), so it...
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    OSR New OSR game free beta test ... MAGES & MONSTERS

    Oops! I’m overlooking the “at-will” bit. But the low amount of healing is still abuse-able(which is what I’m thinking is the reasoning behind the low number is trying toprevent) through multiple repeated use outside of (just after) combat. Somaybe increase the amount of healing to 1d4+1, but...
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    OSR New OSR game free beta test ... MAGES & MONSTERS

    Ithink that dropping the Dex cap bonus for armor makes medium and heavy armors abetter option for those classes who get them as proficiencies. It definitely makes the armor system simpler,which it seems you’re going for with this system. Considerthat the earlier versions of the game were also...
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    OSR New OSR game free beta test ... MAGES & MONSTERS

    I’ve readthrough the beta once (skimming some sections like spell descriptionsfrex). I like the simplicity and flatmath with what you’ve done here. I like theinclusion of the arcane caster/fighter in the swordmage. Any plans to include a full-blown divinecaster class (where I view the...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Are you done with 3e?

    It depends on the group with me. I've gamed with the same group of friends since 1991. I was done with 3.x as GM not long after it came out because I developed my own system for personal use prior to WOTC acquiring TSR. I tried 3.x, just didn't care for it over my system. I'm currently...
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    D&D 4E Alignment hint about 4E...or not?

    I've never bothered with worrying about alignment in the games I run. So whatever and however it's get implemented in 4E, I'll continue to ignore it's existence.
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    D&D 4E Sight unseen - what are your plans for 4E?

    I'm in the something else category. I run games using a system I developed for my own play. I've been using it a few years prior to the release of D&D 3.0. Having said that, I'll do with 4E like I did with 3E, I'll buy the core books, look them over and a run a few sessions, just to see what...
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    D&D 4E Will you buy 4e?

    I'll buy the core books for any new editions, for posterity's sake, more than any other reason. I own most of the 1e rule-books, the "core" 2e books (and a few of the earlier supplements, especially FR), all the "basic" boxed sets, one of the "original" boxed sets and the 3.0 core books...
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    D&D 4E Who else is going to be a deserter when 4e comes out?

    As a GM I deserted D&D several years before 3.0 and designed my own point buy system (I was working a mandatory 60-70 hours a week, with little to do at work but sit around waiting for something to breakdown, and had few opportunittes to actually socialize and game). But still, I bought the...