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    Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition?

    Anyone know the status of H:TV2e? I remember reading an update last year but haven't heard anything else since. With TC:Aberrant currently in Kickstarter, maybe H:TV2e would be slated for a KS at end of the year?
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    TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays FATE CORE w/ Felicia Day, John Rogers, & Ryan Macklin

    Game play from Wil Wheaton for Fate Core is on youtube now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOFXtAHg7vU&t=533s
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    DUNGEONFOG | Create RPG Maps and GameMaster Notes

    Just funded! I know there has been a small burst of Map Creation software in Kickstarter lately. This one looks good BUT what really gets me is the Immersive ambient sound feature, which is a stretch goal! I have never seen this in a Map Creation software before and really sounds wicked...
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    D&D 5E Fantasy Grounds talking with Curse/D&D Beyond

    Got this email from the Fantasy Grounds newsletter today. This is promising for FG owners!
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    Kickstarter Kickstarter- Rotted Capes Survivors Guide Vol 1

    I saw a thread about Rotted Capes but thought to create new thread as they have launched a new Kickstarter with more options for the game. Always loved the concept of this game but never got a chance to run it, I will now! Check it out-...
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    Infinitas DM: A Digital Cartographer, Lore Book, and Battle Map for mobile platforms

    It's nearly at 50% funding with 15 days left. I like that it's not another virtual tabletop app but a DM map tool. I can throw it up on my wall-mounted tv for the players to view and not have to draw everything out and still be able to throw dice on the table! The buy-in for entry is super...
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    5 days left for Robert E Howard's Conan RPG!

    Under $5,000 left to hit the next Stretch goal: Conan the Brigand hardcover book! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modiphius/robert-e-howards-conan-roleplaying-game Pledge or the Hell with you and Crom!
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    Mutant: Genlab Alpha KS

    7 days left, if you are a fan of Mutant: Year Zero but wanted to play creatures, this one is for you! http://kck.st/1SLQttp
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    Kickstarter 5E & Pathfinder Roleplaying Spell Effects Kickstarter

    10 days left. New video up. $1,529 left to fund! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1534484023/roleplaying-spell-effects
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    Wurm - The Prehistoric RPG

    Wondering if anyone has checked out this KS yet? I've never played a Prehistoric themed RPG game and find it kind of fascinating. It's funding mark is $10,000 and they are now at $6,700 mark. 26 days remaining. The author and KS owners have been very receptive to KS comments and questions...
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    For Pathfinder player- Every Friday night.

    Currently we lost a friend who's moving out of state and we are down a guy. We have one DM and three players, looking for one and maybe even 2 players for a Pathfinder game. We froze the main game but willing to fit you into the current story or start a new campaign. At some point in the...
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    Kickstarter East Texas University- Savage Worlds Kickstarter ending soon!

    39 hours left for this amazing KS, we just need 42 more backers to unlock the 700 tier for - University Press (700 Backers): Electronic templates to print your own customized handouts including a welcome letter, Dean's List, academic probation, ETU diploma, and blank ETU letterhead. If you're a...
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    Daring Supers RPG Kickstarter using Fate Core

    I haven't seen this Super KS mentioned here, so please move the thread if so thank you! I love Fate and been dying for a specific Supers RPG for Fate Core only, I've seen some rules and I know the new Venture City Stories just came out but it's too short for me. The Daring Super RPG just...
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    D&D 5E Can 5E bring the wonder and mystery back to Magic Items?

    I've been through alot of postings about 5E and didn't see a thread specific to what we are looking for, for Magic Items in 5E. First, I was surprised on the announcement, as in how they approached the fans. I want to be excited but nervous. So playing all versions 1E-4E and currently in...