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  1. Moon_Goddess

    [OOC] Anyone wanna play some Stars without Number? [Recruiting Closed]

    "Get yourself a ship, and a crew.." No wait, that's taken.... So I've been thinking about running a Stars without Number game. I've never ran or played the system, but I've read it and it familiar enough OSR stuff. I'm thinking a crew of traders/smugglers, yeah stolen from firefly (it...
  2. Moon_Goddess

    Have Critical Failures that hurt you ever been an official rule.

    I started playing in 2e, I've played a little OD&D but never any 1e, and it's been years and years since I've done any of them so I just don't remember I have frequently heard as a complaint from my friends about new DND (4e) that it doesn't include this rule, and how "Well that's how it always...
  3. Moon_Goddess

    Upgraded to Silver, can't download Santiago and Zeitgeist

    I upgraded from Copper to Silver on Wednesday, bought a 4 month sub, I can access the copper level pdfs, but not the silver, I wanted to update to check out Santiago. Does it take more time to activate? I seem to have the image option in signatures.
  4. Moon_Goddess

    [Recruiting] [GURPS 4e] [TL9] Another World Within

    Hello and thank you for taking interest in this mission. This is a Science Fiction game, inspired by themes from Stargate Universe. This is taking place in a custom universe, not the Stargate verse. The game is intended to be a sandbox game, The opening event will be admittedly railroaded...
  5. Moon_Goddess

    North Central Oklahoma, Lookign for a game.

    As it says, I'm looking for a game, I'm in Kay County, I'm willing to drive even up to southern central kansas.
  6. Moon_Goddess

    Sci Fi, Survival game, Seeking System

    EDIT: If there is anyone who subscribed to this thread I set up a Recruitment thread http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthr...r-World-Within Appologize about the necromancy. I've had this idea for a Sci Fi game for a while and I think I want to run it play by post. The problem is, I don't...
  7. Moon_Goddess


    Campagin Overview World Overview PCs NPCs Misaka ( 美咲 ) is a mysterious figure on the run from her past, she worked with the PC's twice in the past but never a long term associate. They have only seen her in human form. She lives a nomatic existance moving from place to place taking various...
  8. Moon_Goddess


    Campagin Overview World Overview PCs NPCs Hunan (湖南) is a secluded land of ancient traditions. Loosely ruled over by Emperor ___________ the clans hold territory and frequently war amongst themselves.
  9. Moon_Goddess

    D&D 4E Next Backgrounds in 4e [Suggestions Needed]

    I really like the tactical combat of 4e, Next isn't doing it for me there. But I've always wanted some more Non-combat stuff in 4e. And the backgrounds are so awesome for that... So I'm gonna use them together. However my conversion is a little imcomplete, some backgrounds I just can't...
  10. Moon_Goddess

    Religious Lore

    This is a work in progress expect change. The Betrayer - ཟ God of Destruction, Madness and Strife The Betrayer was once an angel to another god, but he rose up in revolt and lead other angels to kill their god, but once the task was finished other angels tried to take the power from him, they...
  11. Moon_Goddess

    [NEXT] Reclaiming Blingdenstone

    Told you I was gonna do this cliche, so here is the boxed text from the adventure. You all met in a bar, and an old man there told you where you could find fame and fortune, you all know the drill. Don't think i'm doing just boxed text, I just wanted to get going. Feel free to talk to...
  12. Moon_Goddess

    Ostboria Home

    Forbidden Lore Geographical Lore Heraldic Lore Historical Lore Local Lore Magical Lore Natural Lore Planar Lore Professional Lore Religious Lore Societal Lore Underdark Lore Undead Lore
  13. Moon_Goddess

    [D&D Next] Reclaiming Blingdenstone

    Ok this is a rogue's gallery thread. Do I really need to tell you what to do here.
  14. Moon_Goddess

    Confused by Suggested Equipment.

    Ok, so the book says you can take the Suggested equipment that is in your background + the suggested equipment of your class, OR take 150 gp. But the equipment packages both have left over gp, does this get added together? Does all of this add to 150? I want to check, but what's the cost of...
  15. Moon_Goddess

    Alise's Diary

    28 Vult, 997 Dear Diary, Tonight is my first night in my own place. For the first time, I finally have the change to strike out and make a life for myself. Ok, sure, it’s only Dragoneyes, but it’s better than High Walls. My father doesn’t agree. He’d rather stay there in that prison. He tells...
  16. Moon_Goddess

    [DND NEXT] So are we allowed to do this play by post now?

    I wanna try out the new packet. If we can't do play by post we might can find some time for a Google+ Hangout I'll DM if needed or someone else can.
  17. Moon_Goddess

    4e, Maptools/Skype, Alternate Mondays, Evenings CST, seeking 1 to 3

    Hi there. Our group runs a Online game every other monday, at 7pm Central time, running till about 10pm central time. Well, things have happened and we find ourself having only 3 players and one of those can't attend every session. We need help, we need you. The game is Straight up 4e...
  18. Moon_Goddess

    [Dark Sun] Marauders of the Dune Sea

    Dawn breaks in the City-state of Tyr, and the city is already a bussel of activity. The people of the city are out with the first light before the raging heat of the dark red sun reaches it's apex. The wind is still this morning and cool (85 °F) but promising to rise. The elven market echos...
  19. Moon_Goddess

    [OOC] [Dark Sun] Marauders of the Dune Sea

    I'm starting a new Play by Post Dark Sun game. I'll be running Marauders of the Dune Sea with some changes and added fluff, if you've previously read or played the adventure your still welcome to play I simply ask that you don't use out of character knowledge. The game begins in Tyr just...
  20. Moon_Goddess

    Music Suggestions for Dark Sun

    I ran the FreeRPGDay adventure Bloodsand Arena last night and had a blast, we'll be finishing it up next week and I plain on moving into a campaign. Dark Sun has always been my favorite setting since back in the 90's and I'm psyched but I'm looking for some suggestions for music for Dark Sun....