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  1. Doc_Klueless

    Paizo [Golarion] [Pathfinder-adjacent] World Prepping for Rise of the Runelords - Savage Worlds

    As has been mentioned previously, Pinnacle will be putting out a Savage Worlds conversion of Rise of the Runelords. I have a gap in my reading schedule and thought I'd prep Golarion in my brain beforehand. But I find I'm confused on where in the Timeline RotRL falls and what campaign book I...
  2. Doc_Klueless

    Savage Worlds advertised on Hulu? Yes.

    RPG advertising through more-ish mainstream media? Yes, yes it is. PEG just ran an advert for Savage Worlds on Hulu. Holy Moly, how the world has changed on me.
  3. Doc_Klueless

    Critical Role [+] What does Wildemount do that Forgotten Realms doesn't?

    So, I'm a completionist who spends way more money on RPGs than he should. As such, I purchased Wildemount on DND Beyond. However, I've already got SCAG. I already run adventures in it because I've gotten lazier as I've aged and I no longer want to spend the time and effort creating a homebrew...
  4. Doc_Klueless

    Conan 2d20 up on Fantasy Grounds!

    After a long wait, it's finally happened. For those of you who are interested, the Modiphius' Conan 2d20 is now able to be purchased for Fantasy Grounds. I'm super-excited! https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/product.php?id=MUH052117FGM
  5. Doc_Klueless

    VTT have affected my purchasing habits. You?

    Some background: I'm a rules reader. I admit it. I don't do a lot of playing or running of games anymore. Mostly this has to do with work and helping care for my elderly parents. It also has to do with finding a group to play with on my funky healthcare-provider schedule. So I gravitated from...
  6. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General Stepping back

    Unforeseen family issues/emergencies (my parents are getting on in years and recent events (falls, car accident, etc.) have highlighted to my brothers and me that we need to be more available and more hands-on with their care, etc. As such, I will be stepping away from all public forums...
  7. Doc_Klueless

    Critical Role Wildemont <--> Tal'dorei: Relationship?

    How are the two settings related? Same world; different part? Different world? It's been a while since I listened to CR (picking it back up this week), but I seem to recall Same World; Different Continent because the gods are the same.
  8. Doc_Klueless

    Game Cafe in San Antonio?

    I know of game stores, of course (Dragon's Lair, Alien Worlds, Court of Gamers, Knight Watch, etc.). But I keep hearing about Game Cafes which are, supposedly, places where you can game AND order food or drink. Are there any around San Antonio, Tx? A google search brings up sports bars and...
  9. Doc_Klueless

    Genres/Settings I enjoy watching but not playing in. You?

    What I found after playing an excellent game of FFG Star Wars with Jacob Lewis is that I really, really like Star Wars... to watch. I thought the FFG system was brilliant, but I find that I don't particularly enjoy playing Star Wars. I love... eh-hem... LOVE watching things Star Wars, reading...
  10. Doc_Klueless

    They pull me back in! (SW is the Godfather of my RPG)

    I think we've all been there. Or at least I try to delude myself into thinking so. I like to play other RPGs. I've tried recently FFG Star Wars, Modiphius STA, and played D&D5e online fairly consistently. But... Everytime I start daydreaming about RPGs or look at a program and think: "Hey...
  11. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General Greyhawk Podcasts?

    Anyone know of a good podcast that has Greyhawk as its background / campaign setting?
  12. Doc_Klueless

    FFG SW: Edge of the Empire... Opinions?

    I'm finally going to be playing in a game instead of running one. This Saturday at Knight Watch Games in San Antonio, they're running a "demo" game in hopes of starting up a group. This game has been out a while and I played it once about... oh... 5 years ago or so (?). As such, I know the dice...
  13. Doc_Klueless

    D&D General Time period of the City of Greyhawk box set?

    I'm looking to complete my Pre-Greyhawk Wars stuff and I'm missing the City of Greyhawk box set. So a quick question: Is the City of Greyhawk box set set before or after the Greyhawk Wars? Thanks everyone.
  14. Doc_Klueless

    Mythras: Classic Fantasy?

    From the thread "An Interview with Lawrence Whitaker," this was mentioned. I'd love to hear more about it. Don't know as I'd ever use it, but it does sound very, very intriguing. I mention this because the one drawback I've had with Mythras was getting others to play it. It was such a big...
  15. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E Ghosts of Saltmarsh: Pre or Post GHW?

    Quick question that my pre-work, hurried google-fu has been unable to answer: Is Ghosts of Saltmarsh set Pre-Greyhawk Wars or Post-Greyhawk Wars? Thanks for any help!
  16. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E DND PHB 50% off code for free - First come, first served.

    I already own just about everything offered by DNDBeyond. So I don't have a use for this code for 50% off the PHB. I thought I'd give it out to whomever wants it: PHE-jBRb-bIJK-E3AA If you use it, post a quick reply in this thread so others will know. Enjoy!
  17. Doc_Klueless

    D&D 5E Midgard and WotC Campaigns. Where to set them?

    So, I've recently taken a liking to Midgard. My old go to stuff was either Homebrew or Greyhawk. (I dabbled in Eberron and Sword Coast, but they ain't my bag, baby.). For those in the know, where would you set the different adventures/campaigns and Why? I'm very curious. The Reason I'm Curious...
  18. Doc_Klueless

    Kickstarter: Mimic's Grids. Good idea?

    Note: I'm NOT shilling for the product and am looking for thoughtful input. Stumbled across this kickstarter, Mimic's Grids, that has me scratching my head and going: Why haven't we done this before? But, I'm not sure about them. Would somebody else take a gander and tell me what they think of...
  19. Doc_Klueless

    Using Fantasy Grounds for Face-to-Face?

    The FG kickstarter has got me really excited. I've been using FG for >10 years. Recently, I've gotten news that my group is moving back home just as I did. I've noticed that some have mentioned that they use FG for their face-to-face games. I have a few questions: How does that work? What is...
  20. Doc_Klueless

    Using a laying-flat monitor for F2F gaming. Clarity?

    I've seen lots of really cool setups with monitors laying flat on tables with maps on them. My question, for those who do this, how is the off-perpendicular clarity. In other words, sitting to the side of a monitor can make them look washed out. Is that a problem?