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    [Video Cards] FSAA Quality -- ATI 9800 Pro vs. GeForce FX 5900 Ultra

    I found this link on the [H]ardOCP forums. It's a cool little applet that tests the FSAA quality of your videocard. Also posted are shots from the 9800 Pro and FX 5900 Ultra, allowing for easy quality comparisons.
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    Vote on new XBOX controller colors...

    ...and here are your canidates: My personal opinion: They're all ugly as sin. Why, oh, why would you make every choice transparent!?! Some people prefer NOT to see the inside of the controller. Other than that, I'd say green wins by default since it's the only one that matches the...
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    Nintendo announces new GBA model

    I wasn't going to get a GBA since the GBA Player for the Gamecube is coming out in May, but I think I'll have to snag one once this new little sucker is released in March. I've put the modifications/enhancements in bold... Self-contained LCD screen light, Flip-Up Screen Initially in Japan...
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    [Sage Advice] Mind Flayers Improved Grab/Extract Abilities

    Straight from the horse's mouth... A few comments: 1) He says +7 for the attack/grapple bonus, yet the SRD says +8. Has there been some errata on the 'Flayer? 2) It seems the extraction isn't quite as automatic as the text may imply. Standard action after a successful check. 3) I...
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    [OT, Star Wars] 3 new reviews for Episode II - AotC

    Just in case any peeps are interested, there's been some reviews of advanced screenings... Spoiler free review on CountingDown.com Choice of spoiler filled review or spoiler free summary/conclusion on PSTwo.net Spoiler filled review on Home Theater Forum Enjoy.
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    [OT, Videogames] Square and Nintendo reunite...

    For those that know anything about the bad blood between Square and Nintendo (and for those that care), this is definitely a HUGE surprise... Article on IGN, a follow up, and one at Planet Gamecube. Here's a snippet from an article at IGN:
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    Sage Response: Does Hidden = Invisible?

    I basically copied Barcode's inquiries word for word from the Hiding = Invisible? thread and sent them off to the Sage. Here is his response: Sounds good to me.
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    Sage Response: More on Mind Blank

    Hot off the press, and slightly edited for spelling errors, formatting, and my own misuse of See Invisibility (I accidentally called it Detect Invisibility :rolleyes: ) From what he's stated, it now seems clear that the physical 'information gathering' protections of Mind Blank are limited to...
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    Weapon Size: Scaling Weapon Range Increments

    Has there been any charts or tables released explaining how to scale range increments for thrown/missile weapons in relation to their size? It obviously does change in some regard, judging by the oversized missile weapons certain creatures have in the MM (with improved ranges), but I have not...