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  1. Ancalagon

    D&D General African settings

    Hello A friend of mine was very impressed with the Wagadu setting that is currently under work. She wondered however if there were any others, either published or in the works? cheers,
  2. Ancalagon

    Roman food stand found with great art

    This is amazing! https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/26/europe/pompeii-shop-archaeology-intl/index.html I find that historical imagery can be very good to help us imagine RPG worlds. Enjoy.
  3. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E "The problem with 5e" is the best feature - advantage

    So people have been grumbling about 5e. (tl,dr: advantage is great! but it has consequences - the players engage less. A proposal to fix it) I think 5e is a good game. But like all versions of D&D, it's not perfect. Compromises had to be made (I consider it "medium crunch" and I am happy...
  4. Ancalagon

    Starfinder Opening Volley, the worst of all feats?

    So! (context: we are trying a short campaign of Starfinder, and I'm making a level 7 character for it, a soldier, and I'm trying to make a tough and versatile character) Here is the text of the feat: Opening Volley (Combat) Your ranged assault leaves your foe disoriented and vulnerable to...
  5. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E What kind of warlocks would a Wizard Guild make?

    Imagine a powerful wizard's guild. They have the arcane magical monopoly in a large kingdom, or maybe even several kingdoms. All mages are "sanctioned" by the Guild, or are renegades hunted down. This guild is very influential, but does not rule. Its members are forbidden from holding a...
  6. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E Was the Rune Knight (in Tasha's) "over-nerfed"?

    Hello So it is quite common for Unearthed Arcana sub-classes to be a bit too good, and nerfed a bit when published in an "official" book. And the Rune Knight was too good - the combo of the hill giant rune giving your damage resistance, and the +1d6 dmg to all attacks was just... a little bit...
  7. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E Kensei monk - stunning arrows?

    The nice part about a Kensei monk is that they can be very decent archers. However, archery cuts them off from one of the monk's most powerful feature - stunning attacks. What if a Kensei Monk could use their arrows to stun? It would still not be as potent as melee stunning (no flurry of...
  8. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E Kensei Monk - how was it for you?

    Hello It looks like I may be able to start a live 5e campaign as a player - this is exciting, because I've run 5e a fair bit, but as a player my experience has been limited to PBP games. I am considering taking a kensei monk (wood elf). I was wondering if people who've played it (or were in...
  9. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E A Clockwork Warlock

    What if your patron was a lich - but not an average lich, more of a mechanical one? (like the Iron Lich in 3.X iron kingdsom). A group of us created this together, but it's not quite right yet. Comments would be welcomed :)...
  10. Ancalagon

    OSR Guns for old school D&D

    I made an attempt to have balanced and historically accurate guns for old-school gaming. I hope you enjoy :) https://slugsandsilver.blogspot.com/2020/09/the-goblin-laws-of-guns.html I'm particularly curious if I hit the right "balance" for loading time and lethality.
  11. Ancalagon

    D&D General Yoon Suin - the best D&D setting I ever purchased in 30 years, on sale for 1 pound

    Hello I would not do this for most sales (I have no financial/affiliation with this product), but this is the best D&D setting I've purchased in 30 years of gaming. The author is going to publish a 2nd edition soon-ish, so he's put the original (digital) on sale for 1 pound (!). This...
  12. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E ... is "glyph of warding" the 5e way to make spell scrolls?

    I mean... there is a cost, you have to use it in a specific way, but if you know what you are doing... what's the difference between a well written spell glyph of warding placed on a scroll, along with precise instructions on how to activate the glyph, and, ah, a "normal/classical" spell scroll...
  13. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E The Scout Rogue - how did it work out?

    When the scout rogue came out, there seemed to be general agreement that this was a good subclass, and a very decent replacement to the ranger. Now I think that the rogue base class is so robust almost any subclass will work - heck you could play a rogue with no subclass and still be fine. But...
  14. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E Single class Hexblade - missing something?

    Hello I'm a bit obsessed about this class. I know that a hexblade multiclass can be a very strong build, but I really would like to play it single class. But... I have issues. The Hexblade seems to be, on the surface, the classical "Gish" - the fighter/mage that blends swordplay and sorcery...
  15. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E Pact of the chain - how did it work out?

    Hello When I first read the warlock class, I saw the pact of the chain, went "hmm... interesting..." aaaand that was it. I've never played one, I've never DMed for one either. There has been a lot of talk for hexblades (which are often pact of the blade) and pact of the tome is mentioned...
  16. Ancalagon

    D&D 5E Is 5e Heroic, or SUPER-heroic?

    My spouse and I were watching the New Legends of Monkey, a "Journey to the West" inspired action show. It's cheesy but entertaining. Lots of gods and legendary heroes. ... and those gods, those legendary heroes? They are like... level 7-9 characters? It made me realize that D&D...
  17. Ancalagon

    D&D General 30 Years of Gaming

    There is a fad going on, so I'm joining! https://slugsandsilver.blogspot.com/2020/08/30-years-of-gaming-characters.html Some fun facts Almost 40 characters 10 dwarves, 3 gnomes and 2 goblins. NO HOBBITS 24 spellcasters 24 D&D characters Shout-out to EN world The average campaign that doesn't...
  18. Ancalagon

    Pathfinder 2E Is this a fair review of PF2?

    Hello I watched this review a few days ago. It confirmed that PF2 is not for me. (EDIT: I am particularly curious about minute 12-20) But now I'm wondering... is that a fair review? Maybe it's completely biased! So I thought I would ask people who have tried PF2 instead of just reading...
  19. Ancalagon

    Pathfinder 1E Magus, wandwielder and spellstrike

    One of the arcana a Magus can use is "wand wielder", which allows you to use a wand and combine it with spell combat. So what my character would do was use a wand of chill touch (level 3) to trigger spell combat (get an extra attack) and add chill touch damage to my attacks during the round...
  20. Ancalagon

    D&D General Adventuring gear "in real life" - the Highlands

    Hello I found this on youtube, and it's basically a re-creation of of what a traveler in the Scottish highlands would use for a 3 day trek through the fairly desolate terrain. Very inspiring stuff, esp if you play rangers. This isn't some cosplaying endeavor - the gear has been tested in...