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  1. MortalPlague

    2019 IRON DM Tournament

    I'm just glad I didn't miss out this year. It's always a fun creative exercise to get an adventure in on time under the word count.
  2. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    @Gradine - I've posted my entry! That's a wonderful entry. :D
  3. MortalPlague

    2019 IRON DM Tournament

    Ingredients: Bleeding Moon Lifeless Doll Forbidden Library Missing Puzzle Piece Master of the Seas Manufactured Chaos Torpor A science fiction adventure Chiasmus Station; an illegal mining outpost built on a moon orbiting a barren planet. The yield was minerals at first, but when they pierced...
  4. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    I have an adventure I really like now, but I have to trim down from about 800 words, then somehow fit more words about the climax at the end. 750 is a tough word count to work with!
  5. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    Those are some very interesting ingredients. :) Good luck, @lowkey13!
  6. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    Any of those times work for me, sir. :)
  7. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    I'm home sick today and off tomorrow. I won't have a better window than this, aside from the discomfort of having no voice.
  8. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    I suppose I do, at that. Anytime presently is the best time for me, really. I've got no voice so I can't be at work.
  9. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2019 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    Oh hello! I've been busy with work and gaming and hadn't noticed that the tournament launched! I'm here now. If the brackets are full then I'll happily spectate, but if you need another competitor, I'd be happy to jump in.
  10. MortalPlague

    The EN World IRON DM 2018 Tournament Scheduling Thread

    Part of the fun of Iron DM is the creative process. This is a challenging set of ingredients, but I think I have something I like. Now it's time to start writing my good copy. :)
  11. MortalPlague

    A Quip That Cost An Eye

    My PCs have chased a lamia from her lair, and are about to rescue some prisoners. One of the prisoners is a beautiful sorceress with a sharp tongue and wit, who has been put under geas not to use magic. She's missing an eye; the lamia took exception to one of her quips and took it. There's a...
  12. MortalPlague

    Contacting WotC Customer Support

    Has anyone ever tried to do this? What a frustrating process... Click e-mail customer service, it comes up with a form asking you to sign in with your Wizards ID. Enter e-mail, no go. Enter 'Forgot ID', enter e-mail (so they can send me my ID), says invalid. Great, so I must not have one...
  13. MortalPlague

    Last Stand - Revising Death Saves

    I have come to the realization that I don't like death saving throws. There are two problems for me. First, on your turn, all you do is roll a die, and either tick a 'success' or a 'failure'. It's not exciting or dramatic like it should be, unless you're on the verge of rolling a final...
  14. MortalPlague

    D&D 5E A Banquet In The Nine Hells

    My Rise of Tiamat campaign is nearing its final chapter. We've gone off into homebrew territory on many occasions, and the end result is that my PCs will be 17th level as they enter the climactic finale. They have Dispater, Lord of the Second Level of Hell as an ally. And so, before their...
  15. MortalPlague

    D&D 5E 5th Edition Character Obituaries

    (I couldn't find a thread started yet, so I figured I'd kick one off.) Here we recall the past deeds and glories of fallen heroes. Here we recall the heroism, or lack thereof, that led to their death. And here we recall all the gory details. And then have a good chuckle about it. Here we...
  16. MortalPlague

    D&D 5E More Fun With D&D In Retail

    Working in retail during Christmas can be tough. Sometimes you have to find ways to keep your focus, even during a holiday rush. So one day, I decided to try and slip as many D&D terms into my customer interactions as I could. Here's what I managed: transmuter spider climb bag of holding...
  17. MortalPlague

    D&D 5E A Glimpse Of High-Level Play

    There has been much speculation about how 5th Edition performs at high levels, but not a lot of evidence. I'm in a spot where I'm running a regular game, currently at 14th level. So let me share some notes about how things are going. Last session, the party finished their military action in...
  18. MortalPlague

    D&D 5E My Players Are Building A Dungeon (And They Don't Know It)

    Think of it as a design experiment. I'm letting my players help me populate a dungeon, and give it a living, organic history. I've come up with the basic location; an ancient dwarf tunnel-fortress that cuts through a mountain but has been abandoned for centuries. There are occasional merchant...
  19. MortalPlague

    D&D 3E/3.5 What spells got the greatest buff from 3e to 5e?

    Yes. The bard in my game has this. She inflicts it on powerful enemies whenever she can. The fact that it has no initial save makes it very powerful. This is a must-have for any NPC caster who thinks they might get into combat. I'll add one or two of my own: Heroes' Feast: This spell now...
  20. MortalPlague

    D&D 5E Fun With 5th Edition D&D in Retail Sales

    Some of you may recall my previous thread on this subject... http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?316872-Fun-with-D-amp-D-in-Retail-Sales! I work retail in an electronics department, and every now and then I try to see how many D&D terms I can slip into regular sales conversations with...