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  1. Burnside

    D&D General Using dreams to plant adventure hooks or provide motivation

    Like many things, I think they can be extremely effective when used sparingly or with restraint. When used too often they will obviously lose their impact. The "every long rest" suggested in Curse of Strahd certainly seems excessive. There are references to dreams being used narratively in the...
  2. Burnside

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    I totally confused them - thank you!
  3. Burnside

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    Yeah, I'm not sure why anybody thinks this has anything in particular to do with WotC or 6E. It has to do with Fandom and DNDBeyond.
  4. Burnside

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    Fandom’s stock is in the toilet right now. It’s been quite a year.
  5. Burnside

    D&D 1E U1 Secret of Saltmarsh: Thoughts?

    One thing that I saw as a potential issue upon reading - and I was correct upon running - is that the adventure makes no allowances for the party not attacking the lizardfolk on the smuggler's ship on sight. Even though the adventure states that the lizardfolk will mistake the party for...
  6. Burnside

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    I think it’s reasonable to interpret Izek’s “unwholesome” fixation with his sister as being incestuous. At least, I don’t think the reader is like coming from way out in left field with that interpretation. But “Kasimir’s goal is to use his sister to breed back the Dusk Elves” honestly never...
  7. Burnside

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    I was thinking the same thing! The book doesn’t say this AT ALL. He wants to bring her back because he feels guilty for his role in her death and he wants to save her from damnation as Strahd’s concubine. There is NOTHING in there about he or anybody else wanting to use her to breed back the...
  8. Burnside

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    PLENTY of people run CoS like this. The thing is, the players need never know their victory isn't final. Strahd's return is only written into the story because "canonically" WotC still wants him to be there (they may have future plans for the character). But for your purposes and the purposes...
  9. Burnside

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    You stated that you didn’t need to change the adventure because your players are “mature adults, so...” directly implying that OP’s players were not. You stated that the Vistani might need to be changed if the players have “sensitivity problems.” Which implies that the “problem” is on the part...
  10. Burnside

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    I think the Vistani are the easiest fix - you can simply replace them with pretty much any group. The last time I ran it, I used nomadic genasi.
  11. Burnside

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    You know, OP stated quite clearly in the opening post that it's fine if you disagree with them, but in that case the thread isn't for you. And yet not only were you unable to resist making this post anyway, you also couldn't resist insulting the OP's players as "immature adults" with...
  12. Burnside

    D&D 5E TOTM and flanking

    I definitely don't use it when running TOTM. For me, when using TOTM, tactical positioning is way less of a factor. I pretty much stick with "engaged", 10' away, 30' away, 60' away, and 90' away. Zones, basically.
  13. Burnside

    D&D 5E Do you restrict racial choices in your games?

    I run a lot of the official 5E adventures, most of which are set in FR. So for those I do not allow Eberron, Ravnica, Theros, or Wildemount races. But most of my players are very casual and unaware of those settings and races anyway (especially the first three). I do allow Volo's and Mordy's...
  14. Burnside

    D&D 5E Critical Role Miniatures Coming Soon

    Does Manganiello actually DM at all, though? I've only ever heard him discuss the game as a player. I'm pretty sure he is not the DM of his home game either.
  15. Burnside

    D&D 5E Critical Role Miniatures Coming Soon

    I agree with all this except the "players know their stuff" part. Some of them are pretty shaky on rules. Like if I played D&D professionally for six years and made six figures doing it, I'm pretty sure by now I'd know how sneak attack worked (Sam). With Ashley, every combat round is almost...
  16. Burnside

    D&D 5E Does the Artificer Suck?

    They might have my favorite spell list in the game, and I love that they use cleric/druid/paladin style spell prep. But this is offset by the frustratingly low number of spell slots. If you have an artificer and a bard in the same party, I have found that the bard generally outshines the...
  17. Burnside

    D&D 5E Tasha's Optional Class Features - Using Them or Not?

    Not re-building, but will use everything moving forward. And the only reason we're not doing re-builds is because the vast majority of the players I run for are very casual players, many of whom hadn't even come to grips with the builds and abilities as they WERE, so having them go back and...
  18. Burnside

    D&D 5E What kind of XP awards does your group currently use in 5E?

    While I think the instant gratification of immediate XP awards AND the ability to anticipate exactly how close their characters are to levelling up makes XP the preferable system for the vast majority of players, the truth is that as DM I'm already working WAY harder than anybody else at the...
  19. Burnside

    D&D 5E 3 Of The Adventures in Candlekeep Mysteries

    Alternate cover is million, billion times better than regular cover.