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  1. Len

    Is it always like this?

    I started out writing a simple outline for a SF campaign, several thousand words later I find myself designing an access control system. :oops: @Woundweaver If I start asking you questions about hospital IT infrastructure, please slap me.
  2. Len

    EN Publishing The Cauldron: A Novel by Russ Morrissey

    But how will you find a publisher? :unsure:
  3. Len

    38 Minis but Sarah Connor Ain't One

    Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance board game has 38 miniatures including all of the movie's main characters except Sarah Connor! Wtf? :confused: I do have an appropriate Sarah Connor-ish mini that could sub in for one of the other player characters if necessary.
  4. Len

    WOIN O.L.D. Spells & Skills Question

    According to the rules you can use multiple magic skills to cast a spell (to combine two or more different effects): My question is, how many skill dice do you get for a spell using two skills? Is it the sum of the two skills, or the greater of the two, or the lesser?
  5. Len

    WOIN W.O.I.N. Exploit to improve Vital Defense?

    W.O.I.N. O.L.D. & N.O.W. (but not N.E.W.) have exploits that give a permanent +2 to either Melee, Ranged or Mental Defense, but there's no exploit that gives +2 to Vital Defense. Should there be?
  6. Len

    WOIN W.O.I.N. Healing Attribute Damage

    There are at least a couple of things in O.L.D. that do attribute damage (Breath of Dead Men pistol, scarlet malady disease) but I can't find a rule about healing it. Is there a way to heal attribute damage?
  7. Len

    "Show your current activity" option is always enabled

    In my account's Privacy settings, there's this option: But the page I'm currently viewing is always shown, regardless of this setting. It's displayed on my profile page and when hovering over my avatar next to a post.
  8. Len

    WOIN O.L.D. Magic: Spider Climb

    The magic chapter has rules for giving a creature different movement modes using the movement skill - burrow, snowstep, swim, waterwalk, but not climb. Should climbing be included too? What would be the MP cost for climbing?
  9. Len

    WOIN Another W.O.I.N. campaign

    We've started our latest D&D campaign. It's a Pathfinder AP using W.O.I.N. O.L.D. rules. (Blame Woundweaver ) Everybody's talkin' 'bout the O.L.D. rules, funny, But it's still D & D to me.
  10. Len

    WOIN Effects of Enlarge Person Spell?

    In W.O.I.N. O.L.D. you can cast a transform person spell that makes a character larger. What are the effects of that, aside from just getting bigger? Does it affect the character's attacks, defenses, speed, etc.? Also, how big do you think a goblin barbarian should be? :D
  11. Len

    This is it. Wish Us Luck!

    I'm leaving soon for the last session of our Traveller campaign. Last week we hijacked a medical ship that we need to stop a nanobot plague that's ravaging the Sol system. Now we have two poorly-armed ships facing off against a military corvette, and we have to boost out of system and jump to...
  12. Len

    WOIN [WOIN] What's Old is... (O.L.D. advice)

    What's old is Me! It's been many years since I've hung out on ENWorld. But recently my DM told us he wants to use O.L.D. for our next fantasy campaign. I bought the book and was surprised to see Morrus's name on the cover. Nice work! I look forward to playing it. I have a couple of questions...
  13. Len

    What game is Piratecat designing?

    Piratecat now has a job designing video games but he hasn't said what game he's designing - I assume he's not allowed to say. So I'm trying to figure out what game it is. Anyone got an idea? My best guess is "My Little Elder Brain".
  14. Len


    The cheescake ads were bad enough. But mimes??!! Have you no shame whatsoever?
  15. Len

    Did we blow up Cyre (again)? [Eberron]

    It was New Cyre this time. Here's what happened: At a big celebration in New Cyre, Prince Oargev (formerly of Cyre) announced that there would be an important demonstration of some kind the next day. We knew this meant trouble because standing next to the prince was Patria, current BBEG and the...
  16. Len

    Screaming Thread

  17. Len

    How terrible is the multiclass XP penalty?

    My character was killed and reincarnated as a halfling. So I've changed from a human ranger 6/fighter 2 to a halfling ranger 6/fighter 1. This means that I'll be getting 20% less XP from now on. The character is a ranger archer. I'm taking a few levels of fighter for the extra feats (i.e...
  18. Len

    We figured out what d12's are for!

    Keeping track of flying characters in combat.
  19. Len

    Is Shot on the Run any good?

    Is Shot on the Run a useful feat for an archer? How often does it prove useful in actual combat? I've started playing an archer (ranger, later ranger/fighter) and I'm trying to choose feats. It doesn't seem to me that Shot on the Run is very good - certainly not as good as the corresponding...
  20. Len

    What I Learned in Eberron

    Here are some things I learned in the first session of our new Eberron campaign. 1. Warforged aren’t as good fighters as I thought. They look tough, but in the first combat round of the campaign, a warforged took a swing at me and missed, and then my character downed him with one blow...