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  1. Lord_Raven88

    Whats Happening to Lord Raven?

    Greetings all, I've just moved office and my workload has increased recently. As such I'm unable to keep up with my usual posting pace. :heh: I'm hoping to catch up with all the games I'm DMing or playing in over the course of the week. So players please bear with me, and DM's feel free to...
  2. Lord_Raven88

    RttToEE - Agents of the Yaun-Ti

    5th Hammer, 1372DR (Year of Wild Magic) Summoned from around Faerun you meet in secret, in a small walled manor in Sembia, a stones throw away from the border of Cormyr. Within the bowels of this snake-infested manor you report for your latest assignment to your Yaun-Ti master Vvranthis. A...
  3. Lord_Raven88

    LR- Slow Posting

    To my players and DM's, sorry about my slow posting this week. I've been unusally swamped at work. I hope to catch up next week. Cheers
  4. Lord_Raven88

    RttToEE - Agents of the Yaun-Ti

    Reserved for me
  5. Lord_Raven88

    FR Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - Agents of the Yaun-Ti(Full)

    Greetings all. For a while now I have been pondering the possibility of DMing a Yaun-Ti based game. Basically I love the idea of the subtleness craftiness that the Yaun-Ti employ when moving into/taking over a settlement. Then suddenly I had a rather twisted thought, instead of basing the...
  6. Lord_Raven88

    Dragonlance - Adventures during the Age of Despair

    For the last five years you have travelled around the outskirts of Northern Ansalon, hiding your powers and acting the part of a mercenary for hire. You have most recently spent time in Northern and Southern Ergoth as well as acting as a guard on a merchant ship that sails these waters...
  7. Lord_Raven88

    LR is swamped at work

    Greetings all, I'm swamped at work for the next few days so i won't be able to update any of the games that I DM or play in. Thanks
  8. Lord_Raven88

    Dragonlance - Adventures in the Age of Despair

    This is the new OOC thread for Velmont, Kaodi & Land Outcast for their not so epic travels in Krynn during the Age of Despair. Rogues Gallery
  9. Lord_Raven88

    Dragonlance - Adventures in the Age of Despair

    Reserved for me.
  10. Lord_Raven88

    LR is busy

    Greetings to my DM's and Players I've been sick and busy at work recently so I may be behind in my usual posting schedule. Please bear with me! DM's feel free to NPC my characters. I'm hoping to catch up with everything over the next few days. LR
  11. Lord_Raven88

    Solo Adventure (See inside for rambling details)

    Are you interested in participating in a solo adventure where you get to create and play your dream character, in a world that is responsive to the actions of your character. A game where the 'adventures' are designed around the goals and aspirations of your character, where you get to choose...
  12. Lord_Raven88

    Mystara - In Search of Adventure (RG)

  13. Lord_Raven88

    Mystara - In Search of Adventure

    After finding like-minded souls in search of adventure on your travels between Verge and Threshold you all agreed to met up once more at the Black Jug Inn on Fogor's Isle two days after your return, to plan your new life of excitement and adventure together. Adventures won't necessarily be...
  14. Lord_Raven88

    Mystaran Adventures (Closed)

    Greetings I'm recruiting for 5 players in a game based in the world of Mystara (the original D&D game setting), specifically starting in the frontier town of Thershold which is part of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. I will be converting and running original D&D adventures, starting with the...
  15. Lord_Raven88

    LR's Mind Flayer Campaign

    'Githyanki Invasion!' those two telepathic words echoed throughout the Hidden Sept of Lagurno bringing a halt to the usual mental susurrus as all paused in alarm and shock, waiting for the Elder Brain to disseminate what little knowledge was available amongst the Illithid community. It had long...
  16. Lord_Raven88

    LR's Mind Flayer Campaign (Temp RG)

    This is the temporary RG for my Mind Flayer Campaign Submissions Wrahn: Paladin(Tyranny) 2 / Soul Eater 1 Hero4hire: Thule Illithid Body Tamer 3 Inconsequenti-AL : Kelederen Psion 1 / Elocator 2 Voidrazor: Laevictus Dark Illithid (ToM Template)/ Assassin1 / Psychic Assassin1 Thamzorean...
  17. Lord_Raven88

    Mindflayer Themed Campaign (Recruiting Closed!)

    Greetings I'm interested in a Mind Flayer themed game, where the PC's will take the part of a 4 person Inquisition (aka Mind Flayer adventurers), which will be sent on various missions by the Elder Brain of their Sept. If you're interested in playing in such a game then submit a character...
  18. Lord_Raven88

    Bad News from LR

    Greetings all, I have some very bad news. Due to an increased workload as well as a stringent internet policy which means I'm only allowed to use the Internet during my 30 minute lunch break, I'm no longer going to be in a position to DM any PbP game, also I'm going to have back on the number...
  19. Lord_Raven88

    Vampires of Waterdeep (IC)

    Hired by Corinna Lathankin to stakeout the Grinning Lion and watch over the activities of a reputed drug dealer Lord Orlpar, you make your way to the lively tavern awaiting the arrival of Lord Orlpar. ~~~~ Male and female dancers in fantastically styled mock armour sway and pirouette among the...
  20. Lord_Raven88

    Vampires of Waterdeep (Full)

    This is the new OOC thread for my Vampires of Waterdeep Campaign arc