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  1. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 5E TCOE: Is reskinning your origin allowed by RAW?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Do the customizable origin rules allow players to choose the aesthetic appearance and cultural details of their character, completely independent of the mechanics involved? (Possible exception for different sizes, since I recognize that's more difficult to...
  2. EzekielRaiden

    GM Needed: SR5 "Blizzard" party for a relaxed game

    Full disclosure: this is a cross-posted ad, which will appear in several different places. We're all aware that "looking for GM" requests have a low success rate, so I'm casting about in several places to increase the chance we find a great GM. Now, without further ado... It sometimes feels...
  3. EzekielRaiden

    D&D General Collaboration With Your Players?

    Forking off of the more specific threads about races in D&D, this particular component has intrigued me. Having players contribute to worldbuilding activity is something I've always seen in every game I've played. To hear that not only do some groups avoid it entirely, but a few even consider...
  4. EzekielRaiden

    D&D General "Hot" take: Aesthetically-pleasing rules are highly overvalued

    This isn't targeted at any specific game, though I'm likely to criticize both 3.x/PF1e and 5e because they are (in some sense) the "old guard" and "new hotness" on this topic. So, there are a lot of motives when designing a game, and I do not mean to comment on the spectrum of reasons one might...
  5. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 5E PrCs: Anathema, or just lack of interest? (Pick two!)

    I'm curious. The developers only released the one, and never talked about it again (much like a number of things from 5e's development history...) So it seems an open question: Was the response just lukewarm, or was it hostile? How do YOU feel about prestige classes in 5e? You may select up to...
  6. EzekielRaiden

    [4e] Looking to join/set up an online group

    Still really hoping to play in a real long-runner 4e game someday. Hoping to get into Zeitgeist if possible, but I welcome just about anything at this point. Hit me up if you're interested, especially if you're willing to DM. I know at least one other player who would be interested.
  7. EzekielRaiden

    Urban Arabian Nights adventure suggestions?

    I'm running an Arabian Nights game (homebrew setting) by way of Dungeon World. We've had a couple dungeon adventures, a short caravan run, and some "find the secret zombie warehouse" sessions. I'd like a more thoroughly urban adventure to throw to the party, in addition to some other options I'm...
  8. EzekielRaiden

    Pathfinder 1E [PF] Advise Me On: Gestalt Synthesist|Ninja

    It's looking like I might--maybe possibly--actually get to play the character concept that's been a-buzz in my brain for some weeks now, so I figure I should turn to you lovely people to get advice on how to do it well. First, the theme, e.g. why I care about this unusual gestalt mix in the...
  9. EzekielRaiden

    "Adventurable" treasure, Arabian Nights-style?

    Hey all! I'm finally dipping my toes into the forbidden waters of DMing (technically my second time, but it's really a rebuild of the first time with a different group). Dungeon World seemed like a good place to start with lots of new players and myself new to DMing. The two groups I've run have...
  10. EzekielRaiden

    Advise Me On: Quirky Bard MC Character

    So, the time has finally come. I've been allowed a spot in a D&D 5e game run by some friends. Even though it usually isn't my cuppa,* there is a silly, pseudo-"optimized" build (i.e. pushing for something you usually don't optimize for) I've wanted to try for some time now: the "ALL THE SKILLS"...
  11. EzekielRaiden

    Reporting PMs/Conversations?

    I recently received a PM/"Conversation reply" that I feel warrants mod attention. However, when I click the Report button, I'm just redirected to my inbox--it doesn't send me to the usual "add comments" thing for reporting regular posts. Is a report being sent? What should I do to report a...
  12. EzekielRaiden

    13th Age Learning the arts of war from other games (esp. 13th Age)

    An idea struck me, as I was reading through a review of 13 True Ways, the first big supplement to 13th Age that filled in many of the "missing" classes--including the Commander, the 13A equivalent of the Warlord. Specifically, 13th Age is a game that intentionally eschews a precise grid focus in...
  13. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 4E [4e] Paladin (feat) advice needed

    Hey all. I'm very happily back to gaming in 4e again, but I'm looking for some advice do to a slightly unusual situation. My DM is a self-avowed grognard/old-school type who found some 4e books for dirt cheap, thought, "Hey, I wonder what all the fuss was about, and I can do a Let's Read of it...
  14. EzekielRaiden

    Page loading issues

    I'm not sure if this is just something affecting me, but several times now, I've had pages take a long time to load, and sometimes generate a "504 Gateway Time-out" error or something similar. Several times, I've gotten a page that looks a lot like the classic Internet Explorer "page not found"...
  15. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 5E Sneak Attack: Is it broken?

    I've seen comments on several threads, which basically boiled down to "X would be fine, if it weren't for Sneak Attack." Warlord attack-granting. Greenflame Blade. Damage on a miss. Multiclass combos. Feats, core and custom. A few other places. It shows up really often--like, in nearly every...
  16. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 5E Short Rests: How many does your group get/take between long rests, on average?

    Alright. I've been on record, numerous times, as stating my distaste for forum polls. They have a slew of problems, regardless of whether they support or refute my positions. However, I'm curious to hear, at least from the unrepresentative, self-selected, can-change-your-vote-at-any-time (:P)...
  17. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 5E Advise me on a Dragonborn Valor Bard

    Alright--as I said in my other advice-seeking thread, I have settled on going for a Valor Bard with my character. It was given quite a bit of praise in that thread, and now that the path is open for it, I am hopeful I can get something fun out of it. However...I still feel pretty lost in...
  18. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 4E Advice Wanted: 4e fan trying 5e

    Alright. My personal taste in games is something I haven't even remotely kept secret--I'm a huge fan of 4e, and I found the 5e playtest profoundly disappointing. However, someone in a skype chat floated a trial balloon for interest in playing a 5e game, and there was fair interest. Since I know...
  19. EzekielRaiden

    Campaign/Setting ideas that really USE the Icons

    I recently got in touch with a friendly fellow-poster (who frequents other parts of the internet) and the possibility of a future 13th Age campaign sprang up. However, before he makes any firm commitments, he wanted to get some character and campaign ideas. I've got the former covered pretty...
  20. EzekielRaiden

    D&D 4E Brainstorming a "Phil. of 4e 101" resource

    I mentioned a long-held desire to make some kind of "primer" or "philosophy intro" for 4e in the "4e Conversions of 5e" thread, and it was relatively well-received. So I thought, let's make it no longer long-held, let's take it one step closer to reality. More or less, I feel like, just as the...