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  1. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book

    "Valachan (hunting PCs for sport)" This caught my eye and I couldn't recall much about the original Domain. I did some research and discovered an awesome adventure and source material in Dungeon #50: Felkovic's Cat. I like the idea of "hunting PCs for sport". That could be a nice "exit" post...
  2. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Help With fixing the BBEG, after he got destroyed in 3 rounds

    Yeah the multiple forms section is awesome. I've used it to great effect. Again, boss battles are about draining resources and it's a great way to do that while also giving your characters a "rest" (healing surge) in between. The Minions, Elites, and Solos section is also excellent for quick...
  3. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Help With fixing the BBEG, after he got destroyed in 3 rounds

    Giffyglyph's stuff is far, far better than much of the 3rd party/homebrew stuff that I've seen.
  4. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book

    I know, I was being facetious. I hope it doesn't take up too much page count. The "large section" descriptor caught my eye. It really doesn't need more than a paragraph reminding DMs to "talk to your group about what kind of content they are comfortable with."
  5. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book

    "Safe boundaries" like points of light right?
  6. GlassJaw

    D&D 2E Let’s Look At The Old Ravenloft Boxed Set!

    Yup, it's amazing. Got it on my shelf right next to me. They don't make 'em like that anymore. The majority of the 2ed Ravenloft stuff is awesome (some oddballs mixed in, but that was par for the course in the 2ed heyday). I sold a good chunk of my collection but kept the Raveloft stuff. The...
  7. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Help With fixing the BBEG, after he got destroyed in 3 rounds

    BOOM!! https://giffyglyph.com/monstermaker/ To expand a bit, 5E does solo boss battles really poorly. Legendary and lair actions help but even they aren't enough sometimes. You either need to tie up the PCs with minions to eat up their resources (and actions!) or cheat. Giffy Glyph's Monster...
  8. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E 5e and the Cheesecake Factory: Explaining Good Enough

    Cheesecake Factory is "upscale" dining for people who don't know any better. A large menu is a HUGE red flag. I would argue that's not what D&D is. It's focused in scope and while it's been varied, the design of every edition has been fairly tight. D&D is better described as a restaurant that...
  9. GlassJaw

    D&D General Let's Workshop Some Setting Elements

    Post-apocalyptic survival and low-magic: I'm SOLD!!! I've always wanted to run a campaign where you could throw LOTS of dragons at the players. Not just the typical dragons from the MM either - lots of variants and varying levels of power. I've had a campaign concept for a while that actually...
  10. GlassJaw

    D&D General Let's Workshop Some Setting Elements

    I love anything that mentions Chaositech so you have my attention. This is a great idea. Trust me, I'm a huge fan of Innsmouth-esque secret cults but something a larger scale is incredibly frightening. Immediately though of something like Thay or the Necromongers from Chronicles of Riddick. If...
  11. GlassJaw

    D&D General Recommendations for a "Witcher" style campaign

    I love the feel and tone of the Witcher. Honestly, I like my campaigns to trend that direction. It's the classic "points of light" campaign. The world is scary and brutal with small "safe" zones interspersed. You have two options for running dark & gritty setting: with "fluff" or rules. With...
  12. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Zard's Post Tasha's Archetype Tier List

    That's a pretty sassy comment. Z certainly focuses on combat for is reviews but I have no doubt he has a solid grasp of 5E balance and mechanics. I don't always agree with his assessment or even his review criteria but I always learn something from his posts. I do agree with his take on the...
  13. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Changing clerical domains

    That sounds fine, within reason of course. If Tasha's has shown us anything, it's that 5E is incredibly modular. Bounded accuracy has taken care the numeric balance so much of the features are fairly interchangeable. I'd allow a cleric to choose domain features/spells from multiple domains of a...
  14. GlassJaw

    D&D 1E Wizards of the Coast releases MV1 Midnight on Dagger Alley on DriveThruRPG

    I have an original copy. I was fascinated by this module when I was a kid.
  15. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Does the Artificer Suck?

    Well one person thinks they suck and another bans them because they are OP. Sounds like they are just right.
  16. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E So Where my Witches at?

    Start with druid, swap wild shape for the Wild Companion familiar option in Tasha's, customize the spell list a bit with some thematic spells from the wizard/warlock spell lists (Bestow Curse, Hex, etc), take a circle like Land, Spores, Stars, etc. Voila.
  17. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Variant Monk that uses Strength instead of Wisdom?

    Go for it. I like the idea a lot. There was a discussion on exactly this a little while ago.
  18. GlassJaw

    D&D General How much of your annual gaming money does D&D get?

    Most of my gaming budget these days is spent on terrain, miniatures, and board games. Terrain and minis are definitely used for D&D but other games as well. I buy an occasional RPG book/pdf but my book-purchasing has slowed over the years.
  19. GlassJaw

    D&D 5E Did you like one Playtest version better than the final 5e PHB?

    I agree that some degree of "system mastery" is required for feats, but that certainly isn't unique to the playtest, nor is it unique to D&D. That said, the final 5E feat system has its own host of problems, which are more egregious than an evolution of the 3ed/Next framework. With all games, a...