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  1. pogre

    Who is the quintessential D&D artist?

    Other - Tom Wham! I just loved his whimsical take and cartoon style.
  2. pogre

    Why the Strong Preference for Discord in Remote Games?

    Really helpful replies. As a teacher, I can run Zoom sessions as long as I want for free. I certainly understand why others might gravitate to a less costly program. I also appreciate the persistent nature of Discord - that makes sense. I am not here to tout Zoom or anything, I was genuinely...
  3. pogre

    Pogre's 2021 Miniatures and Models Thread - Old GW Wraith, Dregs, & Squigs

    A few old GW models today. First a Wraith from 1992: Next, a pair of unsavory Dregs from the Mordheim line: Finally, a bouncy trio of old Squigs: Models completed in 2021: 29
  4. pogre

    Why the Strong Preference for Discord in Remote Games?

    Greetings, I was viewing some calls for players and DMs for remote games and I noticed there is a very strong preference for Discord over something like Zoom. I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why that is? I even see folks with posts advertising a Zoom game having potential...
  5. pogre

    Pogre's 2021 Miniatures and Models Thread - Old GW Wraith, Dregs, & Squigs

    Thanks. I will let my son know you like it - he will be pleased. He is working on another winged beast that is looking awesome. I will be sure to post it when he is finished.
  6. pogre

    Pogre's 2021 Miniatures and Models Thread - Old GW Wraith, Dregs, & Squigs

    Welcome to the 2021 edition of Pogre's Miniatures and Models thread. I know I'm pretty late in posting this, but I'll explain below. Anyway, if you have not followed my threads before here is a look at some of those: The Original Thread Pogre's miniature and model thread. I started this thread...
  7. pogre

    D&D 5E 5e and the Cheesecake Factory: Explaining Good Enough

    I think it is a good analogy. My brother is manager at the number one Cheesecake factory in the U.S. They had more pasta sales than any pasta restaurant in town. More pizza sales than any pizza restaurant in town. More steak sales than ... you get the idea. The place is enormous and it is a...
  8. pogre

    It's Your Turn to GM

    I very much enjoy GMing - far more than playing. I force myself to play every once in a while just to experience the other side of the screen. Playing is pretty much a tool to improve my GMing. I agree that folks should try to GM at least once.
  9. pogre

    WFRP Adventure Draft Needs Review

    Good luck! Looks like a fun adventure. It would not have such a happy ending for me - I made a note to say as much.
  10. pogre

    Some reasons why people may reject the notion that "System/Rules matter"

    Can you elaborate on this a little bit? Are you saying if system mattered to these folks they would not enjoy watching streams more than playing? Not criticizing, just trying to understand how this fits in.
  11. pogre

    D&D 5E No Monsters Immune to Stun?

    I ran into this issue a couple of campaigns ago with the monk short-circuiting a lot of encounters. I noticed there were very few monsters with stun immunity and thought about creating some custom monsters. I did not do it because it was the Monk's thing. It was super powerful in that campaign...
  12. pogre

    D&D General Tell Me About Your Dungeon Centric Campaigns

    Around 220 hours of table time.
  13. pogre

    D&D General Tell Me About Your Dungeon Centric Campaigns

    I have done one semi-mega-dungeon in 5e. I agree with most of what's been said about what made the campaign fun - varied encounters were important for our group. I resolved to give up complete internal consistency in favor of variability. That flies in the face of some ecologically sound dungeon...
  14. pogre

    B&G's Silver Edition of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - A Review

    To me, it is like many of the high priced accessories - If it enhances your game and you can afford it - go for it. If you get 20 hours of enhanced entertainment out of it - it's worth it. Even if you don't use it, but enjoy owning it - that's cool too. That's a big part of the hobby for many...
  15. pogre

    D&D General why do we have halflings and gnomes?

    They're a lot easier to integrate into campaign worlds for me than some of the odd heritages in the game. My D&D campaign world is pretty much The Mos Eisley cantina these days.
  16. pogre

    D&D 5E How much magic do you have in your game?

    My answer would have been different for D&D a few years ago - now, that we have played a few campaigns into high levels there is a lot higher level of magic in my D&D campaign. I love the game for the zero to hero feel of D&D and magic plays some role in that. I also run a WFRP game, which is...
  17. pogre

    D&D 5E Borrowing from TTRPGS

    I have used WFRP beastmen. Gnolls in 5e are pretty much chaos beastmen these days though. As someone else mentioned, I use a lot of the GW concepts of Orcs/Orks as well.
  18. pogre

    D&D General DM with too High Expectations - Advice?

    This sounds like "I'm taking my ball and going home." I learned years ago if I am running an involved game like Ars Magica that does require some player work outside of the game I better have buy-in right from the start. I love my groups. They show up on time, they're genuinely great people...
  19. pogre

    D&D 1E How/How Often Did you award XP in 1E AD&D?

    In the 1970s and early 1980s I used to occasionally go to the gaming club hosted at the University of Illinois. It was a heady time as there were luminaries of gaming dropping in all the time - Frank Chadwick was a frequent attendee from GDW over in Bloomington-Normal, Judges Guild guys from...
  20. pogre

    D&D 1E How/How Often Did you award XP in 1E AD&D?

    Following each session - usually 4 to 6 hours in length.