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  1. Ogre Mage

    Free CBS All Access is offering a free one-month trial

    You have to use the code "gift." It is a chance for me to binge watch Star Trek Picard. The promotion expires April 23rd. CBS All Access is offering a free one-month trial
  2. Ogre Mage

    D&D 5E The classes that nobody wants to play

    As a companion to the "Most played classes in your local gaming area?" poll I started, what are the classes in your local gaming area that never or rarely show up at the gaming table? If you have any insight as to why, feel free to elaborate. You may choose up to 4. In my local gaming area...
  3. Ogre Mage

    D&D 5E Most played classes in your local gaming area?

    In your local gaming area, whether it is in AL at a FLGS or private games, what classes do people seem to choose to play most often? For this poll you may choose up to 4. If you have any insight into why they seem popular, feel free to elaborate. In my local gaming area, wizards, sorcerers...
  4. Ogre Mage

    Volo's Guide to Monsters -- three best PC races for character optimization?

    What do you think are the three best PC races for character optimization in Volo's Guide to Monsters?
  5. Ogre Mage

    D&D 5E Best 5E warlock patron for character optimization?

    I'm curious to see people's opinion on this.
  6. Ogre Mage

    Ranger, Rogue or Scout?

    What do you think are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each? The game will be starting at level 1 and I don't know what other people will be playing yet. I'm hoping to use Whisper Gnome for race.
  7. Ogre Mage

    Skill Mastery and Use Magic Device

    Normally, you cannot take 10 on UMD. Does the rogue's Skill Mastery special ability allow you to bypass this restriction? I have heard conflicting views on this, does anyone have a link to the OFFICIAL WoTC ruling?
  8. Ogre Mage

    Skill modifiers: how good are you?

    What is the measuring stick when looking at skill modifiers (ranks + ability modifier)? How "good" is a character at a skill if he has +4 to diplomacy or +8 to knowledge (arcana)? What is considered a beginner level of skill and what is an expert? Below are my approximations, I was wondering...
  9. Ogre Mage

    What level should a campaign end at?

    One of my biggest frustrations is that 90% of the time I play in campaigns which begin at 1st level and end around 5th level. Then we start over with something else. This has happened so many times I want to scream. What would you consider the ideal "stopping level" for a campaign?
  10. Ogre Mage

    Ability score of 18

    If you could have ONE ability score of 18 in REAL LIFE but be Joe Average in all other respects (10-11), which one would you choose? Why and what would you then do?
  11. Ogre Mage

    Most powerful character archetypes in 3.5

    Relying strictly on WoTC published material (Core, 3.5 Splatbooks, FR and Eberron Stuff), what do you think are the most powerful character archetypes in 3.5? The cleric archer? The greatsword/axe warrior? The spiked chain warrior? Melee cleric? Wizard/Incantatrix? The shapechanging druid...
  12. Ogre Mage

    D&D Novels that should become movies?

    Of the published D&D novels (FR, Dragonlance, et al.) which book/series do you think would work well as a movie? My selection would be the Dragonlance Chronicles. There is a "fellowship" of sorts which sets off on a quest, but the particulars are quite different from LoTR. The drama is...
  13. Ogre Mage

    How many PC deaths in your current campaign?

    For us it has been .... FR (6th level party): 2. Iron Kingdoms (8th level party): 4.
  14. Ogre Mage

    The Rogue and Cleric don't get along

    I have noticed a RP problem that often pops up in many campaigns -- the rogue and cleric have ethical conflicts. The LG, NG or CG cleric clashes with the rogue. Some rogues may be CG which tends to minimize the conflict, but when the rogue is N on the good to evil axis problems frequently...
  15. Ogre Mage

    Which module in WotC's Adventure Path Series is the deadliest?

    Okay, which WoTC Adventure Path Series Module was the biggest deathtrap and TPK machine that sent the players shivering in fear? :] Feel free to discuss why you thought a particular module was deadly.
  16. Ogre Mage

    D&D 3E/3.5 Best Wizard School Specialization in 3.5?

    What is the best specialty school in 3.5?
  17. Ogre Mage

    Druids, The City Guard and Animal Companions

    Entering a town seems to have become a problem for my druid because of her animal companion. At 1st level she had a wolf and it was okay. But once you start going up levels and get things like apes and bears, the city guard starts to take a dim view. God forbid the day I gain a dire animal...
  18. Ogre Mage

    Ideal four PC party in 3.5?

    A heated debate on a similar topic over at the WoTC forums called Ideal four-PC party got me thinking -- what would be an optimal party of 4 PCs in 3.5? Assume the adventures will run from levels 1-20 (not epic) with a good mix of both combat and roleplaying encounters. A lot of people on the...
  19. Ogre Mage

    Dwarf barbarians, movement and medium armor

    Can a dwarf barbarian with fast movement still move 30 while wearing medium armor? Or does it knock them down to 20? I am confused on how the dwarf's "encumbrance negation" ability works.
  20. Ogre Mage

    PCs with an ability score of 5 or less

    Have you ever played a PC, or alongside another PC, who had resonably good stats except for one score which was 5 or less? I am curious how this was roleplayed and if the character seemed playable or unplayable in general. I am also curious if low scores in some abilities might create a more...