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  1. Dice4Hire

    Twisting Catacombs ending soon

    Only a few more days for this and tons of incredible scenery!!!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1207385459/twisting-catacombs-miniature-dungeon-scenery/posts/1032931#comments I am in for a whole lotta gold. Lotta stuff to build an adventure around.
  2. Dice4Hire

    How D&D gave birth tothe modern video game industry

    http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/newsmakers/dungeons-dragons-gave-birth-modern-video-game-industry-144157292.html Interesting read.
  3. Dice4Hire

    Plundered Shipboard 3.5E PBEM on Yahoogroups

    Maybe you were shanghaied. It could have been you were captured from another vessel. Perhaps someone sold you into slavery. Whatever the reason, you were in the hold of The Black Gull, captained by Razorwings, one of the more dreaded pirates on this coast. You know you were bound for the slave...
  4. Dice4Hire

    Best Lair Assault mechanics.

    I was thinking on the Lair Assault program a bit and, thinking of what was coming next, I thought of what were the best and worst elements of each Lair Assault. Were the worst elements ... the 5th round change some had? The 'gotcha' that each assault seemed to have at some point? The dash...
  5. Dice4Hire

    5E Next Playtest January Packet

    http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/5ENext/ We have been playtesting the new version of DND for a while now, but are in need of some new blood. We will be playing a bit higher this time, but not sure for sure what level as we are discussing it now. If you would like to give it a shot, visit...
  6. Dice4Hire

    Being Left Behind

    I know this has happened to a lot of D&D players. A new edition comes (or two or three or ...) and you and your group just do not move on, you stick with an 'older' edition and keep playing what you like. I have always moved on with WOTC and D&D. I started with the red and blue boxes, and have...
  7. Dice4Hire

    New Neverwinter 3.5 game on Yahoogroups

    I am going to start up a new D&D 3.5 game on Yahoogroups. If anyone is interested, drop on by and sign up. Character creation stuff is below. http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Neverwinter Creation Stuff 28 point buy. Level 4 Races are PHB only, though I will discuss racial variants Books...
  8. Dice4Hire

    WOTC Golem posting in Next

    I am not sure why a lot of general D&D posts by WOTC Golem are in Next but I really do not think they belong there. There is one about music in D&D and one about tee Greenwood Forgotten Realms book in the D&D Next forum right now. Any way to change this?
  9. Dice4Hire

    D&D Next Playtest on Yahoogroups

    5ENext : 5ENext Come on and take a look. WE are starting ASAP
  10. Dice4Hire

    Flame's Last Flicker is out

    And it looks pretty good, almost like an extended Lair Assault where the designers suggest only short rests between the different parts of the module. Only 9 events, and not all of them combat, so it could be done. Looks like a fine one-shot adventure for Epic level, and has some good advice...
  11. Dice4Hire

    Seeing new People

    Nice to see so many new names and lapsed posters posting in this forum. :)
  12. Dice4Hire

    Enworld Lair Assault

    What would you do for a new Lair Assault? Looks like they are going up levels, so let's say level 12 or so for the new one. Where to go, who to kill, how to win, how to challenge the players?
  13. Dice4Hire

    Game in Nagoya

    If anyone is in Nagoya and ready for some 4E on Saturday nights reply to this thread. We'd love to have a couple more players. We usually play most Saturday nights from 7 or so in or near Nagoya.
  14. Dice4Hire

    Should Players have an Advantage?

    Honestly, nuke them all from orbit, I say!
  15. Dice4Hire

    Warhammer Monster book for d20

    Is there any warhammer monster/creature book that is fully compatible with 3.x? I see Warhammer Fantasy, but that is a different system, I think. Any help?
  16. Dice4Hire

    Campaign world 'settings'

    In my campaign, the characters are soon finishing a 11 year story arc and will be getting a massive ability to make changes to the campaign world. After this, the current characters will be retired, and if there is interest, we will continue with the new crop. Now how to do these changes? We (I...
  17. Dice4Hire

    Neverwinter Themes

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Neverwinter Themes) I love themes. The Bregan D’aerthe Spy looks ok. The ability to hover for the whole fight at 5th is pretty strong. 13 themes total, including a harper and a spellscarred. Sure to annoy or delight both FR...
  18. Dice4Hire

    Rule of 3 -- 7/11/11

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Rule-of-Three: 07/11/2011) 1. Bit of a non-answer to Essentials and design. Good Q though. 2. Game day. Wish I could join. 3. Looks like they are looking for more submissions. God, I hope so. Some good user-generated adventures...
  19. Dice4Hire

    Remnant Dawn 4E on Yahoo.

    Remnant-4E : Remnant Dawn In the past few hundreds of years, at first slowly, but then in an ever-increasing horde, the abominations of the Far Realms invaded the planes and as their corruption spread, the world was thrown further and further out of balance. In the end, a critical mass was...
  20. Dice4Hire

    Black Labyrinth on Yahoo: Labyrinth Lord 1E

    BlackLabyrinth : The Black Labyrinth I am normally a 4E and 3.5 D&D player, but I played 1E ages ago, and for nostalgia, would like to run a 1E styled game again. No skills, no feat, no prestige classes..... It will be fun. I will be using the Labyrinth Lords ruleset as it is free, and I...