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  1. twilsemail

    Proposal: Expand Mark of Handling

    Proposal: Alter the following text from the Mark of Handling Feat from page 90 of the Eberron Player’s Guide: “If you have a beast companion, your beast companion gains a +2 feat bonus to speed and a +1 feat bonus to AC.” The new text would read as follows: “If you have a beast...
  2. twilsemail

    6th Edition: What will it hold?

    From the evidence that I have seen, I have come to the conclusion that 6th edition is just around the corner and I am interested to know what you want 6th edition to be like. Personally I don't want it to be anything like 5th edition. I believe that 5th edition was not accepted overall and...
  3. twilsemail


    My google-fu is failing me. Was anything ever decided in regards to the Dragon 399 themes? As it stands, it seems like adding Scholar to Mal's sheet is fair, but I wanted to check in before doing so.
  4. twilsemail

    Themes, revisited

    Themes have been presented in two sources at this point and their inclusion in L4W is up for discussion. Let's get to it, here. The two styles and a brief description follow. Dark Sun - Almost universally these themes grant one encounter attack power for free at first level, one or two...
  5. twilsemail

    And the Uppity Shoeshine... (DM:twilsemail; Judge: renau1g)

    And the Uppity Shoeshine… Cast Eithal (H.M.Gimlord) - Goliath Warden 7 Fredrock (Xeterog) - Dwarf Battlemind 6 Kaz (Luinnar) - Elf Avenger 6 "Scarmiglione (Mewness) - Kenku Rogue|Sorcerer 6 Toeto (Dekana) - Lizardfolk Shaman 6 Yishim (ronakshah2000) - Human Wizard 6 To Locate a Missing Son...
  6. twilsemail

    D&D 4E 4E/Dragon Age - Help choosing a monster

    I'm really on the fence on the Solo vs. Elite debate at the moment. There are only 3 PCs, though they've had an NPC tagging along for a bit now. I plan on the NPC being taken out of the picture before or during this fight. The party currently holds an Executioner, a Sentinel and a Knight...
  7. twilsemail

    D&D 4E 4E/Dragon Age - Help choosing a monster

    Thanks for the help Mentat. The Silt Horror looks like a good start for what I was going for. Apologies for the late response, I was without internet yesterday.
  8. twilsemail

    D&D 4E 4E/Dragon Age - Help choosing a monster

    Greetings all, I'm currently running a 4E game set in Ferelden of Bioware's Dragon Age series. I know where the climax of the first story arc is supposed happen and I know what, thematically, the PCs will face when/if they get there. I'm clueless on what to use mechanically for their foe...
  9. twilsemail

    L4W Tavern Patrons

    Adventurers are regularly found sitting in the Hanged Man. Here are those that stand out to others entering the establishment. At the Bar: Artemis Harks (FourMonos) - Human Hexblade 4 Brenwar (Rapida) - Human Paladin 7 Corragan (Medina) - Elf Druid 1 Dina (Son of Meepo) - Deva...
  10. twilsemail

    D&D 4E D&D 4e for sale...great deals

    True fact. You may want to try BarterTown. You'll probably have better luck as people go there to.. well... barter. We come to ENWorld to... Er... Eric Noah? No, wait... That's not it.
  11. twilsemail

    D&D 4E D&D 4e for sale...great deals

    I'm willing to buy the whole bundle for $26.13 if you can cover shipping.
  12. twilsemail

    [Proposal] Imposter's Armor

    I propose that this magical armor, found in the Adventurer's Vault, have its "Armor:" line changed from "Chain, Scale, Plate" to "Any." This would increase the availability of the armor to the classes that will traditionally make the most use of it (rogues, assassins and bards). Currently...
  13. twilsemail

    Interaction between Essassin and a Familiar

    I'm curious how the boards at large view the interaction of the Essassin's daily poisons (D394) and the Clockwork Scorpion from D377's Familiars of Eberron. Here are the relevant quotes: I think that the way these elements would interaction means that you could apply your Essassin...
  14. twilsemail

    D&D 4E 4E feats vs Essential Feats. A list?

    You find the same questions for *Power books, Dragon articles and even the PHBs. New feats aren't an Essentials problem. They're a concern with any game system still in print. Some things end up outdated. Why would I take Feyborn Charm when I can just take Implement Expertise(Orb)?
  15. twilsemail

    D&D 4E 4E feats vs Essential Feats. A list?

    The other "splat books" aren't designed as optional additions any more than any other book, including Essentials, has been. They're all Core. If you want to huff and say they're not core, have at it. That doesn't make the current model untrue. E4e and 4e are entirely compatible. There's no...
  16. twilsemail

    D&D 4E 4E feats vs Essential Feats. A list?

    Do you have an example that actually uses an Element that is in both books? These are both still in the CB and Compendium (last I checked) as they are two separate feats. Complaining that a feat is now outdated is different from showing that they missed an actual update to a feat.
  17. twilsemail

    [Proposal] Remove "Great Halberd"

    Greetings all, I am proposing the removal of the "Great Halberd" approved in this thread. The item itself seems unbalanced when compared to the other reach items out there. While it's true that no one has taken one, I think that is because the item itself was lost to time and back pages...
  18. twilsemail

    D&D 4E Sharn - 4e Eberron Chat Game

    Will mechanics and dice-rolling be seen in your chat based system? How will you sort out the conflict in the flow of time? An adventure can take weeks or months to complete IRL while the PCs have only spent a few days traipsing about. Or will adventures be limited to an encounter or two?
  19. twilsemail

    Warlords and Summons

    Greetings all. I'm wondering if anyone out there has a clear understanding of the interaction between leaders and summoned creatures. Specifically, if a Warlord uses Commander's Strike and chooses a summoned creature as the ally to attack, what happens next. The Summoning keyword tells us...
  20. twilsemail

    Double Billing

    This is hopefully a question quickly answered. I am being billed twice monthly for my subscription to ENWorld. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why. Any suggestions out there? Any help is greatly appreciated.