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  1. Omand

    Beholder Mini to appear in Death Knell!

    Hello, It has been announced at GenCon that a Beholder minis of some sort will appear in the Death Knell set of D&D minis (scheduled to appear in March 2005). See the information at the end of the article at the following link...
  2. Omand

    Thoughts on Cleric Domains

    Hello, So, I have been working on the cosmology of my home-made campaign and have been thinking about portfolios of deities, etc. This has, of course, brought on thoughts about cleric domains to match portfolios. I am a conservative buyer of books compared to many on the boards here, so I am...
  3. Omand

    Archfiends, Giants of Legend, Set 5 (Fell Menace) Minis Pics

    Hello, Discussion on this started over at the WotC Boards, but I thought that it would be good to bring it up here. The WotC discussion is here: http://boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=182716 Actual photos of upcoming product can be found at: http://www.figures.com/ Click on...
  4. Omand

    D&D Miniatures - Where in Canada?

    Hello, So, I have been reading several differant boards and I know that the D&D minis have been released across the US, and seemingly in the Australia and the UK. I have only seen one post from a Canadian (in Victoria, B.C.), however. So, are there any other Canadian members of the boards who...