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  1. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST Book 5 Questions

    I have a few questions regarding book five: 1) What is the meaning of Ekosiggan's poem? Is Spring returning to Winter a reference to Eschatologists? A reference to Ekossigan himself (who transforms into winter from spring before facing the party)? Or is it more general, just alerting the...
  2. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST Book 5 Questions: Kell minigame and Team B

    Hi everyone, My group will be beginning Book 5 in the new year. I wanted to gather people's impressions on two aspects of the book. If relevant, I run Pathfinder 1E. (1) How did people find the minigame of scouting and raiding the Kell guild? Did the multiple mission system work for you? Did...
  3. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST How to colour the world in philosophy?

    One interesting aspect of Lanjyr is the influence of philosophy on social discourse. I've been incorporating small philosophical comments by NPCs where possible. For example, my players encountered a Risuri war veteran, a Eschatol dwarf. He despised the proposed peace negotiations, thinking the...
  4. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST One shot ideas?

    Sometimes not all of my player's can make my sessions. I'm looking for some ideas for a one session game that I can interweave between my regular Zeitgeist sessions. I was thinking: (1) A Stover Delft origin story, where players play as Delft's old team back when he was a constable, or (2)...
  5. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST Questions for The Dying Skyseer

    I have a few miscellaneous questions regarding the second book of Zeitgeist, The Dying Skyseer. For some of these questions, I imagine there is an 'official' answer. For others, I would like to know how DMs/you would personally handle it. 1) When Nicodemous has possessed someone through...
  6. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST A few random Zeitgeist lore questions

    I'm currently finishing up Adventure One, and have a few questions: (1) Towards the end of the adventure, Nathan can inform the PCs of a bright blue star he has been studying. There is a 99% chance my PCs will ask for the name of this star. Does it have a name? (2) Is Lanjyr the only continent...
  7. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST The chronicles of Team Big-hearted And Determined (B.A.D.)

    I'll be using this thread to chronicle a Zeitgeist adventure DM'd by me for my friends (Alf, Drift, Jae, and Saber please don't read this). We run using Pathfinder 1E. After reading gideonpepys incredible campaign diary, I liked the look of the Benny system. I twisted it to my liking, and with...
  8. Echolocation

    ZEITGEIST Questions regarding non-combat encounters (Spoilers)

    Hi, I'll be running Zeitgeist in a few weeks. I have a few questions about running the non-combat encounters. In the first book, the party begins with an encounter which, if successful, will lead to the identification of troubemaking Dockers. Regarding goal completion, how much is a DM supposed...