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  1. bluespy1

    DMs Guild Mythic Actions in d&d 5e (Bundle time!)

    Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying your summer! After two harsh months full of work and obligations, I finally found some sweet time to write some D&D! So, I am very proud to announce that I finished and published "Mythic Actions! (Volo's Guide to Monsters)". You can check it out here...
  2. bluespy1

    DMs Guild Mythic actions for every legendary monster in the Monster Manual D&D 5e

    Hello everyone! So for the past week I have been reading the new Theros book, and I really liked what I read. Although I have no intention for Running it as a setting it has some new cool mechanincs. The one that struck me the most were the Mythic actions. Even though the "phase 2" mechanic is...
  3. bluespy1

    DMs Guild D&D 5e All about that spear! (The Hoplite subclass , new feats, new weapons, magic items and NPC statblocks featuring the spear weapon!)

    Hello to everyone I hope you are all safe and healthy :D This is the second title in my series "All about that weapon!" where I expand on a weapon in many different ways. The spear is usually outshined by other weapons and it is rarely seen in DnD 5e games. This always seemed odd to me since it...
  4. bluespy1

    DMs Guild Slings at D&D 5e (The Slinger subclass , new feats, the staff sling weapon, magic items and NPC statblocks featuring the sling weapon!

    First post here so nice to meet you ladys and genetlemen :D So I've always wanted to play a sling based character. Am I the only one? If not please tell it to me to let me know that this poor weapon gets some love from other people :p . Because that weapon is very bad at 5e (unrealisting range...